Review: Merry Christmas Cupid (Hartbridge Christmas #3) by N.R. Walker

Rating: 4.25🌈

N.R.Walker takes us back to that incredibly beautiful and charming place, Hartbridge, Montana, supposedly for the last time, in Merry Christmas Cupid.

No Aussies this time, except for newly transplanted Gunter Zuniga’s interactions with our couples from the past two stories.

Gunter Zuniga, 44 years old, grieving the loss of his father and a breakup of a longstanding relationship on the day of his father’s funeral, relocates to a small town he’s never forgotten for their kindness and support towards his father and himself towards the end of his father’s life.

The old heritage home calls out to him, and that’s how he meets Clay Henderson, a man whose generosity sparks a friendship, a ease into the town, and a new journey forward for both.

Merry Christmas Cupid is a slow, lower angst romantic tale. Clay learns to fully embrace his bisexuality and come out to those that matter. Gunter gains a new found family and close knit set of friends.

Hartbridge, Montana is picturesque and Hallmark descriptive. From the citizens we’ve met before in previous books to new ones that call out for new romances of their own, Merry Christmas Cupid is a lovely holiday gift for fans of this author and lovers of seasonal fiction.

I’m certainly sorry to see this series end if Merry Christmas Cupid truly marks a ending to the Hartbridge Christmas stories!

Pick it up and enjoy Walker’s trademark well crafted characters, heartwarming plot, and heartfelt moments!

Hartbridge Christmas:

✓ Tic-Tac-Mistletoe #1

✓ Christmas Wish List #2

✓ Christmas Cupid #3

Goodreads › showMerry Christmas Cupid (Hartbridge Christmas, #3) by N.R. Walker


After a year of tragedy, forty-four-year-old Gunter Zuniga is leaving heartbreak behind and moving to the peaceful and picturesque town of Hartbridge, Montana. He buys an old house in need of some work, which he naively thinks he can manage now that he’s single and retired—he has nothing but time.

Clay Henderson runs the local sawmill with his dad, and it’s the busiest time of year. Firewood and Christmas trees are in high demand, and a delivery of firewood to the old house on Cedar Bark Road leaves him curious about the new man in town.

Clay has never had time for romance and Gunter certainly isn’t looking, but Hartbridge has a way of working its Christmas magic; the jingle of Christmas bells, snow, and love are ringing in the air. And Gunter and Clay are about to get the best Christmas gift they never asked for.


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