Review: Ghostly Awakening (Ghostly Book 1) by E.M. Leya

Rating: 4🌈

There’s so many books written about paranormal characters that talk to ghosts along with a law enforcement element or partner that helps with solving mysteries/murders that’s it should be its own trope. It’s a marvelously creative framework. Over and over, by various authors, it’s been threaded, twisted and tweaked to fit their particular personal narrative takes on this theme to wonderful effect.

Such variety makes it a great thrill to explore new stories in the same lane by new authors when I run across them. Like this one.

Ghostly Awakening (Ghostly Book 1) by E.M. Leya is the first in her new series. It’s a slow burn, paranormal romance that involves murder mysteries and of course, a detective and a man, in this case, a assistant medical examiner, who talks to ghosts.

I enjoyed reading this story. The characters are interesting and layered, with good dialogue and the right balance of quirky family dynamics and vagueness of solid foundation that will allow them to grow in future stories. Unlike other books, these aren’t tragic, haunted men. Instead, both Angus, the detective, and Lance, the assistant ME, are people who have the normal reactions and emotions you’d expect from people in their professions and with their experiences.

Except Lance starts to see ghosts. It’s a new thing for him and I’ll leave that part of the story to the book.

The ghosts are great. Leya has created a foundation for them , religious based, and spiritually oriented. FYI I’m not a religious person so this isn’t a sticking issue for me. Heaven or another plain . You decide. I liked her ghosts a lot. Big personalities and small.

The murders, while gruesome, all have already occurred and happen off page. The mystery is solved through ghostly events and hard work.

The romance is molasses slow and the book ends and the relationship is getting started. Everything about this makes me want more. And I’m heading to the next book quickly.

I’m recommending this for all lovers of this genre and fans of the author.

Ghostly series:

✓ Ghostly Awakening #1

◦ Ghostly Findings #2

◦ Ghostly Envy #3

Buy Link:

Ghostly Awakening


As assistant medical examiner, Lance is used to seeing strange things, but when he suddenly starts seeing ghosts, he worries he’s losing his mind.

Angus grew up around the strange. With his mother able to see and speak to ghosts, he’s grown up knowing there are things most people can’t see or understand. When he accidentally catches Lance arguing with a ghost, he knows he has to step in before the man thinks he’s going crazy.

As Lance adjusts to his new ability, he also realizes seeing ghosts has its advantages. When several women are murdered in the area, it’s up to Lance and Angus to work with the ghosts of the victims to catch the killer.

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