Review: The Heart’s Blood (San Amaro Investigations#5) by Kai Butler

Rating: 5🌈

The Heart’s Blood hits every marker, nails and surpasses all expectations I have for the characters, the storylines , and the journey Butler is taking us on. It’s a superlative narrative smorgasbord where Butler’s characters get to demonstrate genuine personal growth and maturity, often at huge emotional and physical cost. The imaginative series landscape broadens to embrace new mythic characters and their often murderous tumultuous history, new worlds and the refugee aliens who’ve fled them. But it also, in an equally outstanding manner, concentrates as well as on narrowing the storylines down to tangle with the intricacies of romantic and family relationships and the dynamics of love.

I couldn’t put this story down.

Fast paced, full of suspenseful moments and white knuckle action, it’s heart, as it always does, remains firmly centered around Parker Ferro, the PI who’s still adjusting to the idea of his heritage, Nick his alchemist PD boyfriend with his family dynamics, and the found family that Parker has been building around him.

There’s multiple storylines (all incredible and fully realized), new strides in Parker and Nick’s relationship, and entire aspects to the basics of the series foundation that get revealed.

The fifth in the San Amaro Investigations series, The Heart’s Blood dramatically increases the high risks and drama for everyone here. It’s such a superlative story.

Saffron Wilds, the 6th novel out in February 27,2023, certainly has a hard act to follow.

I’m highly recommending the series and definitely this story. But the books must be read in the order they are written in order for the relationships, characters, and events to make sense.

San Amara Investigations Series:

◦ A Haunting at Midnight #0.5

◦ A Debt Unpaid #0.75

✓ Wormwood Summer #1

✓ A Belated Burial #1.5

✓ The Oak Wood Throne #2

✓ A Gilded Iron Blade #3

✓ A Shattered Silver Crown #4

✓ The Heart’s Blood Arrow #5

◦ Saffron Wilds #6 – 2/27/2023 › showThe Heart’s Blood Arrow by Kai Butler


An old nemesis is out for blood…

Parker Ferro’s life would be easier if his enemies stayed gone. When the man responsible for the death of Parker’s mother breaks out of prison, Parker finds himself in the crosshairs of the Bureau of Paranormal Threats when he tracks the criminal down.

With succubae going missing, an old god on the loose, and his boyfriend’s mother in town, the last thing Parker has time for is human politics. But with a marriage proposal that he can’t quite figure out and mysteries that keep landing him in hot water with the feds, Parker must keep one step ahead or end up in handcuffs himself.

The Heart’s Blood Arrow is a 130k MM urban fantasy with a HFN ending and an ongoing storyline. It cannot be read as a standalone.


Unless it’s noted, all books reviewed have been purchased by the reviewer.

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