Review: Ghostly Envy (Ghostly Book 3) by E.M. Leya

Rating: 4.5🌈

Ghostly Envy see big changes in the interpersonal relationships of some of the main characters of the Ghostly series.

Detective Angus Young reveals to Franks that he’s been getting his information from the ghosts of the victims of the crimes he and his partner have been investigating. It’s a huge deal because it could upset their friendship as well as their professional partnership.

It has the effect of bringing Franks more throughly into the inner circle, a mixed bag of real and ghostly found family members that’s been accumulating over each story. Angus’s ghost seeing mother, her ghost friends, his father, ME Lance, his ghostly friends like the hundred plus years Ray, Cele the celebrated cook, and more. This book will certainly bring new additions to the group.

It all starts innocently enough with Angus and Lance having talked Franks into looking at buying a house. It’s while house shopping that Franks becomes a part of his friend’s paranormal life and we meet a lovely poignant ghost.

Ghostly Envy might be my favorite to date. Not because it’s lacks the horrific crime scenes of the prior stories but because we get to know this ghost and her story so intimately. She makes a real impact on us, just as she does on Franks and the rest.

The crime, its resolution, even the criminal, it all makes sense, in a very sad human way.

On the paranormal side, we see that even ghosts, at least according to E.M. Leya, have a shot at love, albeit in a different aspect. That’s a delightful thought.

I absolutely enjoyed this story and the growth it demonstrates in terms of characters, relationships, and world building.

There’s another story coming, just no date as yet. I’m waiting with great anticipation!

Definitely recommending the Ghostly series for all lovers of the paranormal romance trope with the elements of mystery and murder thrown in.

Ghostly series:

✓ Ghostly Awakening #1

✓ Ghostly Findings #2

✓ Ghostly Envy #3

◦ Ghostly Claus #4 – TBD

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Ghostly Envy


The last thing Lance expected to find while helping Franks look for a new house was a ghost. Shelia just wanted to graduate and get on to college, but that never happened. The last thing she remembers is being at home on the couch, then waking up in a deep hole in the middle of nowhere. She wants answers. How did she get there and why?

Who wanted her dead?

Lance and Angus can’t ignore the plea for help and get to work, piecing together the evidence and talking to those who knew the victim. Nothing makes any sense. There is no reason this girl had to die. As they work the case, they also welcome a new member to the team, one who is fighting Angus for his side of Lance’s bed.

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