Review: Felix (Boyfriend for Hire #5) by R.J. Scott and Meredith Russell

Rating: 4🌈

I haven’t read the other books in the Boyfriends for Hire series, but that didn’t keep me from reading and enjoying Felix, the fifth installment.

Felix is very much a holiday story and it works somewhat well as a standalone novel. While I was unfamiliar with the characters from the agency that Felix works for, there’s just enough background information that a new reader has a good idea of the universe we are falling into.

That said, while I had a good grasp on the character of Felix, the character of Ethan, the scientist, came about more slowly. I wasn’t sure what to attribute certain aspects of his personality to. Was his scattered thoughts and inability to focus on social situations part of being on the spectrum or something else. Else as it turns out.

But it leaves him as a lesser formed individual than say Felix who we have a firm grasp of.

Their relationship and it’s path is slow but sweet. It has some dramatic moments that turns Ethan’s character into one grounded in a believable, painful journey to healing, new hopeful future for them both.

Felix is a sweet, loving, heartwarming holiday tale. Even without the other books, it’s a lovely read and one I enjoyed immensely.

Add it to your holiday TBR list!

Boyfriends for Hire:

◦ Darcy #1

◦ Kaden #2

◦ Gideon #3

◦ Jaden #4

✓ Felix #5

Goodreads › showFelix (Boyfriend for Hire, #5) by R.J. Scott


Hiring a fake boyfriend for a school reunion seems to be the only solution, but love was never part of the equation.

Felix has enough on his plate looking out for his parents, let alone agreeing to being hired for a date with the friend of a friend. His instant attraction to the scatter-brained scientist has him making impulsive decisions he hopes he won’t regret. But, somehow, he’s agreeing to more dates, and more time with sexy Ethan and his non-stop talking. When stolen wintry kisses turn to love, and Christmas works its magic, Felix knows he’s losing his heart.

The science of chemistry makes more sense to Ethan than connecting with potential boyfriends, and he’s wary of romance. Unsettled by a string of failed hookups, he knows it’s on him when everything goes wrong and he can’t help but wonder what has made him this way. His friend Jared says that Ethan needs to close metaphorical doors on past hurts—whatever that means—and that the school reunion might just be step one. Determined to show himself as confident and happy, he hires Felix to be his date for the night, but a kiss to make up for the one he missed at prom, and abruptly, it’s not the past that is consuming his thoughts.

Now all Felix has to do is show Ethan that it’s okay to love and be loved in return, and that chemistry can lead to a happily ever after.


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