Review: Shameless Puckboy (Puckboy Book 3) by Eden Finley and Saxon James

Rating: 4.5 🌈

Shameless Puckboy brings us to Oskar Voyjik’s story, one I’ve greatly anticipated. Throughout the Puckboy series, when the Collective , a group of LGBTGIA pro hockey players, has gathered together to celebrate each other’s milestone events or to welcome another into their ranks, Oskar’s antics and outrageous personality has stood out.

Now his bad judgement with his flagrant sexual activities, caught on camera and swiftly passed to all media outlets are threatening his career. He and his actions have just gotten so out of hand that the San Jose’s PR manager decides to personally tackle reigning in the bad boy of his team if not the NHL.

I love this story. It’s a two person narrative that works remarkably well to get the reader into the mindset and hearts of PR manager Lane Pierce and gorgeous bad boy hockey player Oskar Voyjik.

It’s wonderful writing because with both men , it’s a matter of emotional defenses, of assumptions made that now have to be dropped and deep sea changes in life patterns to rearrange to move forward with each other. Finley’s and James’s carefully crafted personalities are rich with stubbornness, humor, bitterness, sexuality, and the need for acceptance.

Watching these two move towards each other while adjusting their preconceived notion’s about each other and finally realizing that they are in a real relationship is believable and moving.

There’s the inevitable drama but not an unexpected element. It feels true to the story and situation.

While I have thoroughly enjoyed each book and couples in this series, Shameless is probably my favorite.

There’s another coming out Foolish Puckboy but not until next year.


Until then, I’ll have to fantasize. And recommend to all who haven’t read or caught up on this series, that you do so. As soon as possible.

I’ve listed them below. Happy reading!

Puckboy series:

✓ Egotistical Puckboy #1

✓ Irresponsible Puckboy #2

✓ Shameless Puckboy #3

◦ Foolish Puckboy #4 – April 13, 2023

Goodreads › showShameless Puckboy (Puckboys #3) by Eden Finley



After a little mishap in an alleyway with CCTV, my public image needs fixing. Oops?
It might have been a stunt to get the attention of Lane Pierce, San Jose’s new PR manager, but I didn’t realize what the consequences would be when I did it. I’ve got Lane’s sole focus now in all the wrong ways.
He has designated himself as my babysitter, and while it’s fun messing with him, being bound by curfews and rules has never worked for me.
The more I push back, the more I realize what’s really on the line. My career, my future, and maybe even my heart.


Being appointed head of San Jose’s PR department was a dream come true … until I met Oskar Voyjik.
He may be San Jose royalty, but with the stunts Oskar’s been pulling, the team owner is down to his last thread of patience. Which puts me in the firing line. If I can’t turn Oskar’s entitled party boy image around, we’ll both be shown the door.
I have free rein to do whatever it takes, and it turns out whatever it takes is Oskar.
Only, the more entangled our lives become, the more I see the Oskar he’s buried deep down. The one who hurts, the one who’s sensitive and kind, the one … the one I think I’m falling for.
I can’t have him and my career, and if rumors of the professional lines I’ve crossed get out, it’s not only my dream job I can kiss goodbye; I’ll be disgraced from professional sports completely.


Unless it’s noted, all books reviewed have been purchased by the reviewer.

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