Review: Fluke and the Fantastic Finale (The Fantastic Fluke Book 5) by Sam Burns

Rating: 4.5 🌈

Arcane mage Sage McKinley and his familiar, Fluke’s journey comes to a rousing end in Fluke and the Fantastic Finale.

What a mind blowing, wildly imaginative, wholly entertaining journey it’s been since the first time we meet Sage, suffering until Fluke finds him.

We’ve watched him come into his arcane powers, find love with Gideon, a family with his Grandmother, Anson, cousin Freddy, Mal, Beez, their familiars and all the rest that became a sort of foundation to Sage’s path to power, self-knowledge, and ultimately happiness.

It starts on the same astonishing note Fluke and the Frontier Farce ended. With Sage “accidentally” time traveling all of the group into the waiting room of the California Aureum. One of the most magically secure places in California!

And the start of the revelations as Sage is questioned by the Aureum’s quaesitors. From the existence of arcane magic to the mad cultists, The Believers’ insane plotting that’s extended through the decades, it all comes out and also works as a refresher course for the series.

Of course there’s one last major dramatic event where Sage, Fluke, Gideon and company are needed to save Junction, California and magic from the cultists who have kidnapped, tortured, and in general, been the villains the entire series.

I won’t spoil who the final “villain “ of the series turned out to be. It was a revolving role after all. I’m not sure this one stood up to any of the others but perhaps that’s as it should be. True evil is often so mundane on the surface.

The Convergence plays a fascinating role, and leaves the reader wanting to know more about it as well.

As finales go, it wasn’t superlative but it was very satisfying. Other books in this series were more explosive, more complicated, even more villainous. But this one ties up all the loose ends and gives everyone a heartwarming ending. And a wedding.

That’s pretty wonderful. I’ll take it.

I’m highly recommending Fluke and the Fantastic Finale (The Fantastic Fluke Book 5) by Sam Burns. It was a fabulous series and this sends it off in style.

The Fantastic Fluke Series -5 of 5:

✓ The Fantastic Fluke #1

✓ Fluke and the Failthless Father #2

✓ Fluke and the Faultline Fiasco #3

✓ Fluke and the Frontier Farce #4

✓ Fluke and the Fantastic Finale #5 › showFluke and the Fantastic Finale by Sam Burns – Goodreads › Fantastic…The Fantastic Fluke – Kindle edition by Burns, Sam. Literature & Fiction … –


For centuries, the Believer cult has preyed on arcane mages from their place in the shadows. Now, for better or worse, Sage has taken arcane magic public, and all eyes are on him. While he’s not comfortable in the spotlight, neither is the cult that wants him dead.

But the Believers aren’t quite ready to give up yet.

In this fifth and final book in The Fantastic Fluke series, they’ll take their shot at burning down Sage’s whole network of friends and associates, by whatever means necessary.


Unless it’s noted, all books reviewed have been purchased by the reviewer.

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