Review: Declared (Star Marked Warriors Book 2) by Sam Burns and W.M. Fawkes

Rating: 3.25🌈

Declared, second in the Star Marked Warriors series, is better then the first book. While that one had to establish the universe the authors needed for their series, it also included a couple and romance that I found hard to connect with. Plus just some issues with the plot overall.

What I liked here was the gamer/geek in finding himself in Space aspect. Wesley was a gamer/IT geek working on farming games while hoping one day to be able to produce his own. He finds, through his own wishes to be somewhere else, as one of the kidnapees aboard a blue alien ship headed out to the stars!

Does Wes have “Mad electronic skills”? Yes! Do we get to hear Wes say things like “Make it so” on a alien bridge in alien captain chair? Why yes.

Already this book is much more fun. Not believable but a ton more fun.

He also connects with the one blue alien/human hybrid who smiles a lot and well likes his personality too.

Wes and Jax make a great couple. Not sure about the author’s choice of Jax having to proclaim himself the offspring of Zul the Proeliator over and over. Surely a nerd like Wes would have blurted out something like where’s the Temple of Gozer or does that make you the Gatekeeper?

Cause honestly, don’t these authors know about Ghostbusters? SMH

But anyway, there’s a exciting adventure ahead for both. A mission they become embroiled in , as anyone familiar with sci-fi (as Wes himself takes notice) . It’s entertaining and they make a terrific couple.

It ends on a happy note and , while again, still not a believable story, more a comic relief romance in space.

Enjoyable if you take it at that and leave your expectations for anything fresh and exciting at the first page.

Star Marked Warriors:

✓ Captured #1

✓ Declared #2

◦ Submitted #3 › showDeclared (Star Marked Warriors, #2) by Sam Burns – Goodreads


An alien warrior, a kidnapped mate, and a traitor waiting to take everything from them both…

Wesley: I’ve always loved space. Give me Star Trek over Lord of the Rings any day. Since I was a kid, all I’ve wanted is to explore the great beyond, to boldly go and all that jazz. And with my feet firmly stuck on Earth, the way I reach for the stars is through developing video games. The biggest issue there? Well, I can’t keep a job beyond one project.

But all that staring at the night sky finally gets me somewhere when a tractor beam drops down from the sky in the Appalachian mountains and drags me up into an incredible spaceship full of big, scary, delicious-looking alien warriors. I’ve always fantasized about seeing the universe, but the reality—a handsy, grinning warrior—is so much more than I bargained for.

Jax: I have a problem—I am the son of Zul the Proeliator, greatest Thorzi warrior, and I have had no chance to honor my legacy on the battlefield. When our people were dying out, they took human mates and produced a generation of hybrid children. But the hybrid sons of the planet Thorzan are protected, privileged, and wasted. All my life, I have been companion and protector to Prince Kaelum instead of a proper warrior.

And now my enemies have come to believe that a younger generation of spoiled hybrids makes Thorzan ripe for invasion. When attack comes, it’s closer to home than expected, and I may be forced to choose between duty and protecting the beautiful man whose bright mind has caught my heart.

By popular cowriting duo Sam Burns & W.M. Fawkes, Declared is an M/M SciFi alien romance with a hybrid warrior trying to prove his worth, a lost human looking for stable ground, and battles that will prove sometimes, the only thing a warrior can do when tested is survive.


Unless it’s noted, all books reviewed have been purchased by the reviewer.

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