Review: Prince of Lies by Lucy Lennox

Rating: 4🌈

I’m really all over the place with Lucy Lennox’s newest book Prince of Lies. The premise concerned me because I’m not a fan of relationships that start with deception. Unless you’re a spy, member of a law enforcement agency, or assassin where lying is actually in their job description , then I’m a fan of people who have adult realistic relationships in contemporary romance.

So it took me a while to get into the story with Rowe Prince lying his way through the beginning pages, even chapters, but eventually this character’s engaging personality won me over. It helps that Rowe is absolutely horrible at deception and the situations he gets himself into or bumbles about in are hilarious.

With the terrific Sebastian Dayne as Prince’s foil , we marvel as the real life comedy of the absurd plays out over corporate intrigue and painful past betrayals.

With Bast as “straight” man, pretending to be the PA to imaginary Sterling Chase’s that Rowe Prince is cluelessly trying to be, whether it’s high society social circles or upper echelons of the business elite, Rowe is a wildly windmilling dreamer trying to maintain his balance and the façade he’s taken on. It’s a white knuckle ride that’s filled with suspense, humor, and more than a bit of pathos.

I was completely entranced by the dance Lennox created for her characters as they romanced, figured out the truth in their identities and how they were supposed to be able to move forward with life together if certain issues weren’t resolved.

Their story and romance was supported by a fascinating crew of characters. Silas, Kenji , Zane, Dev, Landry on Bast’s side. Joey, the Burrito Bandito bestie on Rowe’s. The author writing fun stories or traumatic experiences for each to make the reader want to know more.

So adorable characters with a wonderful supporting cast within a engaging storyline.

I did laugh a lot and liked the relationship. So it’s all a win for me. I’m recommending it.

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Rowe Prince is a lying liar who windmills into my life in full color, claiming to be Sterling Chase, a quirky, eccentric billionaire… and founder of the company I created.

Two can play at the lying game, though, and I’m not about to let some burrito-delivering, floppy-haired virgin from Indiana best me at a game I was born to play.

So I do him one better and pretend to be Sterling Chase’s new assistant. I’ll teach him a lesson that will hopefully wind us both up in bed… with nothing but the truth between us.

But it turns out his shameless lies are enchanting… unintentionally hilarious… and make it all too easy to forget the truth…

Until I learn that this cutie’s intent is to defraud the company I’ve spent years building. I have to choose: risk the company or say goodbye to the man I’m falling for. A guy who just might be…

The Prince of Lies

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