Review: The Spooky Life (The Spectral Files #4) by S.E. Harmon

Rating: 5🌈

Once again S.E. Harmon’s spectacular series has managed to ride that edge of horror, scaring the ever loving crap out of me, while providing me (and her magnificent characters) with so many witty, hilarious conversations and sayings that sellers out there in Etsy should be pounding at the author’s proverbial door asking for the right to put them up on crafting projects.

Rain Christiansen and fellow detective, Daniel McKenna, are finally getting married. They’ve set the date. Now if they can wade through all the wedding planning mountains of decisions people made for them, and wedding agenda items that have gotten so out of their control. Then they just might make it to wedded bliss.

I love this series and the characters. The author gives us an established couple that’s recovering from the traumatic events of Spooky Business, rebuilding their house, and trying to move forward with their future, in all its quirky, exasperating, and often murderous aspects.

Even in the most mundane periods of Rain’s and Danny’s life, ghosts are bound to make an appearance. As they do when Rain and his future MIL are touring a possible wedding venue.

This ghost and her request will lend The Spooky Life a fascinating, multilayered paranormal investigation that will eventually have major horror overtones. Just a fantastic element. Gives me the chills still thinking about it.

As to the rest? It’s witty, sarcastic, full of the found family that has been gathered through the paranormal crime unit , Rain’s hippie parents, his sister, Danny’s family, their aging GSD, and all the rest. Each adding memorable scenes, warmth, and often gentle hilarity to the mixture.

I would love to see another story, with their kids they are planning for. But if this is the last one, I’m content.

The author is leaving them at a wonderful place .

The Spooky Life (The Spectral Files #4) by S.E. Harmon is a outstanding story in a great series. It’s got fabulous characters and complicated plots. Read them in the order they are written for character and relationship development.

I’m highly recommending them all.

The Spectral Files :

✓ P.S. I Spook You #1

✓ Principles of Spookology #2

✓ Spooky Business #3

✓ The Spooky Life #4 › showThe Spooky Life (The Spectral Files #4) by S.E. Harmon – Goodreads


Rain Christiansen isn’t sure he’ll ever fully understand the supernatural. But he’s finally finding his groove as a reluctant medium and cold-case detective. That’s not to say everything is going smoothly—there’s a wedding in the works, after all. He’s finally taking that enormous step with fellow detective, Daniel McKenna, and he couldn’t be happier…about the marriage. Not so much the wedding. The hoopla is enough to make him wish for a quick flight to Vegas and an Elvis officiant.

At least work is keeping Rain and the PTU plenty busy. Their latest case involves Hannah Caldwell, a silent ghost who can’t—or won’t—speak. She still manages to request that they find her dear friend, Cherry Parker, so that she can say goodbye. Piece of cake. Finding people is pretty high on the list of things that Rain does best.

But when it comes to ghosts, nothing is ever quite what it seems. Before long, his simple missing person’s case takes a dark and twisted turn. And Rain realizes he’s been so busy trying to protect Danny that he forgot to protect himself.

If he doesn’t turn things around—and quickly—his spooky life might be cut short for good.

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