Review: Chosen One Universe: Volume One by Macy Blake

Rating: 4.75🌈


Sweet Nothings

All or Nothing

Nothing Ventured

I am all in on these series collections. It allows me to read straight through a series of books without stopping, something every binge reader dreams of.

As I said in my review of Hell On Earth (Hellhound Champions #1) , I’m in the process of reading all the Chosen One novels. What better way than Chosen One bundles?

This bundle takes me back to the origin of all the series and relationships.

It begins with Sweet Nothings, the prequel novel, that’s the foundation . Here we meet human Sam Baker, alpha Vaughn Jerrick, and some of the most engaging supernatural children ever. The plot, which is heartwarming, romantic, funny, and and totally captivating. It’s also extremely moving. And not without its moments of heartbreak.

Many of the young beings are people that play important roles throughout the overall Chosen Ones series. So this is indeed where it all starts.

The next two stories are completely different. The first couple of Sam and Vaughn are completely monogamous, as you would expect a werepack Alpha mated couple to be.

But All or Nothing and Nothing Ventured are focused on the group of Guardians as they slowly find each other, adjusting to what they are to their roles and new relationships. And what that might mean to the Chosen One when it’s located,the one they are committed to, via a prophecy.

Hint, the Chosen is found but not all the Guardians are counted for as yet.

These are incredibly sexy stories. Also high action and adventure. We are talking Vampire, Dragon, Griffon, …ummm nope. The rest will need to be read.

But the relationship between all of them? It’s only of polyamory. And it’s not only extremely sexy but it works beautifully in as far as the need for their tightly crafted relationships with each other.

Blake has a huge overall series plot thread being crafted that started with Sweet Nothing and continues to build with deadly suspense with each book.

The black magic and villain is hidden to great effect, truly chilling.

I loved both books. It was outstanding seeing Henry, a grownup 21, and well into his powers. Although wasn’t quite ready for his Daddy kink.

That was a issue reading those stories together. For me, he was just the haunted, traumatized orphan I left behind in Sweet Nothings. Oops!

Now he’s 21. I felt like his parent.

Hmmm , yeah, that took a while. Sawyer yes, Henry, too soon. Not anything more than reading the books right after each other.

By Nothing Ventured, I was fine. And loving the polyamory relationship of the Guardians.

Anyway I’m onto the second volume of Chosen novels.

And if you’re a fan of supernatural beings, mythological creatures, magic, Macy Blake, and the Chosen One Universe, here’s a collection for you.

I’m highly recommending it. › Chosen-…The Chosen One Universe Volume One: An MM Paranormal Fantasy Shifters Series …

❤️Chosen Universe Multi-series Reading Order:

1. Sweet Nothings- Prequel
– The Chosen One

2. The Trouble With Love
– Nothing But Trouble, Book 1

3. Santa Trouble
– Nothing But Trouble, Book 2

4. All or Nothing
– The Chosen One, Book 1

5. Nothing Ventured
– The Chosen One, Book 2

6. Hell on Earth
– Hellhound Champions, Book 1

7. Double or Nothing

8. Next to Nothing
– The Chosen One, Book 3

9. Hell To Pay
– Hellhound Champions, Book 2

10. Give Him Hell
– Hellhound Champions, Book 3

11. Nothing Gained
– The Chosen One, Book 4

12. Stop at Nothing
– The Chosen One, Book 5

13. Sweet Spot

14. All Kidding Aside
– Magical Mates, Book 1

15. Stop Kidding Around
– Magical Mates, Book 2

16. Hell Breaks Loose
– Hellhound Champions, Book 4

17. Logan
– Chosen Champions, Book 1

18. Gideon
– Chosen Champions, Book 2

19. Jamal
– Chosen Champions

20. Cosmo and the King

21. Aleron
– Chosen Champions, Book 3

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