Review: Vortex Conundrum (Ghostly Guardians #2) by Louisa Masters

Rating: 4.5 🌈

I was so excited to see the new story as I’ve been waiting to dive back into the fascinating world of Mannix Estates with its amazing group of characters.

That it includes a powerful medium in love with a blacksmith, a found family of ghosts from an assortment of eras , each with their own quirky personalities, as well as a staff that’s endearing and fascinating on their own, makes it a universe you can dwell in for a very long time.

The first book, Spirited Situations, introduced us to Josh, the medium, as he found his way to the very haunted Mannix Estates. It was also home to a 50 some odd year old open gateway, a beacon for trouble.

The ramifications from opening that gate continues into this story as the combined found family of Mannix Estates, alive and ghostly, need help to handle more trouble coming through that open gateway.

Masters builds upon a already lively and unique cast of amazing characters we come to love by adding several new people. One we’ve gotten to know anonymously by text when he’s helped in the last book. He acquires a name here. That’s Connor.

And his best friend, Gabe. And a paranormal enforcement agency.

So Masters is expanding her universe to include the growing series new topics, romances, and mysteries she’s threading through her storylines. It’s such an exciting element, one that lends a real sense of anticipation towards each new book and plot thread.

While that’s happening, there’s additional character growth in terms of power and romances.

Connor and site manager, Kieran, are the main couple working through their romantic impulses while dealing with demons, ghostly matchmakers, and, the everyday occurrences that comes with guests at a living history event sight.

The paranormal and the mundane, the magical and the murderous are all perfectly balanced for the most entertaining reads. I read right through!

And unfortunately now it looks like I’ll have to wait until 2023 for the next in the series.

Until then, I’m highly recommending the first two books in this fantastic series. Read them in the order they are written, to understand the relationships and theme storylines.

Ghostly Guardians:

Spirited Situation #1

Vortex Conundrum #2 › showVortex Conundrum (Ghostly Guardians, #2) by Louisa Masters – Goodreads


Wanted: one demon hunter. Beware the matchmaking ghosts.

After years managing a haunted hotel and estate, I thought things were good. Sure, the ghosts can be a handful—nosy, opinionated, interfering—but they’re also friendly and fun. We have a system. Everything was under control.

Cue hysterical laughter.

But after a minor blip with a demon in the basement and a vortex to the spirit world, the ghosts swear they have no more secrets. The danger is gone, and we’ve done everything we can to make the vortex safe. It should be fine. Nothing’s come through it for fifty years.

It’s never that easy at Mannix Estate.

Lucky for us, the demon expert we met online is willing and able to help us out. I’m so grateful, I’d willingly kiss his feet. Until he arrives and opens his mouth.

Connor is… a jerk. But he’s a sexy jerk who’s doing us a favor, so I’m going to be polite no matter what. Even when he makes me mad. When he flirts hard. When the roof falls in and we have to share a bed. When we realize the vortex upstairs is just the beginning.

Suddenly, Connor’s real strengths shine. Beneath the smoking hot yet annoying surface is a heart of gold, and I don’t think I can hold out against it… or that I want to.


Unless it’s noted, all books reviewed have been purchased by the reviewer.

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