Review: Shifter for Brains (Supernatural Affairs #2) by F.N. Manning

Rating: 4.5 🌈

I enjoyed the first book in this series, The Werewolf’s Heart which set the universe and ongoing horrific mystery arc for the series. But the second story really succeeds in pulling me fully into the drama and group of characters Manning introduces us to by way of the younger brother of the head of the Supernatural Affairs agency.

We met Chase Slate in his brother’s story, and got a brief impression of a young man who avoids relationships and permanence as well as having an air of irresponsibility about him despite being a agent himself.

That superficial layer is pulled back to reveal a man/shifter with deeper dimensions to his personality. It comes about when he crosses path with Lucas Milton, a man on the run, but from what exactly?

Lucas Milton is a terrific character. Scared, terrified that what he’s afraid of isn’t real, that it’s his mind breaking down, Lucas is a portrait of exhaustion, stress, and fear.

Manning starts to weave a story with many twists from their meeting point. It will include the overall mystery arc that hasn’t been completely solved yet, another one regarding Lucas’s fears, and still yet another. The last being a real surprise and sets up the next book.

I thought this was a great couple, the relationship and their storyline was well plotted, and kept me totally captivated until the end. Plus it was wonderful seeing everyone from the first story together as well.

The ongoing mystery and serious dangers everyone still faces from the mages and kidnapped shifters is still unresolved. I look forward to seeing how this expands further in the next book.

I’m definitely recommending this series and story to all lovers of paranormal romance.

Supernatural Affairs series:

✓ The Werewolf’s Heart #1

✓ Shifter for Brains #2

◦ Crazy Like a Fox #3 – Dec 3, 2022 › showShifter for Brains by F.N. Manning – Goodreads

Two heads are better than one. What about two hearts?

Lucas Milton is usually good with numbers, but nothing is adding up quite right after a nasty car accident five months ago. Paranoid and afraid he’s in danger, the formerly brainy man is surely nuts… until a strange incident involving a fireball nearly leaves him extra crispy.

When Chase Slate finds a troubled beauty and smells another shifter on the scene, he’s sure there’s a supernatural cause for Lucas’s problems. So the detective investigates… even though he’s supposed to be busy with another case. He may not always play by the rules, but the werewolf does care about protecting others. And he might care about protecting Lucas more than he should.

When their fateful meeting leads to a case of mistaken identity, a greedy mage sets his sights on Lucas. As both men struggle to fight their growing attraction, they’ll need to keep their wits about them. Because a secret in Lucas’s past might make him valuable in his own right, and there’s a predator who will stop at nothing to claim him.

Can Lucas and Chase put their heads together and follow their hearts to find happiness, or will being outsmarted turn deadly in Shifter for Brains?

This is the second book in the Supernatural Affairs series of explicit M/M paranormal romance novels that follows the agents of the Ashvale Department of Supernatural Affairs. While familiar characters from the first novel will reappear, this story revolves around Chase and Lucas.


Unless it’s noted, all books reviewed have been purchased by the reviewer.

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