An Alisa Release Day Review: Somebody to Die For (Requiem Inc. #3) by Kris T. Bethke


Rating:  4 stars out of 5

Dying is easy. New love is terrifying.

Avery Wagner quit ghostwalking when he lost his beloved anchor to cancer. Now teaching others who have the ability, he’s beginning to live again—but he’s not looking for another lover, not now, maybe not ever.

But then he meets Jameson… younger, talented, dedicated, almost perfect, even though his mouth sometimes opens ahead of his brain. And Jameson wants Avery desperately, though he’ll settle for friendship if he can’t have more.

When an emergency demands they work together in the field, Avery discovers just how perfect Jameson is. But he had a perfect love once before, and he’s scared to even consider that he might have a chance at another. Can he trust Jameson with his newly healing heart?

This has been a great series and the author continues to deliver.  We met Avery in the first book when he helped Blake and Derek and we get to see him work through the loss of his bonded a few years before.  Jameson is still in training but looks forward to having a ghostwalker to take care of.

Avery hasn’t ghostwalked in years but he does when there is trouble and it puts Jameson in even closer proximity than their developing friendship has.  Jameson will do anything to take care of Avery and has the understanding he needs.

We get to see Avery and Jameson meet and boy do they get off on the wrong foot but Jameson wonderfully shows Avery he isn’t quite the jerk he came off as.  Avery is so fragile in some ways but finds the strength to go after what he wants and needs.  There are times he seems to jump ahead when he isn’t quite ready yet and I felt it just hurt Jameson when that happened.  Jameson is about the most understanding person alive that it didn’t seem reasonable.  I really liked the story but it seemed Avery and Jameson were on are far ends of the scale for their personalities.  I look forward to more books in this universe and hope that Tyler is the focus of the next book.

The cover art by Aaron Anderson is great and it’s similar in style to the others in the series and also gives a wonderful visual of Avery.

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Book Details:

ebook, 218 pages

Published: September 4, 2018 by Dreamspinner Press

ISBN-13: 978-1-64080-537-8

Edition Language: English

Series: Requiem Inc. #3, Dreamspun Beyond

An Alisa Review: Finding My Way Home (Doyle Global Securities #2 ) by Kendel Duncan


Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

“Have you ever been so lost that you couldn’t remember what home looked like, what it felt like?

So lost that home was a distant memory – a place that you never had hope of finding it again?

That’s how I felt, how I’d felt for years, for longer than I could remember.

Until I found you, Bas.

I just wish I could tell you that….

I’m coming. I’m coming for you, Bas. And I’m going to do my best to try….for you.”


For longer than he could remember Tenley ‘Ten’ Pinkerton had been lost. Wandering this earth with no hope, no soul, no heart, no purpose. The day the love of his life, Sawyer, had been brutally murdered was the day that everything beyond the basic elements of survival – like breathing and a beating heart – had been shut down.

Until him.

Sebastian ‘Bas’ Monroe

Fucking Bas Monroe

Somehow the man had wormed his way past Ten’s defenses, past the armor plates surrounding his heart, past the pain. Somehow he’d gotten inside.

Ten wasn’t really sure how he felt about that.

But the day that Bas went missing?

Ten knew that he would die if he that’s what it came to in order to find Bas, in order to save him.

The question that remained:

Was he going to be saving Bas Monroe? Or was he going to be saving himself?

This was another great story to continue this series.  The tension from Ten and Bas from the previous book in worked out while we get to meet another group of men, Liam, Trent and Aleksy, and get to see them maneuver a new relationship.  I also loved more of a look into Morgan’s background and can’t wait to read the next book when it comes out.

Bas being kidnapped helps to have Ten push away his doubts and fears.  They both had to get over their past hurt, Bas from Ten’s actions and Ten from Sawyer’s death, but come out on top.  I got to see their fears but also their hopes as they navigated a new relationship.  I am not a huge fan of jumping between couples but these two were the main focus so it was easier to connect with them especially with them being in the last book.

When Trent is helping to rescue Bas he feels an inexplicable pull towards Liam and Aleksy.  I loved seeing the connections these guys had and how much they cared for Liam’s daughter, but I’ve got to say for a 9 year old she acted and sounded much younger than I would expect.  We don’t see as much of these guys actually building their relationship, mostly just some points in between but I really loved seeing Liam get a second chance after everything that happened and for Liam and Trent to find the happiness they have wanted.

The cover art by Dara Nelson is nice and gives a small picture of Ten and Bas but follows the style of the last book too.

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Book Details:

ebook, 230 pages

Published: July 25, 2018 by Dare Press

Edition Language: English

Series: Doyle Global Securities #2

An Alisa Release Day Review: Who We Truly Are (Enhanced #2) by Victoria Sue


Rating:  5 stars out of 5


Talon’s deadly abilities are spiraling out of control. Desperate to keep Finn safe, Talon struggles to protect the man he loves with all his heart and not become the greatest risk to Finn’s life.


Finn has no choice but to offer himself as bait for the evil forces kidnapping enhanced children, facing danger he is untrained and unprepared for, and he will have to do it alone.


Does Talon have one last fight in him? Will he slay everyone who wants to destroy Finn and the team, or will he finally discover that to defeat their enemy and the ultimate threat, the biggest battle he has to face is one with himself?


This was another great addition to the Enhanced universe.  This story continues just a few weeks after the last book with Finn and Talon but also gives us the chance to get to know the others on the team better.  Finn continues to push Talon’s buttons, sometimes without meaning to, but Talon will have to accept what they really mean to each other before he can trust more.


Finn continues to work hard in order to show the others that he is worthy of working with them but keeps getting hit with roadblocks and new obstacles.  Talon will to anything and fights tooth and nail to keep Finn safe even if he thinks that he might be the biggest threat.    They both continue to try and work everything out even when everything around them is trying to tear them apart.


Talon doesn’t do as much of the push and pull as he did in the first story but he does enough to make Finn feel as if he needs to prove himself for his lover to respect him.  I could feel Finn’s helplessness when he is trying to do his job but Talon continues to argue for his safety and I could see how much Talon was trying to do the right thing even if it wasn’t what he really wanted.  I loved getting to see more of this universe and I can’t wait to see what happens with Gael now having a human partner in the next book.


Cover art by Paul Richmond is wonder and perfect for this story.


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Book Details:

ebook, 206 pages

Published: July 14, 2017 by Dreamspinner Press

ISBN-13: 9781635337723

Edition Language: English

Series: Enhanced #2

An Alisa Review: Devils Pride MC series by Jessie G.


✒︎Tricking Chase (#1) 5 out of 5 stars


As Sergeant At Arms for Devils Pride MC, Tyler “Trick” Malone’s take no prisoners reputation make him one of the most feared and respected members of the club. Unbeknownst to the MC, Trick indulges his most dangerous secret, traveling out of state twice a year to trade his cut for the whip he expertly wields at a gay dungeon.


Trick’s well organized life takes a turn when he saves bar back, and terrified submissive, Chase Ward in a Georgia dungeon. With his protector and dungeon owner dead, Chase is no longer safe in the place he once called home. With the new dungeon owners circling like sharks, he desperately begs for sanctuary in the arms of his savior.


A year later, the MC is still none the wiser that Trick’s houseboy is anything more than a grateful servant. Chase knows, if the club finds out their secret, they will kill Trick—the man he’s come to rely on for everything from the food he eats to the pleasure he feels to the security he craves. Even when gratitude turns to love, Chase never expects reciprocation from his ruthless Master. After all, the only way for them to survive is if Trick remains the heartless bastard the MC knows.


Trick is positive he has it under control and having Chase around has definitely made his life easier. There doesn’t seem to be any harm in letting Chase take a part-time job at Velvet Ropes, especially after meeting privately with the owners. That is until a bomb explodes at the club, leaving Chase fighting for his life and forcing Trick to face his long hidden feelings.


Even if Chase survives, that bomb has done more than rock the foundation of the popular leather club. It’s blown Trick and Chase’s well-guarded secret out of hiding, putting their lifestyle and their lives at risk. Now there is only one thing Trick needs to do before the club gets them and that’s to get revenge on the person who dared to hurt his precious boy.


Warning: Tricking Chase contains an established D/s relationship, hot guys on motorcycles, an undercover DEA agent named Snake and a few visits from fan favorite Sizzling Miami characters.


This was a wonderful story and the relationship between Ty and Chase is beautiful.  Ty saved Chase but has continually worried about his safety since Chase has come to live with him.  Chase loves his Master and will do everything he can to take care of him and provide a good home.  Chase will support Ty in anything he needs to do in order to help him find his sister that he has been trying to find for years.


We get to see both characters’ points of view in this story which allows us to understand what they are thinking and feeling.  Ty’s aversion to those f words (friends and family) is entertaining and even with this gruff exterior he is able to gain the friends and family he never thought he would be able to have in his life.  Chase’s devotion to Ty is wonderful and he has the most loving heart I have ever seen.  I loved how their relationship is based on BDSM however they have made it their own and don’t care how others think they should act.  While they were trying to solve the mystery of Ty’s sister and all the other stuff with the MC I loved that Ty and Chase’s relationship was the main focus of the story.


The cover art by Andrew Reyna is an eye catching picture of Ty with his bike, but the visual of Chase’s eyes is wonderful.


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Book Details:

ebook, 290 pages

Published: May 18, 2015 by Jessie G Books

Edition Language: English


✒︎Talk Dirty To Me (#2) – 4 out of 5 stars


As a secret agent for the DEA, Snake’s gone deep into Devils Pride MC with the hope of bringing down the head of Miami’s lucrative drug trade and finds himself saddled with the club’s volatile and secretive SA instead. Unfortunately, after years as partners doing shit neither of them wanted to do for reasons neither of them felt comfortable sharing, Snake considers Trick his best friend. Now he’ll do anything to repair the damage his own necessary lies did to their friendship because, while Trick may have walked away from the MC, Snake needs someone he trusts to have his back.


Meanwhile, Snake’s contact at the DEA has him tied up in knots. The sexy voice and inappropriate comments have him walking around with a permanent set of blue balls. Life undercover is lonely and he lives for every phone call, but his own personal Deep Throat is skittish about committing to a date once Snake returns to headquarters. As far as Snake’s concerned, they only have one shot to build something together and he’s not willing to waste it.


Greg knows he’s not Snake’s type, or anyone’s for that matter. Former love interests called him plain, chubby, and boring. More comfortable in his tech cave than with people, he’s a grade A nerd who isn’t exactly GQ material. Normally he would never be brave enough to flirt with anyone—much less the very hot and very dangerous ginger who’d been starring in his nightly fantasies—but Snake needed something to keep him from getting lost undercover. What started out as a helping hand quickly became an integral part of their relationship—if one could call a five year phone conversation a relationship—and Greg is terrified that once Snake’s sees the wizard behind the curtain, he’ll lose the only man he’s ever loved.


Now the DEA has called Snake home to plan the next stage of the mission, leaving Greg no more places to hide. When fantasy and reality collide, will it be everything Snake hopes for or everything Greg fears? The trick will be staying alive long enough to figure out the answer.


Authors Note: This book is NOT a standalone and should be read after Tricking Chase


This was a good story and I was glad to actually get to meet Greg who we only saw through phone calls in the first book.  Greg and Snake have been working together for five years but have never actually met face to face.  While Snake was undercover Greg was his only point of contact and their relationship slowly evolved to much more than that.  They have to get over their own fears and open themselves up for a real relationship.


We were able to see how both of these characters were feeling and their thoughts in this book which helped to stay connected to them.  Greg buries his fears and insecurities deep and it takes a lot for him to feel comfortable letting others really see the real him.  Snake has almost forgotten who he is beneath the biker he has been portraying for years but hopes that Greg will help him find it when they have finally gotten the bad guy.  While their connection was great most of the story was focused more on finally closing this case and I felt that it overshadowed their budding relationship.


The cover art by Andrew Reyna is great, giving a visual of Greg and follows the pattern for the series.


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Book Details:

ebook, 233 pages

Published: March 7, 2016 by Jessie G Books

Edition Language: English


✒︎Tys That Bind (#3) – 4.5 stars out of 5


Unprepared, ill-equipped, and with no example to look back on, Ty and Chase embarked on a journey to build a family for Ava and Luc that would far exceed anything they dreamed of for themselves. Two years later, they’ve succeeded beyond their wildest expectations, but there’s still a couple of things missing…and they’re ready to make them happen.


Bad boy biker Trick wouldn’t hesitate to fight for those he loves, but Ty knows it will take more than violence to win this war. Willfully submissive Chase has the utmost faith in his Master, but when he sees Ty struggling with demons from his past, it will be his quiet, unbending support that will see them through. Jumping through the loopholes of family court, they are only one event shy of making it all official and neither are willing to wait another second to check it off the list.


Clearing the path for adoption should reassure them, but it will take their cast of well-meaning friends and the occasional slap upside the head before they realize that the ties that bind them together are forged in a love that can never be taken away.


Authors Note: This book is a direct sequel to Tricking Chase and should not be read before it.


We are once again seeing Ty and Chase’s relationship blossom into something more.  They have been living as a family and raising Luc and Ava for years but Ty feels as though something isn’t right.  They both want to be connected to each other in every way possible.


Their relationship is just as strong as when we left them in Tricking Chase, even more so in some ways.  Ty has embraced his friends and extended family much more since then so he isn’t quite as gruff as before but still a little rough around the edges.  Chase is still as devoted to Ty but now also has the most wonderful family to take care of.  Once again they don’t let convention stand in their way and make their wedding their own in the most wonderful way and throw a huge party when they Luc and Ava are officially made theirs.


The cover art by Andrew Reyna is beautiful and I love how it gives a glimpse of the kids.


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Book Details:

ebook, 74 pages

Published: March 29, 2017 by Jessie G Books

Edition Language: English