Review: Aisle Be There (Runaway Grooms Book 1) by Charlie Cochet

Rating: 4.75🌈

I know I’m in for a fabulous time when I’m cackling at the very beginning of the story! Just pages in and my sides are hurting from laughing over the outfit and situation Gage Kingston finds himself in. It’s hilarious, realistically anxiety producing, and so well written that we’re drawn into Gage’s story and comedy/drama elements of his love life instantly.

So as we start, this is how we continue on! A breakneck rumble of a romantic contemporary love story that encapsulates the best elements of second chances at love, lovers reunited, and best friends who became lovers all into one singular book. One I adore.

I didn’t realize until later this was part of the Four Kings Security Universe. I don’t think you have to have read one or all of those to get with the characters and setting here. It’s narratively well laid out and Cochet’s foundation for the Runaway Grooms is very solid.

Each main character has a different but similar feel to them in that they’re both multidimensional and have depth in their respective histories. Gage with his large family, including cousins and their partners and Jett with his found family of his father’s band members.

Each person has been given aspects of their history to blend with their personalities to make them feel believable. As Jett still grieves and works through the loss of his father, we understand those emotions and actions. When Gage panics and flees when faced with a reality he’s just recognizing? We get that too. The mixture of sadness and humor, loss and love, all so human, endearing, and real.

If I had a quibble, it was that the bad guy/villain of the piece felt a little one dimensional next to all the other characters. But honestly, that was it.

Ok more more quibble. We have to wait almost an entire year for the next book in this series. Sigh. January to be exact. Oh well.

This was such a fantastic read that I’m highly recommending it. For those that like a complete read list, Cochet has a Four Kings Security Universe one at the beginning of the book and on her website. But anti don’t feel it required. I’ll leave that decision up to you.

Runaway Grooms series:

✓ Aisle Be There #1

◦ To Have and Withhold #2 – Jan 9, 2024

Aisle Be There (Runaway Grooms Book 1)


They say your wedding day is the beginning of your happily ever after.

But I’m pretty sure they never stood on a sweltering Florida beach getting ready to promise forever… only to change their mind at the last minute and be assaulted by a crustacean while fleeing the scene.

Once upon a time, I was a respected Navy officer. A guy who made a career out of managing chaos.

Now, I am the chaos, a groom on the run from my ex-fiance and his dad’s goons. Oh, and the guy driving the getaway car? That would be my ex-boyfriend, Jett.

Gorgeous. Brilliant. A guy I couldn’t help falling in love with twelve years ago.

The guy I realize I’ve always loved.

Did I mention he’s also a famous rock star on a sold-out summer tour?

This situation has disaster written all over it. But if I can manage the chaos, maybe I’ll get my happy ending after all.


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Aisle Be There, Runaway Grooms Book 1
(This series is standalone and can be read on its own.)

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