Review: Giles Ashby Needs A Nanny: Nannies of New York Book 2 by K. Sterling

Rating: 5🌈

Nannies of New York is such an excellent series and it’s just on book two.

Resplendent with the vivacious feel and 24 hour vibe of New York City, this series moves from uptown to downtown with the nannies and their families, with their broken hearts to the children and men who need mending.

I adore them so.

Giles Ashby Needs A Nanny is a special kind of story. The nanny who in question is Riley Fitzgerald. With a terrible history of getting his heart broken (he calls it the curse), he’s a great person with a huge love for family and children, a former theater nerd with a way with families and organization.

Giles Ashby is the author’s heart and soul here. As related in the Forward, Giles’ anxiety and panic disorder, his mental illness, therapy and drug treatment all are derived directly from the author’s own experiences. It shows. Both the sensitive and believable manner in how Giles has lived his entire life and how he now lives, with therapy, with his son, in relation to others. It’s a masterpiece of a character. In fact , the author’s depiction of the character’s issues and his issues with interpersonal relationships carries directly over into the equally compelling character of Riley.

Riley is a strong character who works so well within the relationship dynamics. Not only in understanding the swampy emotional nature of their past misunderstandings as young children (yes they have a history) but in navigating through the new tangled one that includes a highly intelligent young boy who’s so amazing. Again, Milo is an endearing young man and realistic person in his own right. Milo, who has his own issues, has needs that Riley has to be aware of and take care of as well as a man Riley is now beginning to see through new eyes.

This story has so many aspects to it that I admire. A unique and strong family for the Ashbys which includes not only the ex-wife who’s a constant loving presence for son and ex-husband, but also his ex-SIL and her son. There’s an enormous support system and family here that’s amazing to meet and get connected with.

The city as usual works as a glorious support characters and foundation as this romance unfolds, with the other nannies acting as Riley’s mentors and emotional advisers.

The characters are incredibly well written, the storylines superbly executed, and the ending a well crafted HEA. It will leave you feeling happy and satisfied.

So yes, if you’re a lover of contemporary romance, this is a series you should definitely check out!

Read them in the order they are written.

Nannies of New York series:

🔷The Last Nanny In Manhattan #1

🔷Giles Ashby Needs A Nanny #2

🔷The Handy Nanny #3 – April 27,2023

Buy Link:

Giles Ashby Needs A Nanny: Nannies of New York Book 2


Sometimes, a simple field trip to the planetarium can be an act of bravery. In Giles Ashby’s case, it could also be a second chance with his lifelong crush.

Unbearably awkward and strangled by his anxiety disorder, Giles used surly snarls and abrupt remarks to keep everyone at a distance. As a result and surprising no one, he finds himself divorced and overwhelmed by the demands of parenting nine-year-old Milo —a shy, awkward clone of his father. Not wanting Milo to struggle through life the way he has, Giles enlists the help of Reid Marshall’s new nanny agency.

Of all the nannies in Manhattan… Reid had to send Giles’s childhood crush, Riley Fitzgerald. Still smitten and as flustered as he was in middle school, Giles bungles every encounter with the “new” nanny. But sweet, clever, outgoing Riley is exactly what Milo needs.

Riley thinks he knows what he’s getting into when he accepts a position working for his childhood nemesis, but Milo steals his heart the moment they meet. And “Giles the Jerk” isn’t as bad as Riley remembers. Or maybe Giles was never really all that bad… Riley finds himself swooning as Giles faces his fears in order to help Milo survive the fourth grade and win the science fair.

But can Riley really trust his heart, when all his past relationships have been cursed? Could this time be any different?

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