Review: Naughty Neil ( A Hidden Species Novella) by Louisa Masters

Rating: 4🌈🌲

Naughty Neil is a short holiday story that takes place in Masters’ Hidden Species universe.

Neil is a young guy working as an exotic dancer, happy with his life until a guy knocks on his door, claiming to be some kind of government agent, only from a agency he’s never heard of.

Mark Mikakos, Hellhound and CBG investigator ( Community of Species Government ) has come to tell Neil Diaz that he’s a incubus, that there’s a whole hidden world of supernatural beings the he’s a part of , and Mark’s life is about to change forever.

No problem.

What follows is a short, cute story that allows us to see the very start of a relationship and new romance. We meet Mark’s team of investigators and see Neil start to fit into his new world.

It’s over way too soon.

I wish we could have a follow up story to see what happens next. They are a genuinely lovely and fun couple.

Goodreads › showNaughty Neil (A Hidden Species Novella) by Louisa Masters


I’m just an ordinary guy… who feeds on sexual energy.

I never knew my dad. Mom said he was a nice enough guy, fun for a night, but she never did get his name. I didn’t miss him, and my life is good.

Then a government agent shows up at my door and announces that I’m not really human. Dear old Dad was actually an incubus, a being that needs sexual energy to survive, and apparently that means I am too. Gotta be a scam, right?

Or so I think… until Agent Cutie changes into a canine (not a werewolf) in my living room and then eats half a dozen Christmas cookies while making orgasm sounds. Turns out, other species do exist.

On the plus side, being a stripper means that all my incubus needs are being met without me even trying. And now that I know the situation in my pants is normal for an incubus, I don’t feel self-conscious… so a fling with Agent Mark is definitely on the table.

Between being sexy Santa at work, supplying a team of hellhounds with Christmas cookies, and learning what stamina in the bedroom really is, I’m discovering that my old life was kind of empty. Maybe I’m not such an ordinary guy after all.

This novella was previously available free to newsletter subscribers. Only the cover has changed.

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