Review: Redeeming Nick (Dark Forest Pack Book 2) by Annabelle Jacobs

Rating: 4.5🌈

I’m so enjoying this series. I believe I found Redeeming Nick even more my favorite because of the characters and chemistry Jacobs creates here.

One caveat, a reader must bring a certain amount of information about the universe and characters history with them into each story. If you are new to Jacob’s’ werewolves world (and connected series), you will feel a bit lost or without a good foundation for the magic, politics, and overall series arc. That includes the Fae Realm.

That’s hugely important here when one of the main characters is a Fae guard, Dathal. Dathal is charged with the investigation into how such a rare powerful, lethal substance from the Fae Realm was smuggled through a portal into the human one, with deadly consequences.

Those events began in Claiming Rys Book 1 and the investigations continued here as it becomes apparent there’s a more complex plot behind the smuggling operation.

Dathal, cousin to Axel, a sexy, gorgeous Fae who’s been a part of the series from the beginning, is a great character. More serious, less aware or knowledgeable of the human world than Axel who lives here, Dathal’s personality and viewpoint is both humorous and fascinating. He’s definitely Fae, whereas some of the other Fae characters have softer “edges” to them from living in the human realm.

One of a two person POV format, Dathal’s perspective is distinctly Fae, with a genuine focus for his work and love for his realm, which contrasts well with that of Nick, a witch whose magical abilities hold a secret from his past.

Nick is also a terrific character. He’s demonstrated personal growth and courage in the course of this investigation as well as betrayal. He’s greatly invested in how the scheme has been implemented and who’s responsible.

When the two come together, the physical and emotional charge is remarkable. Jacobs does such a fantastic job in making this almost instant connection feel hot and genuine . That they fight it and fail comes across as absolutely believable.

I could have done with even more of their relationship but there did need to be some kind of storyline to move the smuggling theme forward and it does. Onto the next book. It’s turning out to be a very interesting and layered affair.

Next up is Axel’s story, hints of which we get here in this book. I can’t wait to read it.

Due to the series arc and story structure and character development, the books should be read in the order that they were written.

I’m highly recommending this series and book for all lovers of paranormal and fantasy fiction and romance.

Dark Forest Pack series:

🔷Claiming Rys #1

🔷Redeeming Nick #2

🔷Guarding Axel #3 – June 27, 2023

Buy Link:

Redeeming Nick (Dark Forest Pack Book 2)


A witch with a secret, a fae guard with a job to do.

As the new manager of paranormal club, Midnight, Nick Parker has his hands full. What he doesn’t have time for is an inconvenient attraction for the mysterious fae with violet eyes and the kind of magic that Nick yearns for.

A fae guard with an affinity for seeking out the truth, Dathal has one purpose—to catch those responsible for smuggling a deadly plant out of the fae realm, and then return home. Falling for a witch isn’t on the cards, but something about Nick calls to him in a way he’s powerless to ignore.

Their paths cross as Nick is drawn into the investigation, and their connection is inevitable, but the consequences of being together are something neither of them could have foreseen.

Redeeming Nick is an MM paranormal romance featuring a hot, tattooed witch with attitude, and a silver-haired fae with a disdain for human rules. Full of magic, mystery, and sizzling UST, with a guaranteed HEA.

* For maximum enjoyment, the series should be read in order.

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