Review: A Date To Impress Him (The Magi Accounts #2.5) by Michele Notaro


Michele Notaro’s A Date To Impress Him is that Novella that exists along side the events happening in the major stories of this series. It’s a companion piece told by Cosmo, as he attempts to take the mage Mads out on a real date. Three times.

That sounds like a lighthearted premise but this is Notaro’s The Magi Accounts world. Within this dark, trauma filled universe, not even something so mundane as a date is without the overtones of danger and overwhelming tragedy that waits for this found family, no matter the event.

Unlike the other books, this one is narrated by Cosmo, who’s still fighting his feelings of insecurities over dyad pair magi bond Madeo and Jude Driscoll share, especially after the frightening, horrific events of the last story.

These aren’t standalone books, and must be read in the order they are written because otherwise you wouldn’t understand where the new young teenager and his siblings came from that are staying at the Pride compound.

That’s a poignant element altogether.

A Date To Impress Him (The Magi Accounts #2.5) by Michele Notaro is another well crafted, emotionally moving story that adds tremendously to the dark universe the author is creating.

It has humor, but it’s basis lies in the constant love and bravery that is being tested by the scope of inhumanity and darkness this world has become.

I’m definitely recommending this and the series. Read them in order.

The Magi Accounts:

🔹The Scars That Bind Us #1

🔹The Shackles That Hold Us #2

🔹A Date To Impress Him #2.5

🔹A Purpose That Restores Us #3 – TBR › showA Date to Impress Him (The Magi aaAccounts #2.5) by Michele Notaro – Goodreads


Who knew taking my little mage on a date would be so difficult?

With so much change happening at the house—three shifter kids are a lot to handle—Mads and I have been too busy to spend much alone time together. So I figured a date night was in order.

Too bad every time we try, we have to put a fire out somewhere. At this rate, I’m not sure I’ll ever get to take my mage on a date.

A Date To Impress Him is a fun MM urban fantasy companion novella and meant to be read AFTER The Shackles That Hold Us (The Magi Accounts 2). It’s from Cosmo’s perspective and takes place between books 2 and 3 of the main series. This is a companion novella, NOT a standalone. 110 pages.

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