Review: A Demon for Midwinter by K.L. Noone

Rating: 4.75🌈

First thing. This book should come with a trigger warning for domestic assault/violence. While the assault happens off page the immediate physical damage and emotional effects upon the victim ,a main character, is on page . The resulting trauma and continuing aftermath, for the victim, his family and the man who loves him is a major part of the storyline. It’s just one of several elements that readers might not be aware of from reading the description.

Another potentially triggering storyline is one where Noone explores the devastating consequences of outing a person, no matter why, by using Justin Moore’s genetic makeup instead of his sexuality to demonstrate just how dangerous and devastating outing a person can be. It’s realistic, especially when some States now are trying to roll back rights for LGBTGIA , non-white races , and Women (no order involved). Jobs lost, housing lost, even more. So this becomes even more involved with bullying and harassment.

Both the D/A , D/V, and outing storylines are well written and handled with sensitivity and respect.

Readers who find these are triggering elements should consider whether this is a book they should read.

Having dealt with the warnings, onto the main characters and narratives. It’s a very well written story and the characters have depth and dimension I hadn’t anticipated.

In fact, the entire story surprised me.

It begins with a famous, has been rocker, Kris Starr, trying and failing to come out with a holiday album of his ex-bands hits. It’s familiar story territory . It gets more so with the addition of a beautiful young music record company assistant , Justin , who’s been working with Kris to produce it.

Justin Moore, the young music assistant, has had a long time crush on the older singer. This also isn’t new ground. But it’s what Noone does with these easily recognizable character models that elevates their personalities and relationship.

I would love to say it’s done in tandem, that Noone builds the characters to their final depths together. And to a degree, that happens. But as Starr pulls out of his depression and stasis as a person and musician , it’s a path he’s started on . He wants a recovery of the soul, as he’s reconnecting with the people important to him. It’s Justin that helps with his continued emergence, and it will be Kris in turn who will join in committing to helping another’s survival and restoration.

However, as Kris and Justin wobble along a obstacle strewn path, the author surrounds both with a veritable banquet of memorable multi layered people and scenes of heart searing moments. Jason’s family is superb.

From the many siblings, the scarily wonderful twins being my favorite, the parents, and yes, those Aunts, to the emotional support that Kris is shown to be able to bring, Noone swings the characters from one dramatic twist to another , often with heart wrenching detail. The author lets the readers feel fully immersed and invested in the lives and emotions as the events unfold through the pages.

Does this sounds like that simplistic, perhaps humorous synopsis written for this book? No it does not, and it is not.

There’s light hearted moments here as it needs to because otherwise the pain and trauma the person and characters are experiencing would be overwhelming. As they acknowledge. Doesn’t matter what species you are, trauma is trauma.

There’s a section at the end that might give some people pause. But again, it’s all about asking for permission, it’s about control, and no matter what, think about perspective.

Another great example of how this book tilts one way when you’d expect to go another.

I was unaware of The Demon Universe until I read Snowed In: Kit and Harry, a superb book about a magical Regency mystery. That seems to have no bearing on this, so perhaps they are all standalones.

I intend to find out. This one and Snowed In set the bar high indeed.

I’m highly impressed and recommending both.

Pls do read my trigger warnings.

The Demon Universe (nine books):

✓ A Demon for Midwinter #1

◦ Lightning in a Bottle #2

◦ Love Songs for Everyday #3

◦ Sunlight and Gold #4

✓ Snowed In: Kit and Harry #5

◦ A Demon Forever #6

◦ A Demon’s Choice #7

◦ Bedknobs and Brimstone #8

◦ A Demon’s Very Good Morning #9

Buy Link:

A Demon for Midwinter


Kris Starr used to be famous. Rock and roll. Sold-out shows. Literal magic. Empathic talents and screaming fans.

But he has a problem or two. He’s having a hard time writing new music. It’s Midwinter, which means he’s surrounded by depressing holiday cheer. And he’s in love with Justin, his manager, who has a talent for rescuing almost- or once-famous bands … and who’s hiding secrets of his own.

Justin Moore, on the other hand, is very good at keeping those secrets — he’s had to be for years. One secret involves a demonic inheritance that would make him a target of suspicion. Another involves his past.

And the third involves Justin’s feelings for Kris Starr, rock and roll icon and now his client … and a powerful empath of his own.

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