An Aurora YA Review: Once Upon a Time in America (The Knight Cycle #5) by Michael J. Bowler


Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

With Lance leading the way, the Knights of the Round Table have set out to convince the American people that amending the Constitution to protect children is right and just and long overdue. As the team travels from state to state, they are met with acceptance, indifference, and even hostility. But Lance’s popularity and mystique as Once Upon A time IN America CoverThe Boy Who Came Back, coupled with his innate charm, gradually sway more and more of the populace, not to mention state legislators, to their cause.

The journey becomes a rite of passage that propels the young people into adulthood, and solidifies Lance’s status as an iconic and influential figure.

But he’s uneasy. He knows Arthur is hiding something from him, something that will bring him great sadness. After The Excalibur Incident in Las Vegas, Lance becomes more and more certain that the future is one he won’t like, despite his stunning success at winning over some of the most intractable states.

Then comes the attack, sudden and brutal.

Now the Round Table is in disarray, and Lance must confront a cold-blooded killer who’s luring him into an obvious trap. But if he refuses the challenge, more loved ones will die, and everything he’s fought for will die with them. Surrounded by the diverse young knights who have become his family, Lance sets out to battle his enemy with the knowledge deep in his heart that only one of them will survive. Is this the end of the Round Table?

The Knight Cycle concludes…

This whole series was really great and after reading this book, and seeing the whole story, it really made me like even the other books seem better than they were when I first read them. Everything in the books just seemed to have a really good arc. The series had a great plot, and the plots within each individual book were good in and of themselves. The arcs that the characters went through were really interesting, and I just had a good time reading the books.

I can also see why other teenagers and people my age would enjoy this whole series and this last book. The characters are charming and interesting, as well as being the type of characters that teenagers can easily relate to, and if you like fantasy mixed with contemporary, then you should absolutely read this series and I can almost guarantee that you’ll enjoy it. There’s good writing and a lot of heart behind these books, and the series is a really great one.

Cover art by artist Reese Dante: This is maybe my favorite cover art from the whole series. I feel like it flows really well together and shows the progression of the books, again, really, really well. And it’s absolutely beautiful. It would definitely make me pick up the book and even check out the rest of the series based just on that one cover.


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Book Details:

Paperback, 1, 320 pages
Published November 12th 2014 by Michael J. Bowler
ISBN 099087110X (ISBN13: 9780990871101)
edition languageEnglish
seriesThe Knight Cycle #5
other editions (1)

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