Review: In Fair Verona (Much Ado About Demons #0.5) by Meghan Maslow

Rating: 4🌈

A Prequel to Must Love Demons, the first book in Maslow’s Much Ado About Demons series, In Fair Verona is a short story that’s a mystery stocked full of characters spilling over from a universe (Marden’s Magic Emporium) that produced a 12 author Magic Emporium: Multi-Author Series › …Magic Emporium: Multi-Author Series – Meghan Maslow .

It’s also a prequel of sorts to Must Love Demons. That, as well as the fabulous Demon for the Win, gives the reader all the information they need to know about the Incubus Nicodemus Azertiran . The incubus, Nico, who’s magic runs to happily ever after, not one – night stands . Which got him kicked out of his legion.

Nico is now working at Marden’s Magic Emporium . There arrives

Sir Galfridus, First Knight of the Wardens. Nico serves Sir Galifridus to give him what the Emporium says he needs,as directed by Marden and off the knight goes!

But the unthinkable happens when Sir Galfridus turns up dead. Then it’s Nico off to investigate.

This is a neat plotted tale. Maslow is continuing to build her universe (s). Both the Magic Emporium and it’s employees and the new path that will be awaiting Nico.

There’s a bittersweet element here, which is typical of her stories. As well of the type of humor, really bad poetry, we’ve come to expect from a certain couple and Maslow.

I’m recommending this as a fun, entertaining read. Catch up on Nico before all the happenings in book 1!

Much Ado About Demons:

🔹Demon for the Win

🔹In Fair Verona #0.5

🔹Must Love Demons #1 › showIn Fair Verona (Much Ado About Demons #0.5) by Meghan Maslow – Goodreads


Mystery Short * Prequel to Must Love Demons * No Romance

Incubus Nicodemos Azertiran is one lucky demon. He has a best friend. A tiny but livable apartment. And a job at the infamous Marden’s Magic Emporium, a magic shop that only appears in the same place once, and only when a creature is in dire need.

Nico knows all about dire need.

He’s been booted from his legion because his magic runs to happily-ever-afters instead of one-night stands. Not good for lust demon business. Now at Marden’s, Nico is learning to go it on his own.

When Sir Galfridus, First Knight of the Wardens, shows up on Marden’s doorstep, Nico just knows he can help the handsome knight find the perfect item to save the day.

Only one problem. The next day Sir Galfridus turns up dead. Marden’s patrons never die. That’s the whole point. They get the item and save the day. So, what went wrong?

Nico’s about to find out.

In Fair Verona is the inspiration for The Magic Emporium, a multi-author series where each book stands alone, but each one features an appearance by Marden’s Magic Emporium.

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