Review: His Last Christmas in London by Con Riley

Rating: 4.5 🌈

Con Riley has quickly become a go to author for me for contemporary romance. Riley’s characters and movingly detailed plots manage to capture my attention as well as my imagination. I end up loving the couples, their stories, and the cast around them.

His Last Christmas in London is a perfect example. After a bitter experience with a mentor who took credit for his work and then refused him references when he wanted out, Ian Fisher, photographer, is forced to face reality and a move back home to Cornwall. In a short period, Riley gives us a intimate glimpse into a man who is hurting, full of self doubt, and questioning his own abilities.

It takes his friends, and one last chance, a job for a well known food critic, for everything to change course, albeit slowly.

Guy Parsons, food critic, widower, man of amazing depths, if you can get the chance to see beyond his walls. Guy is another amazing character and one I could easily spend another book with. The two of them , together, exploring London, is magical.

I truly wasn’t ready to let them or their romance go. I wanted to tag along aside as they wandered through Cornwall, or perhaps France. It honestly didn’t matter. They charmed me.

I suspect they will you too.

It’s why I’m definitely recommending His Last Christmas in London by Con Riley. It’s a holiday read to take to heart!

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Falling for his final client won’t make leaving London easy…

Ian ~ A talented, young photographer desperate to stay in London.

Guy ~ An older, fierce food critic, determined to keep him in his city.

Ian shouldn’t be attracted to a scathing food critic like Guy Parsons, not after the last time he fell for someone older, arrogant, and gorgeous. He knows better than to let dramatic good looks sway him since his last heartbreak. Besides, he’s accepted a new job at the far end of the country and won’t be staying in London.

Having one month left doesn’t seem enough now Ian’s fallen in love with the city. Working as Guy’s photographer for December might help him afford to stay for longer, even if he hates Guy’s brand of restaurant reviewing. When Guy turns out to be worlds away from the last man Ian fell for, shared meals soon result in shared secrets and feelings.

More than attraction sparks between them as Christmas approaches. Intimate moments lead to intense passion, but is being well matched in the bedroom enough to stop the clock counting down to Ian leaving London, and Guy, for good?

♥ Steamy, snarky, and sweet, His Last Christmas in London is an utterly British, low-angst, age-gap, workplace gay romance set in London and Cornwall. ♥

Celebrate the holidays with a lovely long novella full of heartfelt hurt/comfort and second chances from Con Riley, author of the much adored Charles: Learning to Love.


Unless it’s noted, all books reviewed have been purchased by the reviewer

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