Into December and Our Holiday Stories. This Week at Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words


Into December and Our Holiday Stories

It’s officially December and our holiday stories, in all formats, are here for our reading and listening pleasure!    While some of us may have returned to our comfort reads this holiday season, there are plenty of wonderful new stories out there to add to your reading festive list!

One of mine this year has been Mr. Right Now by Annabeth Albert!  How I loved that sweet contemporary fake boyfriend story!  If you are in the mood for audio?  Try this one, especially if you are already a fan of RJ Scott’s Texas series.  I loved listening to Home for Christmas (Texas #9) by R.J. Scott  and Narrated by: Sean Crisden.  Barb, our Zany Old Lady, just loved Mr. Naughty List (Home for the Holidays #2) by Leta Blake while I just finished the wonderful No Place Like Home by Annabeth Jacobs (which I will review this week) and The Christmas Oaks (Laurel Holidays #1) by V.L. Locey.

Peter Cratchit’s Christmas Carol by Drew Marvin was recommended by two of our reviewers!  Not to be left out?

A Christmas Wedding by A E Ryecart
717 Miles Christmas by Sophia Soames
A Boyfriend For Christmas by Jay Northcote
Yuletide Treasure (Goddess-Blessed #3) by Eliot Grayson
Mr. Frosty Pants (Home for the Holidays #1) by Leta Blake and John Solo (Narrator)


Some of these stories we have reviewed already, some will be reviewed this week.  And there will be more to come.  What stories have you read or listened to that you have loved or enjoyed this holiday season?  Ones that have made your   annual  Holiday List?  Comment and let us know!


This Week at Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words

Sunday, December 1:

  • New Release Blitz with Excerpt for Starlight (Dark Space #3) by Lisa Henry
  • Into December and Our Holiday Stories. This Week at Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words

Monday, December 2:

  • Review Tour – Annabelle Jacobs – No Place Like Home
  • COVER REVEAL Rialto (Unbreakable Bonds #8) by Jocelynn Drake & Rinda Elliott
  • BLOG TOUR A Broken Winter by Kale Knight
  • A Lucy Review: Snowdrop in a Storm (Snow Globes #3) by Ava Kelly
  • A MelanieM Review : No Place Like Home by Annabelle Jacobs

Tuesday, December 3:

  • RELEASE BLITZ Stocking Stuffers, A Holiday Themed Romantic
  • Release Blitz – Eli Easton – Angels Sing
  • BLITZ Pattern for an Angel by CJane Elliott
  • An Alisa Review I’ve Got You (True-Blue #2) by Becca Seymour
  • A MelanieM Review: Boy Next Door (Hot Off the Ice #4) by A.E. Wasp

Wednesday, December 4 :

  • Release Blitz – Warrior’s Way by M.J. Calabrese
  • Release Blitz, for V.L. Locey – The Christmas Oaks
  • TOUR Becoming Us” by Becca Seymour
  • An Alisa Review Becoming Us (True-Blue #3) by Becca Seymour
  • A MelanieM Review: Boys of Summer (Hot Off the Ice #5) by A.E. Wasp

Thursday, December 5:

  • Release Blitz  – Awakening (Wild Oak, Book 1) by JJ Harper
  • Release Blitz – Waxing Poetic for Christmas by Mara Townsend
  • A Lila Review Peter Cratchit’s Christmas Carol by Drew Marvin
  • A Chaos Moondrawn Review: Honour by A.F. Henley
  • A MelanieM Review: Skater Boy (Hot Off the Ice #3) by A.E. Wasp

Friday, December 6:

  • Cover Reveal – What Works For Us by Colette Davison
  • Review Tour – Jay Northcote – A Boyfriend For Christmas
  • An Alisa Review Rules for Santa (Davey’s Rules #3) by Susan Hawke
  • A Stella Review : A Boyfriend For Christmas by Jay Northcote
  • A Melanie Review The Wolf and the Sparrow by  Isabelle Adler

Saturday, December 7:

  • Release Blitz Request – Red Popcorn Strings & Gumball Rings – Nell Iris


An Alisa Review: Nuttin’ But Trouble (College of United Monsters #4) by C.B. Archer


Rating:  3 stars out of 5

What happens when you’re a prankster for hire who exchanges jobs for cat themed rewards without ever questioning why you’re doing those jobs in the first place? Troubling stuff. Troubling stuff happens. Look, it isn’t a sex pun this time— but we took care of that with the actual title this time.

The once elite College of United Monsters (C.U.M.) is not only having financial troubles but is now suffering from missing student problems. In order to stay afloat, it has been forced to allow humans to register; but the problem is that they keep vanishing mysteriously. Humans, in a monster school? Well, not for much longer if this keeps up! Also, humans are getting kidnapped and that was probably a bigger danger to the school than needing to tighten up the budget.

Porter Giese was once a ridiculous human, before he died in a tragic Pilates accident. Now he roams the halls of the school as the ultimate get-things-done-ghost. Whose obsession with cats borders on Lycanthropy. Being invisible, it turns out, is quite a boon to an intrepid prankster. Another boon would be questioning the motives of your employers, but Porter still is sorely lacking in that department. But, honestly—with a name like Porter Giese were you really expecting someone that doesn’t accidentally sell out everyone they know for an all-knowing cat of pure malice? Okay, you probably were not expecting that one this time, but good on you for at least pretending you did for a minute there.

It serves you right for thinking that having a punny name and attending monster college was the only joke going around in this series.

I enjoy the writing style of this series and how out there everything is.  Though this one didn’t have the romantic side the others have, though Porter doesn’t have a shortage of partners or options.  I love how Porter was such a slut for any sort of cat paraphernalia.  It was funny to see Porter going back and forth between the plots but look forward to the combined protagonist plot that is hinted for the next book.

The cover art is cute and I liked the visual of Porter and Bastet.

Sales Links: Amazon | B&N

Book Details:

ebook, 61 pages

Published: September 5, 2019 by Deep Desires Press

Edition Language: English

Series: College of United Monsters #4

Scattered November Thoughts and This Week at Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words


Scattered November Thoughts

November is a month of many things…to many people.  Some are busy writing away as it’s still NaNoWriMo and those words and stories won’t write themselves as the deadline nears.   For those of us in the US and expats abroad its Thanksgiving next week so travel plans are being made, menus being planned, and for those well organized individuals, early holiday shopping lists coming into play for the sales that will be launched right after Thanksgiving is over and the turkey leftovers are handed out.

For us Hockey fans, we are enjoying our teams games, at home and on the road, Ditto for all you football fans.  Tis the season for our sports teams to go forth and rise and fall and for us to cheer them on regardless.  And because I wallow in my boys on the ice, I’m diving back into STRW hockey recommendations and those stories I missed the first time around.  One of those is the Hot Off The Ice series by A.E. Wasp, which I am enjoying immensely.  Look for my reviews of some of those stories starting this week.  I have also returned to one of my all time comfort series, NR Walker’s Red Dirt Heart stories, this time in audio format.  Oh my Joel Leslie has that Aussie accent down perfect!  And yes, more holiday stories are coming your way from all our reviewers here, including from Sophia Soames, a author on my must read list.

At any rate, things are hectic here, schedule are full, I have one small dog who has gotten very good at dodging her pills, and there is still so much to plan for as Thanksgiving looms large.  And yes, we saw our first glimpses of snow too.  Tis the season for so many things and it seems so little time to take it all in.

So it’s brief today…but here is our schedule for the coming week.  Lovely books ahead and great tours too.  Something for everyone.  Happy reading and listening.  Now I have some lists to make.

This Week at Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words

Sunday, November 17:

  • November Thoughts and This Week at Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words
  • A Stella Review: In This Bed of Snowflakes We Lie by Sophia Soames

Monday, November 18:

  • Review Tour – Across The Pond (Raptors #2) – RJ Scott & VL Locey
  • Release Blitz The Mysterious and Amazing Blue Billings by Lily Morton
  • A MelanieM Review : Across The Pond (Arizona Raptors #2) by RJ Scott & VL Locey
  • A Lucy Audio Review: Finders Keepers by N.R. Walker, Joel Leslie (Narrator)
  • An Alisa Review: Slow Birth (Heat of Love #2.5) by Leta Blake

Tuesday, November 19:

  • Release Blitz – A Christmas Wedding by A E Ryecart
  • A Stella Review The Desire for Dearborne by V.B. Kildaire
  • A MelanieM Audio Review: Red Dirt Heart 1 by NR Walker and Joel Leslie Narrator
  • A Free Dreamer Review: For Sam, times infinity by Suki Fleet
  • A Lucy Review: A Christmas Wedding: A snowy London love story (Rory & Jack #3) by A.E. Ryecart

Wednesday, November 20:

  • Review Tour – Nothing Special V – AE Via
  • A MelanieM Review: 717 miles Christmas Special by Sophia Soames
  • A Barb the Zany Old Lady Review: Mr. Naughty List (Home for the Holidays #2) by Leta Blake
  • A MelanieM Audio Review: Red Dirt Heart 2 by NR Walker and Joel Leslie Narrator
  • An Alisa Audio Review Nothing Special V (Nothing Special #5) by A.E. Via and Aiden Snow (Narrator)

Thursday, November 21:

  • Release Blitz Roxy’s Recovery by Kim Breyon
  • Release Blitz – Against All Odds (Eternal Soulmates, Book 2) by Elle W Silver
  • BLOG TOUR Soft Limits: A Deviations Novel by Jodi Payne
  • A MelanieM Review A New Empire (Fog City #3) by Layla Reyne
  • A Lucy Review Inn Love by Lucy Lennox

Friday, November 22:

  • COVER REVEAL Ablaze by Elvira Bell
  • Release Blitz – Promise (Single Dads #3) – RJ Scott
  • Release Blitz for Garrett Leigh – Hometown Christmas
  • A MelanieM Review: Country Boy (Hot Off the Ice #2) by A.E. Wasp
  • A Stella Review:  Twice Shy (A New Milton Novel) by  Sally Malcolm

Saturday, November 23:

  • A MelanieM Review: Boy Toys (Hot Off the Ice #2.5) by A.E. Wasp

A MelanieM Review: A History of Trouble (The Beacon Hill Sorcerer #3.5) by S.J. Himes


Rating: 4.5 stars out of 5

A Beacon Hill Sorcerer Collection

A collection of brand-new short stories, featuring characters from The Beacon Hill Sorcerer Series by bestselling author SJ Himes.

Red Wine and Blood
The Blood Wars raged for centuries across Boston. Witness a brief glimpse into the brutal history of the Wars with Ignacio Salvatore and the vampire he loves, Ashwin Metcalfe, in 1897.

A History of Trouble
Angel was joking when he asked O’Malley if someone resurrected a mammoth. Little did he know that was exactly what someone did. Experience the untold story of what happened that unfortunate night at the Boston Public Museum.

A Dragon in the City
What happens when Eroch goes adventuring in Beacon Hill without Angel? Chaos, pure chaos.

Fae’s Gold
Daniel is helping the newly-resurrected fae Ruairi Brennan become accustomed to modern-day living. A boring trip to the bank quickly escalates, and Daniel calls Angel for help. The day goes downhill from there but ends in a comfy meal in a pub for an ancient fae warrior and a necromancer’s apprentice.

This is a collection, featuring vignettes and short stories from the universe of The Beacon Hill Sorcerer series. For full enjoyment, the Beacon Hill Sorcerer Series Books 1 through 3 should be read before reading this collection.

Normally with a collection of short stories such as this one, you think that they might be snippets that cot ccut from the series stories or bits that danced in the author’s head but had no place to land until this collection (which may be the case).  Or nestled among a small dragon’s hoard of jewels, lies a clue to something that may, just may have a huge impact on the series arc as the saga continues.  And the author is giving us a hint.


Such are my thoughts about A History of Trouble (The Beacon Hill Sorcerer #3.5) by S.J. Himes.  A collection of short stories featuring the characters from the Beacon Hills Sorcerers series, a saga full of mages, vampires, mysteries, and yes, even a dragon I quickly have become addicted to.  I quickly read through all the stories, cataloging them and their references to any stories already released.  Some were cute, clever, informative, and always entertaining.  Eroch’s especially.  And each adds more details to the universe Himes is building.  But are those details important ones?

Didn’t necessarily seem so…not so in the mammoths case.

And then I got to one story.  Nope, not saying which.  I liked it, it added to the history and the characters were fully fleshed out and believable.  Again, I read on.

Love this collection…..then I read the next story in this series.

I’m looking at you, SJ Himes!!!!

I’m never taking anything for granted, not even a collection of short stories! lol.  Nor should any fan or reader of this series.

Yes, pick it up.  Read them all carefully.  Enjoy them.  And then be prepared to return to them in the future.  Just saying.

Cover art is moody and perfect! Love it.

Sales Links:  Amazon

Book Details:

Kindle Edition, 96 pages
Published February 25th 2019 by SJ Himes
Edition Language English

An Alisa Review Wishing and Hoping by Tinnean


Rating: 3 stars out of 5

Ioan Mic, the half-blood grandson of the vampyree king, is eagerly awaiting his eighteenth birthday, when he’ll finally be able to be with Daniel Small, the American vampyree he’s loved for the past four years. Although vampyrees are notoriously promiscuous, Ioan’s refused sex with all who offered — he’s willing to wait. But when Daniel arrives at the party, he’s accompanied by a wife, leaving Ioan devastated.

Shandor, a wolf shifter — he refuses to call himself a werewolf — loves the young duke, but years before, he was given the task of keeping Ioan safe, so he tucks his feelings away.

Ioan’s twin decides the two need a push and encourages them to enroll in an online dating service. Unbeknownst to either man, he sees to it their responses make them perfect for each other. Because anyone can see they are.

The problem is will Ioan and Shandor ever see that?

Alright, this was a nice story and I was glad that Ioan and Shandr were able to figure out who and what they needed.  There was A LOT of back stabbing and underhanded stuff going on and it just took away from the story for me, I can’t stand when things like that happen in books.  What I wish was that the story would have had some more to it and see Ioan and Shandor actually building a life together, not them mating and then it being over.

The cover art by Written Ink Designs is nice but I didn’t feel the visuals of the characters connect with what I saw in my head.

Sales Links: JMS Books | Amazon | B&N

Book Details:

ebook, 17,229 words

Published: September 25, 2019 by JMS Books

ISBN: 9781646560813

Edition Language: English

November Tidings and This Week at Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words




November Tidings and Things Unexpected


So you know how you set out to do one thing but life gets in the way?  That’s how my Saturday started.  I was all set to sit down, get organized, write my Sunday blog, etc but I noticed that my smallest of furkids breathing was laboured as she trucked around the house.  Granted that everyone and their brother had their leaf blowers out and had small hurricanes of moldy leaves flying everywhere but no, something was off…more than the usual small health thing she has.   So I sat looked, listened, debated.

But not very long.  Trusted my instincts because damnit I knew what those sounds were.

Off to the vets after a hurried phone call we went.

I love my vets, they fit us right in early, the waiting room wasn’t too bad that morning, surprisingly.  Wow, I thought…we got lucky.  Our name got called and into a room we went …where we waited…and waited and waited…and  you start to wonder what’s taking so long.

Then come the conversations from the inner hallway….about the emergency that had just come in….surgeries….major punctures…skull…

I’m telling you…right there…knowing that someone’s beloved pet was fighting for their life and someone was there waiting…waiting..waiting..hoping…

It changes everything.

My vet remained in surgery, another came in to take over routine calls and my girl has bronchitis..probably from the new (and never again) mobile groomer we tried out 2 weeks ago. She’s dosed up and will be fine.  It was a long day but my thoughts continually go back to that other room, that other owner, that other pet.  I so hope with all my heart the news was good …..all went home eventually.

You just never know what a day will bring.

So tonight I’m crawling into bed with my furkids, my favorite comfort reads and my softest socks.  And maybe some hot chocolate. Or wine.  Definitely wine.  The clouds have started arriving but all the snow has stayed north so far.

Snuggles are definitely in order.

I will get organized later on.  I promise.  Today?  It’s all about perspective and hugs.  Lots of those.  And thinking about how quickly things can change.



This Week at Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words

Sunday, November 10:

  • November Tidings and This Week at Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words

Monday, November 11:

  • Release Blitz Adore by Ella James
  • Release Blitz A New Empire (Fog City #3) by Layla Reyne
  • BLITZ Slashed and Mashed, Seven Gayly Subverted Stories by Andrew J. Peters
  • Blog Tour for The Shifter’s Shotgun Mating by Ardy Kelly
  • An Alisa Review Wishing and Hoping by Tinnean
  • An Alisa Review: The Shifter’s Shotgun Mating (Lone Wolves Ranch #2) by Ardy Kelly
  • A Chaos Moondrawn Review: Master of Obsidian by Jaime Craig

Tuesday, November 12:

  • RELEASE BLITZ Soft Limits: A Deviations Novel by Jodi Payne
  • Release Blitz Signal – Across The Pond (Raptors #2) – RJ Scott & VL Locey
  • BLITZ Pulse of My Heart by Jessi Noelle
  • A MelanieM Review: Mastering the Flames (The Beacon Hill Sorcerer #4) by SJ Himes
  • A Barb the Zany Old Lady Audio Review: Two Man Advantage (Point Shot #1) by V.L. Locey and Sean Crisden (Narrator)
  • A MelanieM Review: The King’s Honour by JL Merrow

Wednesday, November 13:

  • Review Tour – Sally Malcolm – Twice Shy (A New Milton Novel)
  • BLITZ The Sun Still Rises by Laura Bailo
  • BLITZ Holiday Gridlock by Gretchen Evans
  • A Lucy Review:  Twice Shy (A New Milton Novel) by Sally Malcolm
  • A MelanieM Review: Counter Culture by JL Merrow
  • A Chaos Moondrawn Review:Two Divided by Zero (Zero Rising #2) by Jackie Keswick

Thursday, November 14:

  • Release Blitz Unbreakable (a Heaven and Hell Club prequel) by Colette Davison
  • Release Blitz – In This Bed of Snowflakes We Lie by Sophia Soames
  • Mr. Right Now by Annabeth Albert Release Blitz,
  • A Stella Review:  In This Bed of Snowflakes We Lie by Sophia Soames
  • An Alisa Review  Înflori by A.F. Henley
  • A MelanieM Review Unbreakable (a Heaven and Hell Club prequel) by Colette Davison

Friday, November 15:

  • Release Blitz – Suki Fleet – For Sam, times infinity
  • Blog Tour Rules for Santa by Susan Hawke
  • A Stella Review Yuletide Treasure (Goddess-Blessed #3) by Eliot Grayson
  • A Melanie Review Marked Yours by Elizabeth Noble
  • A Free Dreamer Review: Earnest Ink by Alex Hall

Saturday, November 16:

  • A MelanieM Audio Review:Red Dirt Heart (Red Dirt #1) by N.R. Walker, and Joel Leslie (Narrator)

A MelanieM Review: The Necromancer’s Reckoning (The Beacon Hill Sorcerer #3) by S.J. Himes


Rating: 4.5 stars out of 5

Every action has consequences.

For a decade, Angel Salvatore has been the most powerful sorcerer and only necromancer in all the Northeast. Never one to ask permission nor apologies, he has acted with near impunity for years.

Until now.

The High Council of Sorcery has come to Boston, and Angel is their target. Charged with numerous violations of practitioner laws, his freedom and family are placed in jeopardy.

If found guilty, Angel’s apprentice Daniel will be imprisoned to serve out the remaining years of his apprenticeship. Isaac, his brother, is too vulnerable to be left unguarded, and Angel fears for his sanity and health. And Simeon, Elder vampire and Angel’s mate, refuses to see Angel convicted under the laws of the Council and his actions to keep Angel free threaten to start a war that could destroy their world. And Angel faces the severest of punishments—the castration of his gifts.

The Council has never cared for the people of Boston, and Angel doubts their motives. They have come for some insidious reason, and it has nothing to do with upholding the law and everything to do with Angel.

Dealing with an impending trial, a wayward ghost, and a graverobbing ring of thieves leaves Angel on the edge. He thinks he may have a handle on things until violence erupts across the city, and a stranger comes to town…a stranger with his own dark powers of necromancy.

As The Beacon Hill Sorcerer series heads into the third story, Himes continues to layer the overall series themes and arc, deepening the complex interpersonal relationships that have been developing through books 1 and 2, and now enlarges to pull in the Council of Sorcery , a worldwide organization that enforced certain magical rules and restrictions.   Here its Angel that’s the object of the Council’s intense focus.  It’s not a good one as they intend to obtain Angel’s power, by any means possible, including a trial.

The Necromancer’s Reckoning (The Beacon Hill Sorcerer #3) by S.J. Himes is a tremendous story, full of great relationships, an exciting plot, and new developments that, once again move the entire arc forward in an highly suspenseful and imaginative way.  Yes, that Council was plenty scary but Angel and crew was up to the task.

Or should I say family because as I mentioned in a previous review, Angel has been gathering a found family around himself and Isaac, his younger brother. It consists of Angel’s mate, Simeon, the vampire Elder (and those associated with him), Angel’s best friend Milly, Daniel and Rory (Angel’s apprentice and an ancient fae). And of course,Eroch, the dragon.    It’s hard to describe all the many relationships in play  here, all the various aspects to each relationship that makes each so different and interesting, and a story that reaches out and grabs you with the mystery and suspense that’s incredibly powerful and entertaining.

Even as Himes is setting us up for the next story in the series (which we need immediately) , we are still absorbed here in the present and the relationships and politics that created the mess that brought the Council to Boston and all the ensuing events.  Believe me, your mind will be full of people, romance, and thrilling possibilities for the future.

I love this series and can’t wait for all the next stories in the series.  It’s just a great saga and one that will continue and one I highly recommend.

Cover Art tells a part of the story and grabs your interest.  Great job.

Sales Links:  Amazon

Book Details:

Kindle Edition, 304 pages
Published May 28th 2018 by SJ Himes
Edition Language English
Series The Beacon Hill Sorcerer #3
setting Boston, Massachusetts (United States)

The Beacon Hill Sorcerer Series – Goodreads links

The Necromancer’s Dance

The Necromancer’s Dilemma

The Necromancer’s Reckoning

A History of Trouble

Mastering the Flames

Untitled – Daniel’s Tale coming in 2020

A MelanieM Review: The Necromancer’s Dilemma (The Beacon Hill Sorcerer #2) by S.J. Himes


Rating: 4.75 stars out of 5

Even love can die without trust.

Angel’s brother, Isaac, has returned home, and the pair begin to make slow and awkward attempts back to each other. Learning how to be a brother to a grown man instead of a parental figure has Angel adjusting his behaviors and habits, and Isaac still remains a mystery. Was it merely entering adulthood that turned Isaac away from an overprotective Angel, or does Isaac carry a secret that will keep them from finally being a real family?

Daniel Macavoy, Angel’s new apprentice, is torn between his bond with Angel and the grasping machinations of his father. Dealing with a traumatized apprentice with dangerous holes in his magical education, saving Daniel may be harder than Angel first thought—especially since the biggest problem is not revenge, but guilt.

The one shining beacon in his life is Simeon, Elder vampire of Boston’s only Bloodclan. Four hundred years old and sexy as sin, Simeon is warrior and sage, patient and cunning. The strength Angel draws from Simeon’s devotion and the newborn mate-bond between them is steadfast and true…and the fount of death magic that animates the undead lord places Angel in the midst of a power struggle for control over himself, his lover, and his family.

Through it all, Angel is beleaguered by the unwanted attention of a troll-hybrid, the adventures of a dragon in the city, and a serial killer has decided to hunt the back alleys and midnight streets of Boston.

One element I have always loved to find in my stories is the “found family”, a family cobbled together not of blood relatives (although some may be related) but by those of the heart and loyalty and friendship.  Connections made so strong that overtime those people and beings in that group have formed a tight-knit bond that is family. Such a “found family is starting to form here in The Necromancer’s Dilemma (The Beacon Hill Sorcerer #2) by S.J. Himes.  The basic foundation is the remnants of the powerful Salvatore family, two magical brothers, all that was left of the massacre of the last Blood War in Boston.  There was the necromancer Angel who brought about the end of the Blood Wars by a mighty spell that killed those who destroyed his family and all the assassin vampires and associated family.  And there was young traumatized Isaac Salvatore, the youngest brother who denied his magic and ran from his past.  Right into a bottle.

What incredible, believable and haunted characters.

What a foundation!

Attached to Angel, starting in The Necromancer’s Dance, is one of the Elders of the City, Vampire Simeon.  Simeon comes with his own family, including the complex Master of the City,  Constantine Batiste. who figures largely in every story and overall arc.  There’s Dame Mildred ‘Milly’ Fontaine, Angel’s best friend and fellow teacher of the magical arts (and formidable personage) and now we add Daniel Macavoy and of course Eroch, Angel’s familiar. Lord Cian Brennan, the fae will follow.  Slowly and surely a family is being built, relationships and bonds, found, ,  moved toward, strengthened and interwoven.  Honestly, each book is better than the last.

Here we have a continuation of Angel and Simeon’s relationship.  They continue to figure out who they are to each other, how the bond works, and more about the roles each plays within the city and the dynamics upon their own romance.  It’s fascinating as Angel has little patience for answers and little time with all the mysteries and murder needing his attention.  There is also Daniel who he considers family and needs his attention along with Isaac.

Himes builds the anguish and suspense up skillfully, there’s humor but then it’s on to the main story thread and plot points that have you up reading all night to get to the end.  And oh what an end.  Yes,a bit of a cliffhanger.  Luckily I had book 3,The Necromancer’s Reckoning already in hand, and just kept on going.  What a jaw-dropping series!  I couldn’t sleep my head was full of characters and thoughts and wth was Himes doing ! lol I love this series so!

If you love urban fantasy, mystery, romance, magic, even dragons and vampires, well, this is the series for you.  I love it and absolutely recommend this and all the stories which should be read in the order they were written.  Well written, amazing characters, outstanding plots, and over the top suspense and romance!  Don’t miss out!

Cover art is good and brands the series.  Just wish for something a little more magical.

Sales Links:  Amazon

Book Details:

ebook, 213 pages
Published July 1st 2016 by SJ Himes
Original TitleThe Necromancer’s Dilemma
Edition Language English
SeriesThe Beacon Hill Sorcerer #2
settingBoston, Massachusetts (United States)
Massachusetts (United States)

The Beacon Hill Sorcerer Series – Goodreads links

The Necromancer’s Dance

The Necromancer’s Dilemma

The Necromancer’s Reckoning

A History of Trouble

Mastering the Flames

Untitled – Daniel’s Tale coming in 2020

November is National Novel Writing Month 2019 (NaNoWriMo) . This Week at Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words


November is National Novel Writing Month 2019 (NaNoWriMo)


 Have you noticed that some of your favorite authors are a more than a bit frazzled today?  Have some been missing from their social media accounts or letting you know to expect not to hear from them for a while?  Well that’s because it’s that time again! National Novel Writing Month, also known as NaNoWriMo is a month-long creative writing challenge that takes place every November. During the month, participants from all over the world are challenged to write a 50,000 word first draft of a novel.

From the official site:

The rules are simple. Starting after midnight local time on November 1, writers begin drafting a new novel (or a fresh re-write of an old one). Planning and outlining beforehand are allowed and even encouraged, but continuing a current work-in-progress is not officially sanctioned by NaNoWriMo.

To win — or complete the challenge of writing a 50,000-word novel in 30 days— you’ll need to write an average of 1,667 words per day. Once you’ve hit the 50,000-word mark, you can upload your novel to the NaNoWriMo website to verify your word count. No prizes are awarded, though winners are given banners and certificates to display if they chose, and winner’s t-shirts are available for purchase in the store. And of course, you’ll have a brand-new draft of a novel, and the satisfaction of knowing that you rose to the challenge — in many ways, the biggest prize of all!

Do you have to be a professional writer to participate?  No!  Anyone who wants to join in can.  So, again from the official site, are some tips:

Why should you participate in National Novel Writing Month?

Maybe you’ve always wanted to write a novel but have never found the time. Maybe you’ve tried writing novels but have never managed to finish them. Maybe you’ve written novels before but are frustrated by how long it takes you. Maybe it just sounds like a crazy, exciting challenge.

Whatever your reasons, you won’t be alone. People come to NaNoWriMo from all writing backgrounds. But perhaps the biggest driving factors are:

  • It teaches you how to get your butt in the chair, turn off your inner editor, and get the work done.
  • It shows you that finding time to write a novel is possible, with the right commitment.
  • Because you’re writing so fast, you learn about craft quickly, and will almost certainly see improvement from the beginning of your novel to the end.
  • It takes something solitary and turns it into a social event.
  • It’s a great opportunity to join (and learn from) a community of writers who are all striving to create an uber-efficient writing routine.

And speaking of writing communities, one of the great things about NaNoWriMo is that thousands of other writers have been exactly where you are — and most of them are only too happy to offer their own pearls of wisdom about how to get through the challenge.

We’ve compiled 41 great tips from both authors and editors that we hope will provide an extra gust of wind at your back, as you take off towards NaNoWriMo2019.

Tips for winning NaNoWriMo 2019

What Should You Write About?

1. To win, you must LOVE the book you’re writing

“Write the book you love, not the one you think you should write,” says Nathan Bransford, author of the Jacob Wonderbar series. “If you’re creating something you aren’t head-over-heels in love with, you’ll peter out before page 50. Make something you’ll be proud of for a lifetime.”

2. Understand what people like to read

According to editor Tom Flood, you must “make sure you read contemporary publications in your genre and age target. As they say: write to the current market.”

If you’re unsure what your genre and target market are, check this post out.

3. Know your characters intimately

“Why do you want to write a really shit novel of an unsaleable length in a very short time?” asked Harry Bingham, the author of Talking to the Deadwhen we contacted him for a NaNoWriMo tip. “But if you must… make sure you know your characters. Know them intimately. Know them better than you know your husband, your wife, your child, or your best friend. Know them intimately, give them a challenge — then write like the wind.”

So everyone….happy writing, happy reading, and listening!  It’s November!  A very literary month…no matter your endeavors.

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A MelanieM Review: The Necromancer’s Dance (The Beacon Hill Sorcerer #1) by S.J. Himes


Rating: 4.5 stars out of 5

In a world where magic is real and evil walks amongst humanity, a young sorcerer is beset upon by enemies, both old and new. Angelus Salvatore is the only necromancer in all of Boston, and his name is whispered warily by the undead and fellow sorcerers alike. He and his brother Isaac are the lone survivors of an attack by an army of the undead, in which Angel used a spell so powerful it forever marked his place in history. Now, years later, Angel struggles to balance his career as a teacher of the higher magical arts, his role as big brother, and a tenuous relationship with an Elder vampire from the local clan. When his brother’s boyfriend is used as a pawn in a mysterious plot to draw Angel out, Angel is once again pulled back into the old hostilities that fueled the Blood Wars and led to his family’s death.

Leaning on others for help is something Angel cannot do, and while he searches for clues into who may be targeting him and his brother, Angel finds his heart steadily growing occupied with Simeon, Elder and vampire. Dealing with death magic and vampires on a daily basis may leave Angel jaded when it comes to life and staying that way, but the more time he spends fending off the ancient vampire’s attention and affections, the more he realizes he wants to give in.

Can Angel find out who wants him dead, and keep his heart safe in the process? How can he fall for a vampire, when his whole family was torn apart by an army of the undead?

Death stalks the streets of Boston’s historic Beacon Hill….and there is no one more suited to battle against death than a necromancer.

I have always liked this author and stumbled into this saga by accident when Himes announced the release of Mastering the Flames, which happens to be book 4 in the Beacon Hill Sorcerers series.  I loved the way that book sounded and clearly it wasn’t a standalone so back to the beginning I went.  I am so thrilled that I did.  I just adore this sort of urban fantasy romance and having all these stories to binge read through is my idea of a fabulous time.  Especially as they turned out to be extremely well written, full of memorable characters, heartstopping romances, and, frankly couples to die tor.  This series has it all and yes, more books to come.  I’m in heaven.

So starting with the first story in the series, The Necromancer’s Dance (The Beacon Hill Sorcerer #1) by S.J. Himes, the author immediately sets the  tone and atmosphere for the story and series with the introduction of Angelus “Angel” Salvatore, necromancer, and one of the last two surviving members of the powerful and magical Salvatore family.  Himes’s layering, of universe building and depth of characterization, is interwoven from the first paragraphs.  The Blood Wars, the massacre, the trauma that those events have left behind on both brothers and the city they live in….it resonates through the powerful scenes and situations here.

That includes our meeting the ancient vampire Elder Simeon, a great character who only gets better as the story and series progresses.  For me, it’s the author’s relationship dynamics that grab me.  Himes pulls me into each character and shows such depth of personality as each being interacts with the others around them, whether it be a soulmate like Simeon, the deeply troubled brother Isaac, the best friend Madame or a Master of the City Constantine Baptiste or even the various City Police that seems to be out to get the remaining Salvatore brothers.  The people spark, fight, feel, and breath (or not depending upon what exactly they are here) on these pages and I absolutely love it and them.

The plot, which will be built upon story by story, starts the overall series arc, and its terrific.  Full of suspense and action, my attention never wandered, not once.  There are multiple plot threads here and the author intertwines them perfectly, romance and mystery, temporary resolution and a jumping off spot for the next story.

If you are looking for a urban fantasy story and series, look no further than SJ Himes’ The Beacon Hill Sorcerer series and The Necromancer’s Dance (The Beacon Hill Sorcerer #1) .  Well written, great characters, wonderful plot….it was a story I couldn’t put down and quite frankly I binge read the series and am now waiting on the next release to come out.  I love this and all the rest.  I highly recommend it.  Check them out now!

Cover art shows a pretty good representation of Angel, although I would have loved a bit more of the magical element.

Sales Links:  Amazon

Book Details:

Kindle Edition, 284 pages
Published February 25th 2016 by SJ Himes
Original Title The Necromancer’s Dance
Edition Language English
Series The Beacon Hill Sorcerer #1
Characters  Angelus Salvatore
setting Boston, Massachusetts (United States)

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