An Alisa Review: Finding My Way Home (Doyle Global Securities #2 ) by Kendel Duncan

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

“Have you ever been so lost that you couldn’t remember what home looked like, what it felt like?

So lost that home was a distant memory – a place that you never had hope of finding it again?

That’s how I felt, how I’d felt for years, for longer than I could remember.

Until I found you, Bas.

I just wish I could tell you that….

I’m coming. I’m coming for you, Bas. And I’m going to do my best to try….for you.”


For longer than he could remember Tenley ‘Ten’ Pinkerton had been lost. Wandering this earth with no hope, no soul, no heart, no purpose. The day the love of his life, Sawyer, had been brutally murdered was the day that everything beyond the basic elements of survival – like breathing and a beating heart – had been shut down.

Until him.

Sebastian ‘Bas’ Monroe

Fucking Bas Monroe

Somehow the man had wormed his way past Ten’s defenses, past the armor plates surrounding his heart, past the pain. Somehow he’d gotten inside.

Ten wasn’t really sure how he felt about that.

But the day that Bas went missing?

Ten knew that he would die if he that’s what it came to in order to find Bas, in order to save him.

The question that remained:

Was he going to be saving Bas Monroe? Or was he going to be saving himself?

This was another great story to continue this series.  The tension from Ten and Bas from the previous book in worked out while we get to meet another group of men, Liam, Trent and Aleksy, and get to see them maneuver a new relationship.  I also loved more of a look into Morgan’s background and can’t wait to read the next book when it comes out.

Bas being kidnapped helps to have Ten push away his doubts and fears.  They both had to get over their past hurt, Bas from Ten’s actions and Ten from Sawyer’s death, but come out on top.  I got to see their fears but also their hopes as they navigated a new relationship.  I am not a huge fan of jumping between couples but these two were the main focus so it was easier to connect with them especially with them being in the last book.

When Trent is helping to rescue Bas he feels an inexplicable pull towards Liam and Aleksy.  I loved seeing the connections these guys had and how much they cared for Liam’s daughter, but I’ve got to say for a 9 year old she acted and sounded much younger than I would expect.  We don’t see as much of these guys actually building their relationship, mostly just some points in between but I really loved seeing Liam get a second chance after everything that happened and for Liam and Trent to find the happiness they have wanted.

The cover art by Dara Nelson is nice and gives a small picture of Ten and Bas but follows the style of the last book too.

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Book Details:

ebook, 230 pages

Published: July 25, 2018 by Dare Press

Edition Language: English

Series: Doyle Global Securities #2

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