Review: Lost and Bound (Mismatched Mates Book 7) by Eliot Grayson

Rating: 4.5🌈

Lost and Bound has to be one of my favorites of this series so far. It’s got a horrifying beginning. We get dropped into a nightmare where a character previously thought dead is imprisoned, tortured, and experimented on.

Jared Armitage, a problematic character who’s caused no end of heartbreak and issues for his own family and pack is now close to dying. He’s cognizant that he’s made many wrong choices to get where he’s is but doesn’t want to die.

I like that Grayson’s creation of Jared reflects the fact that Jared’s made enormous mistakes and that he realizes exactly why he made them, the flaws in himself that made his betrayals possible. Jared is such a tortured , damaged soul but his acceptance of his guilt lays the way towards his forgiveness and acceptance.

Calder is a striking figure. From the first dark, fearsome impression of a starving monster to the being that we continue to see grow beyond our understanding, he’s such a formidable force. And my favorite.

Watching these two together, as they work through traumatic events, family disputes, and further emotional devastation, well, it’s gripping, sexy, and deeply satisfying.

More about these two please because I feel their story is far from over.

Arik and Matt, Ian and Nate make strong appearances here. But the book belongs to Jared and Calder.

I’m highly recommending it. The series too. Read them mostly in order . Skip First Blood. For many reasons.

Mismatched Mates:

The Alpha’s Warlock #1

Captive Mate #2

A Very Armitage Christmas #3

First Blood #4

The Alpha Experiment #5

Lost and Bound #6

Lost Touch #7

The Alpha Contract #8

Twice Bitten #9

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Lost and Bound (Mismatched Mates)


Kidnapped, imprisoned, and experimented on for two years, Jared Armitage has lost the will to live. When his captors give him to another prisoner, one who can and probably will take Jared’s life, he comes face to face with the most terrifying thing of all: hope.

Calder’s warlock captors meant to turn him into a monster, and they nearly succeeded. Starved, desperate, and filled with rage, Calder hasn’t cared about anyone in years. Until Jared. Together they have a chance at escape and Calder has someone to fight and kill for. To cherish. Someone he doesn’t want to hurt.

Life after captivity isn’t easy. Jared never wanted a mate like Calder, but he craves Calder’s intense attention, his ability to take Jared apart…and then put him back together again. Even if their mate bond is only temporary.

But Calder’s made a promise—one he’ll die before he breaks—never to hurt Jared or let him be hurt. Unexpected enemies are lurking, targeting Jared, Calder’s one weakness. Their intense bond—and maybe even love—are worth everything, and they’re both willing to fight for it…or die trying.

Lost and Bound contains dubcon and graphic violence. It also includes a monster who torments his mate by being too gentle, the werewolf who can’t stop craving him, and knotting—and a guaranteed HEA. The book has new main characters, but it is best read in series. This series does not contain mpreg.

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