Review: Stealth (Operation Justice Force Book 5) by Reese Knightley

Rating: 4.25🌈

These books pick up pretty much where the events in the preceding stories left off. So if you’re looking to understand the characters, the relationships, even the agency itself, then you’ll need a prior history and knowledge coming into Stealth. Because, honestly, I couldn’t remember who was who and from where at times here. Too many overlapping series and books and too much time in between reading them.

That said, these two characters are among my favorites here. They have just started a relationship, and despite the difficulties of their circumstances, their chemistry is still outstanding, and they are in sync with each other in every way.

Knightley really brings us into their relationship and unique dynamic, the intrigue, the missions, and now with Seven, his tragic family situation and history. The author has a twofold plot ongoing. One that involves Seven looking into the murder of his younger sister and the disastrous home life his brother is forced into with his father. And an internal conspiracy that will involve multiple agencies and countless characters from crossover series.

Both are so complex and intriguing that I kept wishing for more narrative time spent on each element. But probably would have doubled the size of the book. Still I felt that with such complicated storylines also comes the expectations that an equally layered exposition would follow each thread to its conclusion. Instead I’m left with questions about each plot line and wondering if we’re going to get the answers in future books.

From the epilogue, it seems not. At least on Seven’s personal side.

I really wavered over the rating. I loved the main characters. They and their relationship is so well written. They balance each other out. However, weak points like Theo (very annoying, a one note character given too much page time), the suddenly appearing villain on Seven’s element, works against the good aspects of the story.

Overall, a hugely entertaining, and often enjoyable story, another in a terrific series.

If you have issues with overlapping characters, a multitude of characters, crossed paths with other series, then this might not be the best thing for you.

However, if you’re a fan of the author, her related series, and this series already, then it’s one I recommend. I love this couple and it’s great to see them get a HFN!

Operation Justice Force :

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✓ Stealth #5

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Stealth (Operation Justice Force Book 5)


Hunter –

Seven is hot as hell, possessive, and dangerous—his perfect match. Except Seven is not into long-term commitments. So, when the man is still in his bed one morning, Hunter thought they’d have a couple of perfect days together. Hunter wants to share about his past. Then again, maybe he shouldn’t say a word since his secrets could get both of them killed.

When Hunter’s past rears its ugly head, he is out of time.

Seven –

Hunter is sexy, lethal, and irresistible. Seven can’t decide which trait is more appealing. There’s something else, though—something dangerous simmers beneath Hunter’s surface that intrigued him and has brought him back for more. Seven can’t stay… he won’t commit until he finds his sister’s killer. He needs to take care of that before he can make promises. Best-laid plans don’t always work out and staking his claim can’t wait when assassins come gunning for Hunter. Seven will need to pull out every trick from his arsenal to stop them.

Because nobody is going to take Hunter from him.

-Shadows emerge from the darkness and hitmen suddenly have faces, and Seven is thrust into a world he knows nothing about. What the hell is going on…

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