A MelanieM Audio Review: The Spy’s Love Song (Stars from Peril #1) by Kim Fielding and Drew Bacca (Narrator)


Rating: 4.5 stars out of 5

For a singer and a spy, love might be mission impossible.

Jaxon Powers has what most only dream of. Fame. Fortune. Gold records and Grammy awards. Lavish hotel suites and an endless parade of eager bedmates. He’s adored all over the world—even in the remote, repressive country of Vasnytsia, where the tyrannical dictator is a big fan. The State Department hopes a performance might improve US relations with a dangerous enemy. But it means Jaxon’s going in alone… with one exception.

Secret agent Reid Stanfill has a covert agenda with global ramifications. Duty means everything to him, even when it involves protecting a jaded rock star. Jaxon and Reid’s mutual attraction is dangerous under Vasnytsia’s harsh laws—and matters get even worse when they’re trapped inside the borders. Romance will have to wait… assuming they make it out alive.

Once I got past of certain stage this story, I thoroughly enjoyed the audiobook of The Spy’s Love Song (Stars from Peril #1) by Kim Fielding as narrated by Drew Bacca. But it did take a bit of time and an admission that yes, this is a work of contemporary fiction, and no drop a certain expectation of reality here.

That started with someone of “rockstar/country star status” heading off   to an unstable communist dictator block associated country like Vasnytsia for a concert and he’s going by himself.  No members of his band, no handlers, no setup crew, no security, especially not his own security in this day and age, and only one person?  Uh no. Eye roll.

That  alone would raise suspicions as to the mission they were on. Can’t do spy missions with an entourage. So dump any idea of a certain authenticity here and just go with the flow.  It made it more enjoyable, at least for me.

Once past that notion, and a certain stumbling steps with the narration, the story took off once we landed in the country of Vasnytsia,  the combination of the peeling back of the layers of true  situation there politically and the slow build of the relationship between Reid and Jaxon was terrific.  I loved the contrast between worlds and the tension sexually and outwardly with the mission.

Then as everything goes haywire the suspense it out of this world and the novel becomes absolutely gripping.  I was totally invested in the characters, the wild ride of emotions and scary undercover mission they were on, and that ultimate moment was out of this world.  It more than made up for the shaky start in my opinion.  I was there with them all the way.

As for the HFN ending?  Sort of perfect because that was the only way I could see it for them.  Now I’m looking forward to more in this series.

As I said the narrator grew on me as did the story.  This is the first audio from Drew Bacca and I will look forward to more from him as well.  I thought he did a good him distinguishing different voices and getting into the story.

I definitely recommend it.

Cover Artist: Bree Archer. The cover really doesn’t do it for me, it’s in the brand style but otherwise eh.

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Audio Details:

Audiobook, 6 pages
Published February 28th 2019 by Dreamspinner Press (first published October 2nd 2018)
Edition LanguageEnglish
SeriesStars from Peril #1