A Lucy Review: Begging Ben (Love Letters #2) by Anyta Sunday


Rating: 4 stars out of 5

This is the second in the Love Letters series and picks up with Landon, the twin of River from book one.   In the first book we get a glimpse of Landon and his incredible unrequited pining for Chance, a basketball player he had a weeklong affair with and who then tossed Landon away.  Landon has spent his time moping, mourning, watching and attending Chance’s basketball games in an effort to win him back.  This has left his best friend and YouTube partner, Ben, out in the cold and unable to help him.  The book begins at a party in Las Vegas where we find out these two are no longer best friends.  Landon had messed up, big time, and Ben walked away.  Landon knows he is the cause.  “Ben had been right to distance himself from Landon.  Who wanted a best friend so infatuated with someone that they forgot who mattered?”   He wants his best friend back, though, the man who is nearly as close as his twin.  The problem is, Ben loves Landon and it’s putting him hell being near someone who doesn’t seem to care at all.

While Ben tries to avoid Landon at the party, Landon catches up with him and after much drinking they end up in that Las Vegas destination many have come to regret, the wedding chapel.  Where yes, they get married.  A little thing that Ben doesn’t remember but Landon does.  It was Landon’s idea and his whole reasoning about it was so honestly so stupid I wanted to smack him. “At the time it made brilliant sense; Ben could be actual family.  Marriage had been his drunken attempt to keep Ben from leaving his life again.”  Except Ben doesn’t know they are married and Landon wants him to stay as his friend, his brother; not as a husband.  Ben’s cousin, Chris, was a witness to the wedding but he gets some mind altering news while there and so he doesn’t mention it.

Ben says he is “Not in the right place to be friends yet” but Landon really doesn’t respect his wish for space.  Despite the fact that he wants his best friend back, he interferes with someone Ben is interested in and never tells Ben they got married.  Ben finds out from his mom, who accidentally saw a picture on Chris’ phone.  It’s a mess.  Ben’s mom loves Landon nearly as much as her son and they don’t want to disappoint her with a lie, so they agree to spend the week with her pretending to be real husbands and then fight and break up. Except Landon doesn’t follow the script.

They have a science YouTube channel with two million followers, Ben works at Silver Pines bookstore and they both have money to spare, but not having Ben in his life is killing Landon.  There were times I was so aggravated with Landon because of his actions.  He is so oblivious to what is right there.  And Ben is sometimes heartbreaking.  When Landon asks him what he really wants in a marriage, “I want to be his first choice.  Not a backup when the guy he really wants doesn’t want him back.”

There is back and forth with Landon trying to get his head out of his butt and figure things out while Ben tries to keep his heart safe. 

Secondary characters include Ash and River from book one and we also get Chris, now a new father and trying to cope with everything with the help of Ben’s mom and the guys. I loved Chris a lot.  There is Gabe, the barista Ben thought he might want to date, who is laid back and cool and hopefully gets a story as well.

Cover art follows the lines of Admiring Ash and is a single man set against a simple colored background.  I’m not sure if it is supposed to be Ben or Landon.

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Book Details:

Kindle Edition, 177 pages
Published July 29th 2018 by Anyta Sunday
Edition LanguageEnglish
SeriesLove Letters :- add to your GR here

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