Review: A Changeling Christmas (A Snowed Inn Romance) by Eli Easton

Rating: 4.5🌈

Easton has written an adorable holiday story, based on a switched identities theme, that’s a highlight in the Snowed Inn Collection.

Easton has such a light, lively touch with her characters and none is a better example of that then maternity nurse Felix Bordeaux, whose friends have sent him to the speed dating event at The Retreat to get him dating. It’s not going well when a chance encounter with Alastor Jeddard, brother/thief from Stop The Wedding, changes his life.

I enjoyed the crossover aspects of this book. Several scenes from Stop The Wedding appear here but , obviously, from the perspective of these characters. I enjoyed both viewpoints and the fuller details.

Felix is a lovely, thoughtful, and kindhearted man. The type Easton crafts so well that immediately engages a reader’s imagination and heart.

The man who’s been made to believe that Felix is actually a well-known criminal and needs to maintain a surveillance for security is Riggs Marsten, cop in small town NY. Aside from that name, which is a little too movie star for me for small town, Riggs is a good soul. A ex-Marine , Riggs can’t equate the humble, awkward, kind man he’s getting to know with the criminal record of Alastor Jeddard, a ruthless, hardened thief.

Their friendship and days spent together makes for a enjoyable and sexy read. The avalanche that causes the enforced togetherness for them and all the others on the mountain adds a certain level of intimacy as well as isolation.

The drama is automatically created by the theme of discovery. It’s just a matter of when and the events that happen next.

It’s the chemistry between Felix and Riggs that really matters here. It’s the focus and the reason the story works so well. The setting is gorgeous, the events and people involved are entertaining.

I very much enjoyed A Changeling Christmas (A Snowed Inn Romance) by Eli Easton and rank it highly among my favorites in this collection.

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An avalanche, a quaint Christmas inn, and an assignment to sit on an infamous jewel thief until the cops can arrive. What could go wrong?

Felix can’t believe his luck when a perfect stranger offers him the use of a pre-paid cabin at a mountain inn. He’d planned to ignore Christmas this year, working through the holidays in his job as a nurse in a Denver maternity ward. After all, Christmas won’t be the same without his beloved mother, who recently passed. But the inn, decked out like a Hallmark movie set, is the perfect place to soothe his heart, rekindle his Christmas cheer, and maybe even find romance? When a gorgeous ex-Marine befriends him and sticks by his side through a whole day of Christmas activities, Felix thinks he’s found true love.

Riggs’s plans for a ski vacation are buried when an avalanche blocks off the mountain inn where he’s staying from the rest of the world. A midnight phone call enlists Rigg’s help watching a guy on the FBI’s Most Wanted list who is supposed to be staying at the inn. The FBI and the police can’t get through until the avalanche is cleared. Riggs steps up to do his duty one more time. But the man who is supposed to be The Falcon, an international thief, has one hell of a Clark Kent type alter ego, because he seems like the sweetest man Riggs has ever met. The more time they spend together, the more attracted Riggs becomes to him, and the more determined he is to make The Falcon reveal his true colors.

Will love prevail? Or will the law?

A Changeling Christmas is a mistaken identity, snowed in together, rom-com romance with all the Christmas feels. All the books in the Snowed Inn collection are standalone stories and can be read in any order.


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