Review: Screwing With A Ghost ( Haunted Love #3) by Morgan Mason

Rating: 4.5🌈

Screwing With A Ghost is the first book I read by Morgan Mason and also the first I picked out of the Haunted Love collection. The description intrigued me and I love the chance to explore a new author.

This paranormal romance has so much to recommend it. A haunting back story for the ghost, a charming personality and engaging character for the young, very much alive man who has returned home to see his mother through yet another failed marriage and emotional struggles.

I’m never sure how an author will handle a love affair that involves a ghost as part of the romantic equation. There’s a certain bittersweet element that’s built into such a relationship seeing as one person is alive and another is dead, physically removed from the other. For them to realistically be fully together, they both should share the same plane.

How Mason resolves this aspect of her story isn’t revealed until almost the very end.

Until then we are treated to an unlikely friendship between a ghost with a well known horrifying past, Andrew Blackwell, and a young artist, Miguel, who buys at a huge discount, the infamous haunted Blackwell farm. Back to take care of his mother, he’s left his friends and a prodigious art studio invitation behind, for a farm that needs lots of work to live in and a barn he wants for his studio.

A two person POV gives us a wonderful introduction to both men, their backgrounds, and in Andrew’s case, his ideas of masculinity and his era’s thoughts on homosexuality, all of which were toxic in the extreme. He gets a shock when he sees Miguel, who loves color and dresses gender free.

Their relationship is woven slowly through wisps of swirling air and leaves, the briefest of chilly touches, and the sheer need to communicate. It’s moving and heartbreaking as they begin a relationship that has become increasingly difficult yet so important to each other.

I wished there was more to the ending and all that was happening there. It wasn’t as layered as the rest of the story but felt a bit rushed.

Still , this is a really interesting and compelling romance and I’m happy to have found a new author to look forward to.

I’m recommending Screwing With A Ghost ( Haunted Love #3) by Morgan Mason and will be diving into the other books.

Haunted Love collection with various authors:

◦ Stargazing With A Ghost by K. L. Hiers #1

◦ Sexting With A Ghost by Ashlynn Mills #2

✓ Screwing With A Ghost by Morgan Mason #3

◦ Gardening With A Ghost by Amanda Meuwissen #4

◦ Baking With A Ghost by R.M. Neill #5

◦ Necromancing With A Ghost by Cari Z #6

◦ Dancing With A Ghost by Alex J. Adams #7

◦ Haunting With A Ghost by B. Ripley #8

◦ Flunking With A Ghost by Baylin Crow #9

These don’t seem to have any order to be read in.

Goodreads › showScrewing with a Ghost by Morgan Mason


When Miguel decides to move back to his hometown to help his mom and sister, the only home in his budget is the abandoned and haunted estate he used to vandalize in his youth. He’s not exactly worried, but meeting the resident ghost isn’t high on his list of priorities. As Miguel sets about cleaning and converting the old barn into his new art studio, his ghostly housemate demonstrates strong opinions on Miguel’s life choices.

As far as new landlords go, Edward is pleased Miguel plans to restore his deteriorating ancestral home. Miguel’s ludicrous notion that men can wear dresses and sew, however, has Edward rethinking his ex-pastime in hauntings. But as Edward learns more about Miguel and his nontraditional lifestyle, plus the strange connection they seem to share, he can’t suppress his increasingly inquisitive nature or his burgeoning feelings for the one man who truly sees him, despite being invisible.

What starts out as a tentative truce, turns into something more as indignation melts into curiosity, then flirty teasing. Is it totally crazy that Miguel might have the tiniest crush on a ghost? Would it be even crazier to hope his ghost might have a crush on him back?


Unless it’s noted, all books reviewed have been purchased by the reviewer

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