Review: The Elemental Keyes (Circle the Square Book 1) by Sam Burns

Rating: 5🌈

“I was about to die.

Even worse, maybe the world was better off for it.”

So begins our journey into The Elemental Keyes , the first of Sam Burns the absolutely outstanding, and emotionally gripping new two book series, Circle the Square.

A two person POV, which starts from one world, then begins a journey that the author will take her characters and readers on that just shy of brilliant.

There’s no way to go about describing the storylines except what relayed in the description. The world is about to end. We know because one of our narrator’s a seer, Blaze Keyes and he’s seen the world will end on his birthday.

Well, that of his and his twin brother, River’s. They are elemental mages as well as seers. River a fire mage and Blaze ironically a water mage. And it’s because of mages the world once succeeded, and it’s because of mages it’s now going to die.

The other wildly different perspective comes from a elf, Elethen Voransa, aka The Crow. A well known thief among his people, his entrance into the lives of the Keyes brothers is spectacular and shattering for all.

Burns does amazing things in bringing all the characters to life, along with the dire circumstances under which they are living and maneuvering through the obstacles that keep rising up around them.

There’s no way to prepare someone for the neat twists and surprises Burns has laid down for the readers here. Like silken traps threaded through the narrative, they snap shut with a well plotted zest, making this reader anticipate with great excitement and glee what the next and final book holds.

I’m highly impressed with The Elemental Keyes, it’s so imaginative, with great twists, wonderful characters, and a fantastic storyline.

April 13th, the date The Elemental Ruin is released, can’t get here soon enough.

Circle the Square- 2 books

✓ The Elemental Keyes Book 1

◦ The Elemental Ruin Book 2 – April 13, 2023

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The Elemental Keyes (Circle the Square Book 1)

Today is the day the world ends.

Fine, tomorrow is the day the world ends, but is that actually better? My name is Blaze Keyes, and I’m a seer. Since I was a kid, I’ve known that the world was going to end on my twenty-fifth birthday.

But the day before the apocalypse, the most unexpected guy falls into my lap—or maybe I’d like to fall into his. Elethen is tall, handsome, a type of mage that disappeared from earth a century ago . . . and an elf. Also, he says he fell through a portal from another world, and I sort of believe him.

If I can’t save earth, maybe I can at least get Elethen home safe. Or if we can get my infuriating brother to work with us, maybe we can save everyone on both of our worlds. Maybe the world dies tomorrow, but damn it, I’m not going out without a fight.

The Elemental Keyes is the first of two books featuring a deadly portal between two very different worlds, a confused elven Robin Hood, an unemployed mage trying to deal with the end of everything he knows, his snarky criminal brother, and a few surprises along the way. It will conclude on April 13th with book two, The Elemental Ruins

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