An Ali Audiobook Review: Another Way (Another Way #1) by Anna Martin and Narrator Brad Langer


Rating: 3 stars out of 5

AnotherWayAUDSMOn the surface, Jesse Ross is an average guy in an average relationship with his college sweetheart, Adele. But what his girlfriend doesn’t know is that he’s having an affair—with a man—and exploring his sexuality in ways she never could imagine. His compartmentalized life suits Jesse just fine, and he has no intention of coming out of the closet either as a bisexual or as a submissive.

However, Jesse takes a tumble when his Master, Will, admits to wanting more, wanting Jesse as his partner, not just his submissive. Suddenly Jesse’s conveniently pieced-together life isn’t quite so comfortable. In the end, Jesse has to lay it all on the line—for his girlfriend, for his lover, and for himself.
This is a hard review to write.  I am reviewing two separate things in this.  There is the plot of the book which I liked and the narration which I loathed.  I’ve never had such a wide divide before.  If I was only rating the book I would rate it higher.  If I was only rating the narration I would rate it much lower.  I literally could not finish this on audio and ended up having to switch to ebook to keep from abandoning this book.  The narrator’s voices were really bad.  His idea of a BDSM Dom was this ridiculous, deep, alpha voice and then his sub would get all high pitched like some mock characterization of a woman.  The plot itself was a good portrayal of two men who start their relationship as only a Dom/sub but over time start to fall in love and then begin a romantic relationship.  This story was a refreshing change from the typical BDSM story in the m/m genre where one MC is broken or damaged and they are using the BDSM to “fix” him (which is a trope I hate).  I do recommend reading the story but I really don’t think you should try the audio version.
Cover art by Taria Reed is lovely and dark.

Book Details:

Narrator Brad Langer
Length 7 hours and 56 minutes
Published September 30th 2011 by Dreamspinner Press
Original TitleAnother Way
ISBN 1613721617 (ISBN13: 9781613721612)
Edition LanguageEnglish
SeriesAnother Way #1