Review: Petty Crimes by Eden Winters

Rating: 5🌈

Petty Crimes returns us to Eden Winters’ outstanding world of the Southeastern Narcotics Bureau in Georgia, it’s Directors, Management and undercover agents that we got to know so intimately in her outstanding series Diversion.

That series is a must read for lovers of contemporary romance and Petty Crimes sees a return of some of our most beloved characters from those stories.

We get them now happily married, with kids, Bo and Lucky Schollenberger. Bo has become the Director of SNB department of Diversion Prevention and Control , with Richmond Eugene Schollenberger aka Lucky, currently Undercover Ops Manager .

Watching them in their new careers and status in life as settled highly respected professionals is everything. Well, with Lucky it’s mostly. He is still ,after all , one of the most fascinating characters I’ve ever had the pleasure to read.

But the story belongs to one SNB agent Jerry Wilkerson, who’s undercover persona is “Brody Jensen “. Jerry first appears in Lucky and Bo’s series, Corruption #3, as a high teenage biker headed to a dead end.

His was a poignant moment and Jeremy, aka Jerry , a memorable character.

The story opens with Jerry in character as Brody Jensen, a petty crimes criminal and drug dealer. Jerry’s been in character for several years and he’s having a harder time separating Brody from who he truly is these days.

He’s also still very much working through his issues that started when he met and fell for biker Cyrus Cooper when he was a teenager. Only to find out that Cyrus was a construct, a undercover personality for Bo Schollenberger, a very much committed and in love Bo.

Winters does amazingly well when getting into the minds and hearts of men like Jerry. The complicated emotions , the isolation he feels, the loss of something he’s not willing to identify. It’s painful, and utterly believable. As is Jerry.

And both worlds he moves through. The battered, swill, bottom rung places that Brody feels comfortable in and the nicest clothes , clean condo Jerry inhabits.

The pharmaceutical industry, the opiates and those that are using it to their monetary advantage are on display here. Winters certainly familiar with this business and demonstrates it in the clarity and precision with which it’s portrayed.

The romance element with Nico is as you would have expected in a story that’s as convoluted and emotionally complicated as this one. Nico has as many aspects to his personality and history as everyone else here. As well as a few hot kinks. It’s a great story within a story.

It was splendid to see Rett and others here from Diversion. Honestly it gave me hope that Winters is gearing up for a whole new series here with a new undercover team at its heart.

I’ve missed this fantastic group of incredible people and this brought them all back. And new ones as well.

I’m highly recommending Petty Crime and the Diversion series too.

Check them all out for some outstanding reading!

Goodreads › showPetty Crimes by Eden Winters

Goodreads › seriesDiversion Series by Eden Winters


Why can’t life give him a break?

Five years ago, Jerry Wilkerson was running with a biker gang, making mistake after mistake, till he ended up in the hospital with a gunshot wound, facing criminal charges for drug distribution. On top of everything, he’d fallen in love with the narcotics agent who took them all down. Or rather, with Cyrus Cooper, the man that agent pretended to be.

Making a deal with the Southeastern Narcotics Bureau kept Jerry out of jail, sending him undercover as Brody Jenson, a petty criminal able to get into places other agents can’t. He’s satisfied with his life—or would be if he wasn’t still longing for someone who never existed.

Then a man steps out of his dreams and into his life, who’s everything Jerry ever wanted.

Except for the part where Jerry might have to arrest him.

While this book features characters from the Diversion series, it is a standalone.


Unless it’s noted, all books reviewed have been purchased by the reviewer.

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