Review: Body by Mage (Supernatural Affairs #4) by F.N. Manning

Rating: 4.75🌈

This series has exponentially expanded its world building and arc themes with each new book. It’s dramatically improved over the previous stories while making the series consistent.

Body By Mage brings us a very familiar character to focus on. The ex small bit thief, recovering magical magpie of a minor mage, Rob Walters is back.

Snarky, sarcastic, well meaning but just can’t help it if trouble comes along, constantly chattering Rob, is off doing a favor when he runs into a mess.

That’s he’s trying to steal something for a good cause doesn’t help him. It’s in the sex club office of its owner, Orion Lennox. He’s an incubus who’s been looking for Rob. There’s been a slew of dead bodies and Rob has a hint , whether he’s knows or not, as to who’s behind it.

This meeting leads to a story of fantastic proportions. As well as an unexpected romance and so many twists, that I gobbled this story up and was ready for more.

Manning has written a tale that has so many storylines to grab your attention and make you think about all the various characters. The complex relationship dynamics, especially that of the incubus and mage, the balance of power, and other aspects of their lives are so strong that you forget at times the reason they met to begin with.

The dead bodies, the brutal backgrounds, and the monsters that are coming.

Manno G’s take on Hell is interesting and I’m sure will get more fleshed out when the finale is released.

But this story is completely complicated all on its own. It has a remarkable story, great characters, quite a few twists and revelations. And a cliffhanger too.

I actually enjoyed that.

Yes, I’m definitely recommending Body by Mage (Supernatural Affairs #4) by F.N. Manning . The series to date. But read them in the order they were written. Just marvelous!

Supernatural Affairs:

✓ The Werewolf’s Heart #1

✓ Shifter for Brains #2

✓ Crazy Like A Fox #3

✓ Body By Mage #4

◦ The Soul of An Angel #5 – September 24, 2023 series finale

Buy Link:

Body by Mage: Gay Urban Fantasy (Supernatural Affairs Book 4)


To stop a killer, a mage and an incubus need to get closer magically… and sexually. But their hearts are off limits. Right?

Crime doesn’t pay. Not for Rob Walters. Being a petty criminal has only given him lots of enemies and a dwindling supply of magic, so he’s trying to turn his life around. But when the mage nearly resorts to his old dirty tricks during a moment of weakness, a gorgeous incubus catches him and gives him an offer he can’t refuse… a job offer.

When a deadly sex demon starts draining people dry and dropping bodies, Orion Lennox will do anything to stop the rogue predator who gives their kind a bad name. He’ll even team up with a loud-mouth mage who drives him crazy. The incubus assumes keeping things professional will be easy, but the growing magical and sexual connection between them is hard to resist.

Catching this monster is Rob’s best chance to atone for his past mistakes and level up his magic. Learning what makes mysterious, unbelievably sexy Orion tick is a nice incentive too. But his previous encounter with the dangerous demon they’re hunting nearly destroyed him. Can Rob save the day and get the guy, or will the monster finish him off for good this time around?

Body by Mage is the fourth story in the Supernatural Affairs series of passionate M/M paranormal novels. Each book focuses on a new couple but reading in order is best for those who wish to avoid spoilers.

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