Review: Where There’s a Witch There’s a Way (Cadenbury Town #2) by E. Broom

Rating: 3🌈

Where There’s a Witch There’s a Way dives right into a instant mate situation, albeit between two people who’ve known each other for a while.

One is Titus Compton, of the town’s Witches Council. The other is one of the many werewolf Stone brothers, Kean Stone, brother to the Alpha/Mayor Adhan.

There’s little background, Broom assumes you’ve read the first book in the series, The Crazy Bookshop, where everyone and everything was established.

You really do require that history there because all the drama and mystery coming into play here stems from the events there. You’re going to be pretty much lost without it.

All the characters, the warm-hearted relationships are back! The mystery, the villain and yes, the sex are all on the soft, PG-13 side. The group works together to learn magic, become a found family, and confront what looks to be a deepening series arc piece of villainy.

It’s fun, mostly light hearted, and not really scary.

I did have several issues here. Especially at the end , when the group goes off to discover what and where all the dark magic is coming from, they split up. The reader gets one group’s side of the action. The other more fabulous tale? With waaay more interesting things that occurred? It’s as told to.

I was absolutely dumbfounded. If I’d had the author there, this is how it would have gone.

Me: so there’s was zombies, an apocalypse, flames, ghouls, everything underground. Magical fighting galore?

Author: yup

Me: you gave us two , maybe 3 sentences. Of the best stuff?

Author: yup

Me: *blink blink* huh.

Walks to door, door closes.

Author: you’re coming back, right?


So utterly disappointing.

It also introduces a couple of new characters but we get nothing?

So either that going to be a whole new book to describe those happenings or we in the dark but either way, it’s a majorly flawed component here.

And it reduces the impact of that whole event. As does the way the author leaves many of the new and secondary characters.

So for me, Where There’s a Witch There’s a Way keeps adding new characters and new bits to the overall arc but I’m not sure it’s made the series any better. It’s lost some of the original charm, some of the whimsy and goofiness that I enjoyed so.

I’m sure I’ll be continuing on if only to see if it can recapture some of the joy that brought me into it.

If you’re a fan of this author, or of light fantasy, I’ll leave that decision up to you as well.

Cadenbury Town series:

🔹The Crazy Bookshop 1

🔹Where There’s a Witch There’s a Way 2 › showWhere There’s a Witch There’s a Way by E. Broom – Goodreads


Who knew letting my walls down would change my life?

Titus Compton works for the Witches’ Council. He has nothing in his life but work with the occasional town witch meeting in Cadenbury thrown in.

However, Titus has a secret. He’s in love with Kean Stone, the sinfully handsome, fun-loving wolf shifter.

What would Kean want with a pompous, workaholic witch?

A phone call from his mother telling him his father is sick leads Titus back home, but no way are his new friends letting him go alone.

With secrets revealed and dark witches causing trouble, Kean is happy to lend his support to Titus and be his safe harbour. But it will take all his family and friends to stop disaster from striking, and along the way, they might just score perfect tens.


Unless it’s noted, all books reviewed have been purchased by the reviewer.

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