Review: Dead Man’s Quill (The ABC’s of Spellcraft Book 4) by Jordan Castillo Price

Rating: 4.75🌈:

Finally, finally, Dixon and Yuri catch up to the missing Uncle Fonzo! In a story that will finish Uncle Fonzo’s arc and start the couple off on a new adventure, Dead Man’s Quill picks up where the last book ended, with a surprise phone call from Uncle Fonzo!

Dixon and Yuri have been in pursuit of Uncle Fonzo since they uncovered the events that led to Dixon’s failed exam, and their family’s poor financial situation. That it all started with Uncle Fonzo and his disappearance.

Since then they’ve been chasing him from town to town but never catching him. Now mysteriously, Uncle Fonzo wants to meet up.

Price gives Fonzo , Dixon, and Yuri a whopping great yarn of a tale here and it needs to be for all the themes involved. Fonzo has betrayed the Handed, he caused Dixon to fail his exam with all the damage that followed, no matter that he was tricked, he knew better. So there’s much to make amends for. And Dixon has never been able to admit exactly how angry he is at the one man who he has thought of as his father, and who betrayed him. He’s ignored those emotions and the thoughts behind them. And for Yuri, there’s a barrel of issues that Fonzo represents, a reason not to trust, a family member not to accept, and more.

All that wrapped up in a magical, somewhat darkish story of redemption, remuneration, and family. It’s a fabulous story, even better when you know how short it is.

Love those twins too. One slight thing, vulture feathers don’t a plume make. I should know. Straight and stiff as can be. Nothing plummy about them.

Other than that, perfect.

I’m highly recommending this and the series as far as I’ve read. It’s fantastic! Binge read for your pleasure!

The ABC’s of Spellcraft series:

✓ Quill Me Now #1

✓ Trouble in Taco Town #2

✓ Something Stinks at the Spa #3

✓ Dead Man’s Quill #4

◦ Last But Not Lease #5

◦ Don’t Rock The Boardwalk #6

◦ What The Frack? #7

◦ Present Tense: A Spellcraft Christmas short #8

◦ Brownie Points #9

◦ Forging Ahead #10

◦ Mayor May Not #11

◦ Bucket List #12

◦ Comic Sans #13

◦ It’s All Relative #14

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Dead Man’s Quill (The ABCs of Spellcraft Book 4)


It’s all fun and games until someone loses a hand.

Dixon has been dying to introduce Yuri to Uncle Fonzo, the Hand of his family, and now he’ll finally get that chance. All they need to do is meet him at a traveling carnival with an unused piece of Spellcraft.

Easy peasy, right?

Not even a little. And even worse, they might encounter a clown.

Uncle Fonzo has left a trail of magical destruction in his wake, but he claims he’s been helping people. Spellcrafters are a slippery bunch, and it’s hard to say if he’s stretching the truth or telling an outright lie. One thing’s for sure, he’s between a rock and a hard place now, and if he doesn’t deliver an outrageous ransom to Strange Manor by midnight, all deals are off.

From a lackluster carnival with a booby-trapped tour bus to the decrepit mausoleum behind an old mental asylum, the Spellcraft leads Dixon and Yuri on a goose chase that’s not only wild…but deadly.

The ABCs of Spellcraft is a series filled with bad jokes and good magic, where MM Romance meets Paranormal Cozy. A perky hero, a brooding love interest, and delightfully twisty-turny stories that never end up quite where you’d expect. The books are best read in order, so be sure to start at the beginning with Quill Me Now.

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