Review: Hot Head (Drake Security #1) by Mika Nix

Rating: 2.5🌈

Review note: This review contains several spoilers so please be aware prior to reading.

Mika Nix is the combined name of authors K.M. Neuhold and Mia Monroe who have co-written this series about dragon shifter brothers and their path to HEA with their fated mates.

Nico is one of a group of dragon shifter brothers who own and operate Drake Security. They live together in a complex/compound of single mansions and alternate taking on different clients as they are approved.

The latest is the son of wealthy businessman Lake Forrester II, Lake Forrester III. He’s a victim of a short term relationship gone very wrong, and now he’s got a stalker.

Nico been hired to protect Lake and stop the stalker.

I’m a fan of dragons and the authors so wanted to see what they had in store for us readers with the new series.

I found some interesting stuff, some problematic issues small and large, characters that I liked, and a overall good thread that was entertaining.

First the positives .

I liked the idea of brothers banded by clutches. That while they have other siblings, the stretch of years between clutches renders each group more relatives than close family.

The family is distinct, with each brother having a different personality. They have chosen names and their dragon names, which are supposed to be hard to pronounce but just end up being French which I found hysterical.

The romance is a found soulmate one so it’s a relationship that is quickly established and sweetly sexy if one sided dominant. I had some issues with the dynamics and relationship that begin with the character of Lake.

It has a HEA that will make most readers happy and it’s a swift read in the genre that gives you a new series to look forward to.

For myself there are some things that the story lacks or I had issues with. They include:

🔷The paranormal/human world history needs some work but I get the impression it will be addressed with each brother. This includes a lack of cultural context and knowledge here of dragon culture or history that lets soulmates fall into a almost mythological category but still be able to call “dad” up for soulmate bonding details.

🔷Dragon Bigotry. I was really surprised at this. Paranormal bigotry between two species, right down to ugly stereotypes and name calling. While I think the authors are setting up a dramatic narrative for a Romeo/Julian situation here, it leaves a bad taste for me. Especially when the authors chose to use a well known werewolf mating technique (knotting) as a dragon’s while making the werewolf/wolf shifter the lesser/ill-regarded species. it’s explained it’s only about territory and history but while making remarks about how they all “stink, are rank,..”. Humans too are not regarded highly. But it’s not as though the dragons exist within a isolated world. They live and do business within a human society.

So they come off as judgmental and prejudiced.

🔷A dragon that talks human when In dragon form. That bothers the wildlife biologist in me. Yes I’m aware dragons aren’t real but if a author is going to treat them as though they are (spaces big enough for them to transform etc) then narratively do so in other ways too. Perhaps have them speak telepathically , not like a human. Because what about a dragon’s bone structure, mouth and jaw shape makes that feel realistic or believable. Nothing. A telepathic form of communication has a far higher probability than than a dragon palette that’s able to throw flames and speak French.

🔵Issues that earns a huge narrative side eye:

🔷A big issue. Lake’s personality. He can seem like a giggly rich young man or an intelligent emotionally neglected one who’s absorbed just enough business sense from his family to make him a believable, layered figure. It varies honestly.

🚨 Spoiler alert 🚨

But he’s extremely likable which makes the events towards the end disturbing. He’s abducted, there is an attempted sexual assault that’s extremely real, followed by a death. The expected narrative response to this would be emotional trauma and some kind of needed recovery. Does that happen? No. It’s fluffed off, like a bad minute, and it’s onto some hot sex.

There’s so many things that are deeply wrong about this treatment but it starts with the fact that if authors use SA as a story element then give it the serious consideration it is due. To say nothing of being abducted and physically assaulted.

It all happens, then a watery eye, a giggle, and I’m fine. Let’s have sex. If as authors you needed Lake to be in danger, then surely another way could have been used that wouldn’t have made SA such a superficial element.

🔷And finally , that whole disposal of the body nonsense at the end — last spoiler🚨

What possible difference does it make if you remove a heart if you are going to burn the body and the scene of the crime to the ground so no one special “scents” are left. Might as well leave it in. It’s so nonsensical.

Yes got the heart out. Signature move. Now everyone who see it will know it is us. Well done. Now toss it back on the fire with the lot . Burn it all up. Ashes ashes, that’s all that is left. So glad you went to the trouble of digging out the heart that’s ashes now along with everything else. SMH.

The more I got into the storyline the more puzzled and irritated I was. Elements didn’t add up, aspects of the story were just not necessary or given the depth of exposition required, or the tale just swung fluffy and fantasy wise. Oh look, we’re flying.

It was almost as though the authors couldn’t decide whether to go serious, funny, romantic, sweet, mystical, murderous, and kept swinging between them instead of melding them.

They are setting up the “Quiet” shy Hemingway brother for the next book. It’s called Smoulder. Oh no.

I’m sure I’ll go there if only out of curiosity.

I’ll let everyone make their own decisions.

Drake Security:

✓ Hot Head #1

◦ Smoulder #2 – TBD

Hot Head (Drake Security Book 1)324Kindle Edition$5.99


Protecting him is my job. Finding out he’s my fated mate wasn’t part of the assignment.

Lake Forrester III entered my life like a wrecking ball. Drake Security, my firm with my brothers, was hired to protect him from a stalker ex, but what Lake doesn’t know is that he’s not dealing with your average unhinged human. The unhinged wolf shifter he unknowingly dated will stop at nothing to get Lake in his clutches.

Just another day in the life of a dragon body guard.

The one thing I never expected was for Lake to be my fated mate. To say my protective instincts are on overdrive is an understatement. I’ll move mountains to keep him safe and delight in tearing the wolf apart with my bare hands if he gets too close to my mate. If it unleashes all out war with the wolf packs, so be it. I never claimed to be the level headed one.

In the meantime, my only focus is Lake and his safety. If anyone hurts him, it’ll be the last thing they do. My dragon will make sure of it.

Hot Head is book one in the exciting new series, Drake Security. It features a dragon bodyguard with anger issues, a fabulous human with more money than friends, an ex on the loose, and fated mate goodness. Dive into Hot Head and feel the burn.

**Drake Security features dragon shifters with NO MPREG**

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