Review: The Werewolf’s Heart (Supernatural Affairs Book 1) by F.N. Fanning

Rating: 3.5🌈

If you’re a lover of werewolf paranormal romances, then this new release, The Werewolf’s Heart by F.N. Fanning might just be the story for you.

The first in Fanning’s Supernatural Affairs series, it’s a quick flowing read that features a mystery, a mate bond, and magical evil doings.

Fanning doesn’t add any new elements to the werewolf accumulated species history here but does give us some very engaging characters in Aaron Honeywell, new to the neighborhood, and supernatural detective Merritt Slate, who’s team is “parked” across the street as part of a ongoing investigation into missing werewolves.

I enjoyed their romance but was missing a lot of world building and background on the universe they lived in, the sort of organization that employed Merritt, and well, just a good grounding in basics.

So I came away with having a enjoyable experience here with a romance that asks little from its reader other than a superficial entertainment. Sometimes that’s just fine.

It will continue in a book that focuses on Merritt’s brother, Chase, also a detective with the agency. This was fun so I expect to pick that one up as well.

Supernatural Affairs series:

✓ The Werewolf’s Heart #1

◦ Shifter for Brains #2 – August 21, 2022 › showThe Werewolf’s Heart by F.N. Manning – Goodreads


A supernatural detective goes undercover to catch a predator… love was never part of the plan.
Being a new homeowner is nothing like Aaron Honeywell imagined. Instead of unpacking and decorating, he’s suddenly dodging handsy fox shifters and getting a crash course in the supernatural world. And his teacher is a drop-dead sexy werewolf who seems to crave him too. Except he’s sworn to put Aaron’s safety above everything else, including their desires.

Merritt Slate loves his job. Usually. It’s just impossible to remember why when stuck posing as bait in suburbia to catch a kidnapper powerful enough to abduct werewolves. He won’t let an innocent person get caught in the crossfire, so protecting Aaron is more important than his feelings, no matter what his wolf thinks.

But the threats lurking outside their cozy street are getting closer to home. Kidnapping shifters is just the beginning of a sinister magical plot that may require Aaron’s help to succeed… whether he’s willing to provide it or not. Can the werewolf protect his heart, or will evil forces shatter it forever?

The Werewolf’s Heart is the first spellbinding book in a series of passionate M/M paranormal romances. Fans of Eliot Grayson and The Chosen Champions Series by Macy Blake will love this modern fantasy novel featuring a fiercely protective wolf shifter, a sweet human searching for a place to call home, and the kind of love that’s worth risking everything for.


Unless it’s noted, all books reviewed have been purchased by the reviewer.

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