Review: Demon For The Win (A Fated Mates Novella) by Meghan Maslow

Rating: 4.75🌈

Demon For The Win exists within Meghan Maslow’s Much Ado About Demons universe and it’s an extraordinary place to visit.

In fact the author is able to set up various scenarios within each major storyline for other books to come without it feeling too unwieldy.

Here we meet Nico Azertiran, the love incubus from In Fair Verona and Must Love Demons. He’s a important secondary character as he’s the best friend of Incubus Kem Balthasar. We are clued into Nico’s problems while maintaining our interest in Kem and his new found crush for the Dryad Tuli Cato.

The cast of characters are fascinating whether they be a passing reference or a strong supporting cast. I’m especially fond of Tuli’s friend, the wood elf Shrood who reminds me of a Elvish Dude and The Glen where they abide. It’s full of magical trees and shrubbery with unique personalities to match.

Tuli Cato, the sous chef who finds his hidden strengths and resolve and the incubus Kem Balthasar, who redefines his path and his identity as a incubus, are amazing beings. Apart on their personal journeys and together as a couple on a growing relationship.

The romance is strong and interesting, including a mystery about a missing spoon that concludes is a absolutely perfect way.

I love this series and this is a fabulous addition in terms of the couple and expansion of the universe. I’m highly recommending it.

Demon for the Win: A MM Fated Mates Novella (Much Ado About Demons)by Meghan Maslow


Dryad Tuli Cato has 3 rules he lives by: No relationships, no drama, no trouble.

When a gorgeous incubus offers a night of no-strings passion, Tuli readily agrees. Only that no-strings night sure feels like a lot more.

Okay, Tuli has 2 rules he lives by: No drama, no trouble.

Being the sous chef at the most exclusive restaurant in town makes no drama a challenge. Especially when the kitchen’s in an uproar after a staff member turns up dead. Murdered.

Um, Tuli has 1 rule he lives by: No trouble.

Surely, he can stick to this 1 simple rule. . . except it turns out, he might be the murderer’s next target.

Incubus Kem Balthasar has only 1 rule he lives by: Enjoy life.

It’s a lust demon’s nature, after all. Creatures either want to be him or do him. Or maybe a bit of both.

When Kem lays eyes on a slender dryad hottie across a crowded sex club, suddenly he’s thinking of another L-word and it’s not one he ever thought he’d feel.

Okay, Kem has 2 rules he lives by: Enjoy life, romance Tuli.

Convincing the skeptical dryad that Kem’s a worthy—and faithful—partner is hard enough. But it’s even harder to date a guy who might wind up dead.

Right. Kem has 3 rules he lives by: Enjoy life, romance Tuli, and keep the little dryad safe.

Easy, right?

Demon for the Win is a 40k just-one-night, fated mates, novella set in the Much Ado about Demons world. Each book stands alone. This book contains explicit scenes, a little black book with loads of secrets, jealous trees, sex club shenanigans, and a guaranteed happily-ever-after.

*Previously published in the Your Book Boyfriend’s Boyfriend giveaway.

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