An Ali Audiobook Review: The Necromancer’s Dilemma (The Beacon Hill Sorcerer #2) by S.J. Himes and Joel Leslie (Narrator)

 Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Even love can die without trust.

Angel’s brother, Isaac, has returned home, and the pair begin to make slow and awkward attempts back to each other. Learning how to be a brother to a grown man instead of a parental figure has Angel adjusting his behaviors and habits, and Isaac still remains a mystery. Was it merely entering adulthood that turned Isaac away from an overprotective Angel, or does Isaac carry a secret that will keep them from finally being a real family?
Daniel Macavoy, Angel’s new apprentice, is torn between his bond with Angel and the grasping machinations of his father. Dealing with a traumatized apprentice with dangerous holes in his magical education, saving Daniel may be harder than Angel first thought—especially since the biggest problem is not revenge, but guilt.
The one shining beacon in his life is Simeon, Elder vampire of Boston’s only Bloodclan. Four hundred years old and sexy as sin, Simeon is warrior and sage, patient and cunning. The strength Angel draws from Simeon’s devotion and the newborn mate-bond between them is steadfast and true…and the fount of death magic that animates the undead lord places Angel in the midst of a power struggle for control over himself, his lover, and his family. 
Through it all, Angel is beleaguered by the unwanted attention of a troll-hybrid, the adventures of a dragon in the city, and a serial killer has decided to hunt the back alleys and midnight streets of Boston.
This is the second book in this series and I found that I enjoyed this one even more than the first.  Angel and Simeon have an established relationship and we see it continue to grow during this story.  That was good for me because I found it to be a bit insta-love in book one.  I enjoyed watching them as they grow as a couple.
This book had an intricate plot that revolved around a series of murders Angel is looking in to.  It was fast paced and full of action.  I loved the world building and the setting the author created and I was entertained by all the different paranormal creatures in this.  (A favorite being the little dragon.)  Both Daniel and Isaac were in this and it appears we will be getting books on each of them down the road.
This audiobook was narrated by Joel Leslie and he also did book one.  I was glad to see the author used the same narrator so that the voices used were consistent. The narrator did a nice job on this and his voices for both Angel and Simeon are very distinct, as were the large cast of side characters.
The end of this left me really looking forward to the next book in the series.  If you enjoy paranormal/urban fantasy this is a series you should check out, although I do recommend you read the books in order.
Cover:  I like this cover a lot.  It fits well with the first book in the series and it does a great job of setting the vibe for the story.

Audiobook Details:

Audible Audio
Published July 21st 2017 by SJ Himes (first published July 1st 2016)
Edition LanguageEnglish
SeriesThe Beacon Hill Sorcerer #2