Review: Pressure (Lunar Wolves Book 1) by Kiki Burrell

Rating: 3.25🌈

I picked up Pressure hoping by reading the first of the Lunar Wolves books I’d get a better understanding of the universe and setting for Burrell’s stories and characters.

Unfortunately, the answer is not really. I still don’t know if the world the events take place in belongs to humans AND lunar wolves originally, or if lunar wolves came later.

Also unanswered is the question of how and why the solar and celestial wolves clans or species came to this world or dimension. And who they are exactly. They appear to have, at least the solar wolves do, a very specific and rigid culture.

But this is a lunar wolf series. Where’s their rich background? Are there other series I’m missing?

At any rate, once again, I enter a story with a incomplete picture of the world and it’s cultural history and current affairs. That lack of information will have the reader try to piece together essential bits of storylines and failing because we just can’t make sense of them.

If you can toss aside the backstory and concentrate on just the relationship of Axe Landry, Chief of LCEA, and Caden Borealis, only son of a isolated witch clan, then the story is very interesting. I like the main characters as they met and finally agreed to mate. A messy path indeed.

Axe has a hidden secret (one the reader doesn’t know until later), but he must obtain a mate to continue on in his job.

All wolves ,apparently, must mate with a witch, due to The Sacred Pact. That’s actually spelled out for the reader and Caden. Otherwise, they go primal, lone, and wild.

So arranging for a mate is a common practice among clans of witches and wolves.

Caden is a different sort of person. He’s headed towards being a drug dealer, with a sleazy boyfriend and loser attitude. I like how this turns out.

Burrell could have spent the entire storyline on the adjustments both Caden and Axe had to make to each other, to the surprises inherent in their relationship and mate bond. Also to Caden’s reaction to Crescent City and the paranormal world. It would have been a excellent time to get those pesky things like background elements and foundation building in.

But instead there’s a mystery and murder to investigate too.

For myself, that took away from character development and pushed the story toward more threads than it could possibly handle.

Did I enjoy Pressure? Yes. Did I feel I had read a story that had a firm foundation of its universe set out for its readers? No. Likable characters and romantic relationships are engaging but within a story where we don’t have a complete picture of the world around them.

That’s a tad frustrating. Where did those solar wolves come from?

So if you’re a Burrell fan and have the answers, then I’m sure you will be picking up this book. All others make your own choices.

Lunar Wolves series (no mpreg):

✓ Pressure #1

◦ Tension #2

◦ Force #3

◦ Thrust #4

Scorched, a Lunar Wolves novel

Buy Link:

Pressure: Lunar Wolves Book One

Axe Landry needs a fake mate—fast.

Axe Landry is the disgraced heir of a defeated Alpha. He craves law, order, and stability, but he’s clinging to his position of Chief of the Lunar Council Enforcement Agency, the protectors of Crescent City, by a thread. If he doesn’t find a mate—a witch mate, at that—by the next full moon, he’s bound for a life of ridicule and isolation. And to Axe, that kind of humiliation is a fate worse than death.

Enter Caden Borealis—wild, reckless…and irresistible.

Caden hasn’t made much of his twenty-three years on earth. His dysfunctional family and traumatic past sent him on a five year bender, but when his grandpa gets sick, Caden knows he needs to take care of the only person who ever cared about him. Caden’s life is a mess, though, and he desperately needs money if he wants to save his grandpa’s life.

A deliciously indecent proposal.

When Caden first hears Axe’s proposal, he can’t believe Axe is serious. All he has to do is pretend to be Axe’s husband and Axe will give him half a million dollars? There has to be a catch. Sure, Axe is a little strict. And yeah, there’s a list of rules Caden has to follow. But he can play the obedient pretend husband for as long as it takes for his grandpa to get better.

Unless it’s all real…

When werewolves start to go missing in Crescent City, Caden realizes he might be in over his head. He’s never let himself rely on anyone before, but Axe—older, gorgeous, steady Axe—becomes his rock as he learns to navigate this newfound world of witches and werewolves. But as the lines between real and pretend blur, Caden can’t always remember that he’s only acting like he’s in love. He needs to keep his head in the game, but it might just be his heart that’s calling the shots now.

Pressure is the first book in the Lunar Wolves series. It is a paranormal gay romance with mystery, suspense, a stern and sexy wolf, and an impulsive twink who maybe should’ve actually read that contract—like Axe had instructed—before he signed it.

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