Review: A Hellhound Called Derek (Mated to a Human Book 1) by Michelle Frost

Rating: 3.75🌈

I’ve recently stumbled into several new short paranormal romance series, each by a different author. The authors are new discoveries as well. So a novella works so well to get a feel for their writing style and love for the subject matter.

A Hellhound Called Derek (Mated to a Human Book 1) by Michelle Frost is about 87 pages. Frost gives us a barebones framework for the universe, humans and paranormal beings are, for reasons political and social, given mates from each other’s species. Names plucked from folders, mated, and hopefully, a HEA.

We meet the three paranormal beings getting their mates sitting in a bureaucrat’s office, waiting for their names. Each will have books in the series. First up is Derek, Alpha Hellhound. The way in which he chooses his mate from the folder pile makes sense.

His human mate is adorable. Hollis runs along the lines of the cute, human in need of a protector character but he’s still engaging and earns our sympathy.

The storyline does a good job of building a relationship given it’s a short story. Same goes for the dramatic elements.

There’s a subplot with a human hate group that needs more foundation, more details to come in future books I’m sure.

But in 87 pages, we get a quick romance, terrific characters, and an ongoing dramatic arc. I enjoyed it. Very entertaining and looking forward to the other stories.

Pick them all up and read them in one fell swoop!

A definite recommend!

Mated To A Human series:

✓ A Hellhound Called Derek #1

◦ A Warlock Called Jacob #2

◦ A Vampire Called Leander #3

Buy Link:

A Hellhound Called Derek (Mated To The Human Book 1)

Touch his mate and you’ll wish for the fires of hell.

Alpha of the Hellhound enforcers, Derek doesn’t think he has time for a mate until the Paranormal Council of the city gives him one.

Hollis is smart, funny, vulnerable…human, and his police commissioner uncle has designs to use Hollis’s new mating for his own ends.

He’ll learn quickly not to mess with a hellhound’s mate.

A Hellhound Called Derek is the first in this fast-paced novella series where the paranormals are all deliciously protective of their humans…no matter what type of trouble they get into.

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