Review: Sledge and Claw (Hammer and Fist: Lextalion ) by Jennifer Cody

Rating: 4.75🌈

I love this introduction to a new author and a universe who’s fabric is exquisitely complicated, rich with the mythologies of a multitude of cultures and nations, as well as one that has the ability to expand through portals to endless worlds as the investigations require.

Jennifer Cody’s Hammer and Fist, as the Field Agent’s of the IDIA refer to themselves , is not just one series but as of now, two series. Each with a different character as a focal point.

I haven’t started on the second series, Inferno (Hammer and Fist : Geminatus #1) yet. But we meet that species here and it seems that the two intersect at a horrific mystery and investigation over the investigation into the abduction of species from their home worlds and slave trafficking.

First, Sledge and Claw. It’s fantastic. The beautifully defined characters run the gamut from human (or part human) to Fae to main one’s you need to discover in these pages.

It will start with Lextalion Farrow, FA for the IDIA, Inter-dimensional Immigration Agency. He’s the main, but not only POV. Lex is a mystery that slowly unravels . A top field agent , if not the top, for a somewhat nebulous agency. What that means exactly will be sharply defined, both by his actions and words, as he moves from one investigation to another, each pointing the way to a larger , more horrifying conspiracy of species abduction and slave trafficking.

Cody has crafted some incredibly strong, multidimensional female characters that constantly change as circumstances and relationship dynamics require. To go further would spoil a wonderful element here.

The other man, who is soon to stir things up, is such a strong personality, that you can sense that he will be a bigger player in this book as it continues. He too has secrets.

There’s Norse gods, mini gods, and a strange spelling of Nidhöggr, which I’m sure was intentional. I really liked that.

The writing was excellent, the plotting outstanding. And while I say there’s a cliffhanger, the author makes up for it by including a sneak peek at the next in the series, Brick and Brass, which lets us know exactly how that cliffhanger was resolved.

Since we don’t have a release date for book 2, that sneak peek was greatly appreciated and virtually eliminated the angst brought on by the cliffhanger.

All good.

I suspect that we are at the start of the beginning of a foundation of a found family of sorts. It has so many magnificent possibilities.

I was grateful for that sneak peek as I said for book 2. Now I need the actual release date for Brick and Brass!

If you love fantasy fiction, and the potential for new characters, new worlds, and mysteries as well as romances?

This is it! I’m highly recommending it.

Plus fabulous cover.

Now I’m off to see what the other series holds.

Hammer and Fist: Lextalion series:

🔹Sledge and Claw: Lextalion #1

🔹Brick and Brass : Lextalion #2 TBD

Same universe:

Hammer and Fist : Geminatus series:

🔹Inferno #1 › showSledge and Claw (Hammer and Fist #1) by Jennifer Cody – Goodreads



I work, I sleep, I fuck. That’s what I do.

My alphabet soup agency recruited me because of my unique blend of magic and innate talent, but those come with a steep price and it’s getting harder to pay with every investigation.

I never thought Knoxville would be the place that kills me, but between someone targeting me to get me fired (or start a war; could go either way), taking on a naïve new trainee, and investigating a non-human trafficking ring, it looks like I’m about to bite off more than I can chew.

The question is, can I figure out what’s going on before it all blows up in my face?

Sledge and Claw is an MM Urban Fantasy with triggers for the horrors of slave trafficking and consent issues. There also happens to be a cliffhanger ending

Review notes: at the end of the story is a brief sneak peek at the beginning of Brick and Brass that resolves the cliffhanger. FYI for all that can’t abide cliffhangers!

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