A Barb the Zany Old Lady Review:Something Like Forever (Something Like #11) by Jay Bell


Rating: 5 stars out of 5

It’s a shame that there’s no way to squeak a higher rating than 5 in a 5-star rating system, but if there were, I’d give this story at least a 10.  It’s everything I’d hoped for and more.  I’m going to attempt to do this review without spoilers, so if some of the things I write seem vague, my advice is to run to your e-book reader and get this downloaded.  Immediately. 

Jay Bell gives us lots more of Ben and Tim. Who knew that this couple, with whom we’ve become very familiar over the course of the series, could still have many surprises for us and would continue to demonstrate a solid love and commitment to one another—one that would indeed last forever?  During this story, the men have had the wedding William and Jason gave them at the end of <i>Something Like Rain</i>, and they now react to the SCOTUS ruling on same sex marriage when it comes, and they ultimately find a way to hold their own private ceremony, sealing their love and commitment to forever.   

Have the tissues ready because we witness the death of Chinchilla, Ben’s faithful bulldog, and we face a life-threatening illness for one of our favorite couple.   We get to learn the outcome of Jason’s trip to Astoria to see William (<i>Something Like Rain</i>) since that ended on somewhat of a cliffhanger, and we have an opportunity to visit the clearing in Warrensburg where Jace spread Victor’s ashes and Ben, in turn, later spread Jace’s.  Ben has learned that Nathaniel is Victor’s son and has done his best to impart as much knowledge, gleaned from his time with Jace, as possible so that Nathaniel can learn a bit about the father he never knew.  To make it complete, he even takes him to that special clearing that he’s previously never shared with anyone so Nathaniel can connect with Victor.  It also gives Ben time to spend a few quiet moments of reflection with Jace. 

Throughout the story, though the principal couple is Ben and Tim, the author reinforces Ben’s love for Jace.  I love how he conveyed the spirit of Jace, in part through dreams and in part through memories, and I loved the way Tim always reiterated that Jace would be a part of their lives forever.  Tim is more than okay with that and is totally accepting of his role in Ben’s life.  It’s difficult for me to put this whole subplot into words, but suffice it to say, the author conveyed it beautifully. 

Speaking of Jace, he visits Ben’s dreams throughout the years—an interesting concept of how we can stay in touch with our loved ones who have passed on to heaven.  I enjoyed their time together in Ben’s dreams and recollections, and I especially liked the little hints Jace threw that later helped Ben resolve a problem—or find a missing cell phone. 🙂

Marcello is present front and center, and in the early part of the story, he’s convinced Tim to help set up a special museum for artists in Tokyo, where Tim meets Corey, a young man who had a crush on him in high school.  Missing Ben so much after six weeks apart takes a toll on his libido, <spoiler>but I’m happy to share that Tim remained faithful to Ben. Thank you, Jay Bell!</spoiler>

I really appreciated the epilogue, which is approximately fifty years in the future.  I not only enjoyed the follow-up on the characters still living and those who are now deceased, but I loved the twist the author gave to technology changes.  Imagine being able to have a health screening in the home through use of a device similar to a television.  Having witnessed a host of changes throughout my own life, I have no doubt this could easily happen. 

And last but not least, I must say that although I sobbed out loud at the ending of Ben and Tim’s tale, I have no regrets.  There’s joy in my heart from having known this beautiful couple and the author’s gentle handling, again with some humor, of the end of the story was absolutely perfect.  I can’t begin to recommend this series, and in particular this last book, highly enough.  It truly is outstanding!  Thank you for bringing this to us, Jay Bell.  You are exceptionally gifted. 

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Book Details:

Kindle Edition, 1 edition, 354 pages
Published December 13th 2017 by Jay Bell (first published December 5th 2017)
Original Title Something Like Forever
Edition Language English
Series Something Like #11

A Barb the Zany Old Lady Review: Lover (Survivor #2) by TM Smith


Rating: 4 stars out of 5

Shannon Dupree is a survivor. He managed to escape from a brutal relationship with an older man who first treated him like a special bauble and then beat him up every time Shannon did something he didn’t like. As the story opens in 2010, Shannon has just managed a successful escape and has made his way to Texas while hiding in fear of his life from his abuser.

The early chapters of the story move rather quickly through the years as the characters are introduced to readers and then get introduced to each other. Next to be introduced, in 2011, is Rory, an FBI agent who has been undercover for five years while trying to work on the Langford murder case. (Survivor) In 2013, the author establishes that Shannon and Taylor Langford have become friends and in fact later that year Taylor invests in Shannon’s new dance and yoga studio in Texas.

And then we meet Rand Davis, new to Dallas PD, and assigned to cold case files. In 2015, Shannon and Rory meet at a party and become friends and later lovers. And it’s not long after that when Rand and Rory meet and are assigned to cover a case together. To be honest, I’m not positive I have all the facts correct. There was a lot of backfill and there were two concurrent police issues: the first was the undercover coverage of the Langford family in the Texas area and the second was the discovery of a lead in the case of a judge’s missing grandson that leads Rory, and then Rand, to believe that there’s a serial killer loose in the Seattle area.

Fast forward to 2016 and the serial killer case is about to break. Apparently, not only are the victims blond and blue-eyed like Rory’s boyfriend, Shannon, but when Shannon spots a photo and finally tells Rory about his past abuse, the information he reveals may show a link between his case and the missing men. This causes the story action to escalate from that point until the final drama where all the storylines and characters merge and explosive action takes place. No spoilers here but I can say there’s definitely lots of excitement and I definitely didn’t want to put the book down.

However, after that action, the final chapters dragged by. These chapters told the story of the three men becoming more involved with one another and making a commitment to be a threesome. There were some brief but sketchy sex scenes, but I didn’t feel the love. And then, each time I turned what I thought would be the final page, I’d come to a new chapter in a different POV. To be honest, this last segment of the book could easily have been condensed since it didn’t add much substance to the story.

I liked all three men. Shannon was bright and cheerful most of the time, definitely the most effeminate of the three. Rory was sharp and dedicated, slender, tough, and thoughtful. Rand was older, bigger, sexy, and smart. Together they complemented each other in many ways and I was rooting for them to all get together so when it finally started to happen, after the other action drama ended, I was disappointed in the way their romance was told. Perhaps if there was more dialogue and less telling, or if the sex scenes were more explicit, it would have been more interesting. Sadly, most of the threesome’s sex scenes were done as two together with one observing, which I didn’t care for. To me, if one is going to have a “throuple” in love, one should have sex scenes that depict all three men having sex together.

I wouldn’t advise anyone to read this as a standalone. There is a lot of carryover from the first book—not just characters, but situations as well, so readers may miss an important connection if they start with this story.


The cover depicts a handsome young blond man sitting against a background of a collage of buildings and a police badge shaded in one area. Bright and colorful, I’m sure the blond is Shannon and I like the fact that it complements the cover of book one without being repetitive. It’s easy to link the two stories together.


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Book Details:

Published April 19th 2018 by TTC Publishing
Edition LanguageEnglish
SeriesSurvivor #2

A Barb the Zany Old Lady Review : Pretty in Pink (Housemates #6) by Jay Northcote


Rating: 4 stars out of 5

I totally enjoy this Housemates series—each book has had the underlying theme of college-age guys living together under one roof—but each book is totally unique.  In this case, the characters are new to the house so it can easily be read as a standalone. 

Johnny is effeminate—or at least he prefers to dress that way.  His long blond hair and the eyeliner he wears around his beautiful gray eyes are the first things Ryan notices when he spots him at the birthday party for one of his mates.  But Ryan is straight, or at least he had been, but maybe not so much, considering he finds Johnny so attractive.  And he especially loves Johnny’s rear view. 

After a quick encounter back at Johnny’s place, Ryan can’t wait to leave.  Embarrassed by his desire for this man, he’s left in a quandary—a quandary that gets worse when he runs into Johnny again on the street one day.  Yes, he looks away, and yes, he’s ashamed of himself.  But no fear, Jay Northcote brings them back together when Johnny moves into the house with Jez and Mac—the house next door to Ryan’s.  Admitting he’s enjoyed their time together and apologizing for his past snobby behavior, Ryan agrees to being friends with benefits—especially now that they are neighbors. 

But of course, it’s never that easy in a romance novel, and before either man knows it, their encounters are getting more frequent and they are growing closer.  Yet neither one verbalizes their changed feelings, so when Ryan misinterprets a message he sees on Johnny’s phone late one night, their relationship is off.   

None of the stories in this series brings earthshattering emotional drama, and yet each does have its emotional tug of war, angst, misunderstandings, and most of all happy and sexy reunions.  This one was similar, plus it had two of my favorite tropes—the guy who really isn’t straight and the guy who wears pretty underwear—manties.  Love them!  And Jay Northcote did an excellent job in bringing the characters to life.  Plus, for those of us who’ve read the series, we get the bonus of a revisit with the other guys in the house so we can see how far their new relationships have come. 

I very definitely recommend this one to all who like a nice MM romance with a bit of the culture of uni life in Great Britain thrown in. 


Cover art by Garrett Leigh is a photo of the nude upper body of a young man as he’s lying back in bed with his head thrown back.  Mostly black-and-white with pink tones surrounding the title, it’s okay, but I don’t think it fits the MC in this story and certainly doesn’t indicate any hint of pink, lacy underwear. 

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Book Details:

Kindle Edition, 1 edition, 211 pages
Published February 21st 2018 by Jaybird Press
Original TitlePretty in Pink
Edition LanguageEnglish
SeriesHousemates #6

A Barb the Zany Old Lady Review:A Kind of Home (A Kind of Stories #4) by Lane Hayes


Rating: 4 stars out of 5

Isaac is the only member of the band Spiral who doesn’t have a life partner, but Lane Hayes remedies that with this story. Isaac left home as a teen when his parents broke up and his (adoptive) father kicked him out for being gay. He was so done with Springville, his small PA hometown, and the only thing good he could say about it was the fun he had with his friend Ned McBride, Ned’s family, and Ned’s brother Adam. Though Adam was straight, Isaac always had a crush on the brawny football player with a sense of humor and a gorgeous smile.

When he returns home to his Manhattan penthouse after the latest worldwide tour of his phenomenally successful band, he’s surprised to find Adam McBride is there. Through Ned, he had given permission for Adam to crash at his place while Adam was recovering from his divorce and deciding what direction his life should take. Unfortunately, he worked for his ex-wife’s father so he lost the job along with the marriage and is currently working part-time at a bar and part-time as a dog walker. And he has no plans to leave soon.

Isaac has loved his sterile white apartment, its peace and quiet and solitude, but he grows accustomed to the happy-go-lucky Adam being there, leaving his big red Converse sneakers laying around, cooking meals for Isaac, and practicing his baking—something Adam took up as a relaxing hobby and now wants to pursue as a career. Much of the chaos keeps Isaac from worrying about the nutcase who seems to be stalking him—someone who refers to himself as his “biggest fan.” But the companionship turns to more after one night when the guys get a little tipsy and the inhibitions come down. Isaac learns that Adam is not as straight as he thought, and he learns exactly why Adam came to New York—and it wasn’t just to chill out after his divorce.

The men slowly, very slowly (something I love!) develop a relationship that goes beyond friends-with-benefits and becomes so much more. And when danger strikes, and Isaac’s emotions come to a head, it looks like the one-time loner may just be left alone after all.

I enjoyed Lane Hayes’s writing in this one, her character development, and the clever mystery about the psycho fan. I also loved the love story and the evolution of the friends to lovers theme.

I hope readers will enjoy this slow-burn romance as much as I did. The author’s reveal of the carefully hidden psycho and the oh-so-sweet ending of the book is sure to please lovers of MM romance as much as it did me. I recommend not only this book, but the whole series as well.

Cover art by Aaron Anderson is similar in style to others in the series, but in this one, a bare-torso male is leaning against the wall of what appears to be a penthouse apartment, as it features a floor-to-ceiling window with a view of the city spread out below. This fits the story perfectly since it could be Isaac looking out over NYC from his Manhattan penthouse.

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Book Details:

ebook, 224 pages
Published June 23rd 2017 by Dreamspinner Press
Original TitleA Kind of Home
Edition LanguageEnglish
SeriesA Kind of Stories #4

Barb the Zany Old Lady Review: The Teacher and the Soldier (Ellery Mountain #2) by RJ Scott


Rating: 4 stars out of 5

I really enjoyed this second story in the series that started with The Fireman and The Cop, the story of Finn and Mal, both of whom make an appearance in this one. Primarily featuring Finn’s friend, Daniel Skylar, whose mother owns half of the Ellery Mountain cabin property where most of the guys live, Daniel is stunned almost speechless when he comes face to face with Luke Fitzgerald, who has returned to town to settle his father’s estate. His father was the nasty drunk killed in the first book, and Luke, a victim of his father’s physical abuse through his teen years, has not been back since he ran away at age eighteen.

Now, he has to sign papers for the other half of the Ellery Mountain Cabins business so that he can put the property up for sale, get back out of town, and hopefully, never look back.

At first, his time is spent hiding in his hotel room. His panic disorder is running high and he’s extremely resentful toward townsfolk, principally Daniel’s mother, who failed to intervene when his dad was beating him during his high school years. But when he finally ventures out and manages to try to conduct a civil conversation with Daniel, he loses his temper and pops him in the jaw. Not one for physical violence, the former soldier recognizes signs of anxiety and refuses to engage. In fact, he takes the time to get to know Luke and helps him to calm.

Over the few weeks Luke is in town, although he still wants to leave when the paperwork is settled, he comes to know Daniel, Finn, Kieran, Max and others and finds himself hovering between staying and going. His relationship with Daniel has progressed from friend to friends-with-benefits and now it appears that it may be even more than that. When he gives up and decides to head out of town, will Daniel be able to stop him? Does he even want to?

This is a sweet romance with engaging characters and return visits with old friends. I liked both the story and the pace and both characters were really wonderful men who totally deserved to be happy together.

I’m looking forward to the next in the series when we finally get to see what happens with Kieran.


The attractive cover by Meredith Russell is similar to others in these new editions in that the background is an eye-catching sky blue with the lower pane featuring a panorama of the mountains and the upper pane featuring upper body shots of both MCs.

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Amazon UK: http://amzn.to/2pl6IX4

Book Details:

ebook, Second
Published May 10th 2017 by Love Lane Books Limited (first published April 22nd 2013)
SeriesEllery Mountain #2

A Barb the Zany Old Lady Review: The Fireman and the Cop by RJ Scott (Ellery Mountain #1) 2nd Edition


Rating: 4 stars out of 5

When Max Harrison arrives on scene at a raging fire at the police station in Ellery, though it’s only his second day on the job, he doesn’t hesitate to run into the burning building to rescue the cop who’s apparently trapped inside. He manages to get Finn Ryan out just before the building collapses and that’s likely only due to his size and strength as he was able to free Finn and then throw him over his shoulders to race ahead of the flames.

Though there’s an immediate attraction on both sides, Finn’s primary concern is in solving the arson crime, but then his brakes fail on his trusty pickup truck and the odds swing in favor of Finn being a target. Back in the hospital again, Finn refuses to believe he’s a target but he accepts Max’s help, and the two attempt to keep trying to build a relationship around their different schedules and busy lives.

But the man who wants Finn out of the way permanently is closer to Finn than he thinks and it looks like he might be successful the next time. Can Max get to Finn in time? Will Finn finally agree that Max might be in his life for more than a quick rescue and a quick night in bed? This story is fun and adventurous and lays the groundwork for future stories set in this small US town.

I recall reading the first edition of this story long ago. In fact, it may have been one of the first I ever read in the MM genre, and it led me to an appreciation of RJ Scott’s writing. Sometimes fluffy, always sweet, and often just the perfect touch to brighten a dreary day, this one is a delicious sample of how pleasant it can be to spend the afternoon with her heroes. Though it doesn’t have the depth of some of her longer novels, it certainly provides enough to fill my sweet tooth. And the best news is that it’s the first of a series so we’ll get to read the stories of Finn’s friends, Dylan and Kiernan, among others in the balance of the series. I’m looking forward to it. This one is definitely recommended.

The second edition features a new, bright blue cover by Meredith Russell. The lower pane is a panorama of the Ellery Mountain area and the upper pane features two very handsome rugged-looking men, one with dark hair, and one with light. It’s attractive and attention-getting and gives us a good idea of what the MCs look like.

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Amazon UK: http://amzn.to/2plna9D

Book Details:

ebook, second, 115 pages
Published May 10th 2017 by Love Lane Books (first published January 14th 2013)
SeriesEllery Mountain #1 settingEllery, Tennessee (United States)

A Barb the Zany Old Lady Review: For a Good Time, Call (Bluewater Bay) by Anne Tenino and EJ Russell


Rating: 4 stars out of 5

It took me a while to get into this story because the authors took their time building the characters, their interactions, their backgrounds, and finally their attraction. But when I look back over the hours I spent reading this, I realized I enjoyed it overall, and there were points in the story where I couldn’t wait to get back to it if I had to put it down while doing daily activities.

If you are looking for a sexy romp, stop here, and don’t purchase this one. But if you are looking for a new perspective on sexuality, romance, friendship, and love, by all means, keep going and pick this up.

Seth Larson is a good-time party boy and king of one-night stands. Not interested in anything other than a hookup for most of his life, he’s shocked when the quiet, sexy Nate Albano, 37-year-old Special Effects Technician for the Wolf’s Landing TV show, turns him down cold after leading him on. Or at least, Seth thinks Nate’s been leading him on. It takes him a while to find out that Nate is so sweet and innocent of the sexual innuendos most guys thrive on that he didn’t even realize Seth was coming on to him until it was too late. No wonder Seth was shocked when he was looking for sex but was turned down flat! And Nate’s pretty embarrassed by that experience because he liked the guy and just can’t figure out how he misunderstood him.

Seth lives with his grandmother in the stately old mansion on Russell Hill where town founder Finnimore Larson established his estate. His family has lived there for generations, and Seth is employed by his father and uncle as the caretaker and all-around handyman in exchange for rent in the little apartment above the garage. When his grandmother wants to sell the place and move to senior living with her friends, Seth is fully supportive but the others, including his mother, are opposed to selling the house. Since they’re in charge of the estate and are supposed to be making decisions to care for the elderly woman, they have control. And Seth is determined to help his grandmother win her freedom from their oversight. Lots of family turmoil surrounding this issue ensues, but it’s sprinkled with some great humor.

Nate enjoys his job, though because of his erratic behavior as a result of past emotional upheaval in his life, he’s lucky to have been hired, even with a recommendation from Levi Pritchard. Looking at it as a new lease on his career, he’s dedicated and focused, and he and his best friend have come up with great ideas and even better execution for special effects for the show. He’s still grieving the loss of his former partner, Jorge, who left him three years before for another man—more so because he’s only ever had two relationships in his life. He’s gray asexual, so for him the relationship spark must come first. Even after Seth’s blunder, though, he realizes he does feel that spark of attraction with Seth, and he starts to wonder if he’s going to be lucky enough to get a third.

Seems hard to believe, given Seth’s history and reputation, but after they make amends from their first meeting, it’s very definite that they are indeed attracted to one another. Seth goes through pains to keep from offending Nate—so much so, that Nate starts to doubt Seth is even interested.

Once the storyline is established, the story moves along more quickly, but be prepared for the slower start while the groundwork is being laid. The authors did a great job piquing my interest throughout the story. Added to the romance is a potential murder mystery for the guys to solve. When the apparent weapon from Seth’s great grandfather’s murder is found, they take a genealogical trek through the Larson family tree, work on special effects to garner interest in the sale of the mansion, and visit with a few characters from past stories. Add in a feisty old lady and an extremely lovable dog and this became a book I couldn’t put down.

It’s not one of those mysteries readers can’t figure out, but the relationship issues sprinkled among the murder mystery and the plans for the house sale all combine to make this a different take on the usual romance. And when the men finally, finally get their act together, it warmed my heart.

Fans of Bluewater Bay will surely recognize the past characters and various locations highlighted and I’m sure they’ll enjoy this book, but so will others who are looking for a nice MM romance with an atypical couple. And no fear—this can definitely be read as a standalone.

Cover art by L.C. Chase does both a great job with the characters yet connecting it to the series.

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Book Details:

ebook, 358 pages
Published April 10th 2017 by Riptide Publishing
Original TitleFor A Good Time, Call…
ISBN 1626495920 (ISBN13: 9781626495920)
Edition LanguageEnglish
Series Bluewater Bay #17

A Barb the Zany Old Lady Review: Personal Challenges (Personal #4) by K.C. Wells


Rating: 4 stars out of 5

This book is the culmination of the series which started with Making It Personal, the story of Will and Blake that served as the foundation for the characters and situations in the rest of the series. In book two we met Rick and Angelo, and in book three the focus was on Ed and Colin. I enjoyed most of the books, giving four stars to the early ones and five stars to book three. However, at least two years have gone by since I read that last book, and I have to be honest—the specifics of the characters and couples didn’t stick with me over the course of that time—understandable since I’ve read at least 500 more books since then.

That leads to my word of caution—this is not a standalone, and not only should you read the first three books before this one, but if it’s been awhile since you did, it would be in your best interest to reread, or at least review, the previous books before starting this one. I did not do that and my enjoyment of the early part of the book was compromised by my lack of recall. Of course, once I started to really get into the story, I did remember the situations in which the couples met and my enjoyment of this story increased exponentially.

Each couple in this series faces a personal challenge, or crisis, during this finale. For Will and Blake, it’s a medical problem with their newborn son, for Angelo and Rick, it’s simply a lot of interference from Angelo’s mother as she “helps” plan their wedding—for two years now—and it’s time to finalize everything. For Ed and Colin, it’s a voice from the past—Colin’s ex who contacts Colin to say goodbye as he’s dying and that leads to deep secrets being revealed and multiple heartstrings being pulled.

The story was interesting and I found myself looking forward to the next step in the process for each of the couples. At times humorous, most often serious, the author took the time to explore each couple’s issues in depth, and toward the end of the story it became highly emotional. And as luck would have it, I was in a waiting room surrounded by other people when I got to the last chapters. I had to furtively sneak a tissue out of my purse to wipe my eyes as I quietly sobbed through both the heartache and the heartwarming events as each couple came to closure in this story.

On a lighter note, aside from the main storyline, the author seems to have planted the seeds for a new couple to appear in a future book—Franco the ex-priest and Anthony, the wedding planner. I enjoyed their dynamic and would indeed like to see them get their own story.

So overall, yes, I recommend this to lovers of MM romance, and if you’ve enjoyed any of these couples’ stories in the past, by all means, pick this up.


Cover art by Meredith Russell depicts two men, both with bowed heads, one man with his arms around the other—a good symbol for the couples in the story without trying to depict any one individual couple. The sepia tones are fairly subdued and not necessarily attention-getting but the somber color scheme goes along with the seriousness of the issues the couples face.

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Book Details:

ebook, 250 pages
Published April 7th 2017 by Island Tales Press
Edition LanguageEnglish
SeriesPersonal #4

A Barb the Zany Old Lady Release Day Review: Disarming Donner (North Pole City Tales #5) by Charlie Cochet


Rating: 4 stars out of 5

disarming-donnerNumber 5 in the North Pole City Tales, Charlie Cochet brings us another very sweet story of elves, fairies, Jack Frost, and Rudy and his fellow Rein Dear.  Reading these stories is like reading an adult Christmas tale, complete with toy soldiers and sugar plum fairies. 

In this story, Cupid’s half-brother, Calder, is in North Pole City to train Cupid, now that it’s been revealed that he is part dark elf.  He needs to learn to control his magic, and Calder, a good elf at heart, is the most sensible choice. Calder is a big guy, handsome, dark-skinned, and attractive to the diminutive Donner, Cupid’s friend.  Donner, with his violet-colored eyes and sweet temperament unknowingly attracts Calder’s attention.  But Donner, like the others in NP City, wants nothing to do with a Dockalfar—a dark elf, and despite his attraction to Caldar, he keeps him at bay.  Until an accident happens that changes everything. 

Honestly?  These stories shouldn’t make any sense, and they shouldn’t be so darn cute or make me want to gobble them up faster than Christmas cookies, but they do.  Too sweet for some? Maybe. But I’ll bet once readers start this series, it will be very hard to put the books down. I know I’m sticking with it to the end of the series, and I recommend that others do the same.  Another super sweet stocking stuffer to share with my friends, this is my holiday auto-buy every year.

Cover art by the inimitable Paul Richmond depicts a shy Donner being courted by Calder with a sweet treat Donner won’t be able to resist—a perfect match for this story.

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Book Details:

ebook, 68 pages
Expected publication: December 21st 2016 by Dreamspinner Press
ISBN 1634778138 (ISBN13: 9781634778138)
Edition LanguageEnglish
SeriesNorth Pole City Tales #5

A Barb the Zany Old Lady Review: Sleeping ’til Sunrise (Mangrove Stories #5) by Mary Calmes


Rating: 4 stars out of 5

Sleeping Til SunriseNumber five in the Mangrove series, this story features sexy fire chief, Essien Dodd. Essien moved to Mangrove when he took the chief position so that his precocious daughter, fourteen-year-old Ivy, would have a safe environment in which to grow up. His ex-wife passed away from cancer during the past year, and he stayed with her and Ivy to care for them until the end. Now he has full custody, and he wants to provide the best home life possible for his little girl.

Essien is a caretaker—from his job, to his family responsibilities, to his friends and neighbors— if someone needs to be taken care of, it’s a sure bet Essien will find out and be there to help. He had divorced his wife when he knew he was gay and needed to come out, and he’s enjoyed his freedom as a gay man since then, but now that Ivy lives with him full time, he doesn’t pursue relationships or one-night-stands because he wants to be available for Ivy 24/7. Ivy, on the other hand, seems to want him to find someone, so much so, that she actively seeks gay men her dad might like. After the match with the school counselor fell through because he was much too young for Essien and because he refused to let his daughter set him up, he finally told her that if he ever finds a man it will be a man, not a young boy, and he’ll find him all by himself.

What he didn’t tell her is that he has his eye on the gorgeous Dr. Roark Hammond. And Roark seems attracted to him as well, but Roark has a secret, and it’s one that Roark feels will put any hope of a long-term relationship into the impossible-to-have category. Will Essien settle for being put off? Will Roark be able to allow Essien to be his caretaker? Will they sleep together ’til sunrise and wake to greet each new day with hope?

I really enjoy this series, and this one has one of the author’s trademark heroes in Essien—the nice guy who doesn’t realize how much others admire and like him and care about his happiness. Essien deserves to find his man, and the man in this story equally deserves a guy like Essien. There’s nothing about this story to dislike. It’s fairly short, a very light read, and a very sweet romance. Another great bedtime story for the holidays.

Cover Art by Reese Dante depicts a gorgeous black man, sans shirt, standing against a picturesque sunrise coming up over the Atlantic. It’s perfect for this story.

Sales Links:  Dreamspinner Press | All Romance (ARe) | Amazon | Buy It Here

Book Details:

ebook, 90 pages
Published December 16th 2015 by Dreamspinner Press
ISBN 1627984712 (ISBN13: 9781627984713)
Edition LanguageEnglish

Series Mangrove Stories with links to Barb the Zany Old Lady’s reviews: