An Alisa Review: That Alien Feeling by Alessandra Hazard


Rating:  4 stars out of 5


Banished by his parents to the third planet in the Sol system, Prince Harht’ngh’chaali of the Second Grand Clan is completely fascinated by its inhabitants. Assuming the human name “Harry,” he tries to pass for a human to survive, but being human is so much harder than Harry expected. Humans are so confusing.


Adam Crawford isn’t looking for love. Financially secure and good-looking, he’s in a good place in his life. He doesn’t mean to fall in love with the quirky guy working at the coffee shop near his office. Harry is ridiculous—and ridiculously endearing. He wears ugly shirts and flowers in his hair, and he has a kind word for everyone. Adam falls hard and fast.


Little does he know that Harry isn’t what he seems and anything between them is impossible.


Star-crossed love between a human man and an alien prince from a world half a galaxy away.


I really enjoyed this book.  However I was a little ticked when I first started reading about Harry having a fiancé back on his planet.  Thankfully this all worked out and there isn’t any actual cheating but when I first started reading I was a little dismayed by this.


Harry is really innocent both on his home planet and on earth, adorably so.  He feels drawn to Adam from their first meeting and as their friendship grows so do his feelings.  Adam can’t help but be charmed by Harry and his quirks.  Their lives quickly intertwine even as Harry has to keep his life a secret.


This story is told from both of the characters’ points of view which allowed me to see both of their feelings and what they had to deal with when apart.  Harry can’t tell Adam the complete truth and it truly hurts him especially when he is taken away.  Adam is destroyed when Harry disappears not once but twice and isn’t quite so willing to allow Harry back right away.  There was a lot to overcome in this book to allow these two to really be together, but unfortunately it is done when they apart from each other so they aren’t really given much opportunity to work together on this.  I can’t wait to read about Ksar and Syen in the next book.


Cover art as adorable as Harry is in the story and I think it’s perfect.


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Book Details:

ebook, 196 pages

Published: May 30, 2017 by Alessandra Hazard

Edition Language: English

A BJ Review: Just a Bit Ruthless (Straight Boys #6) by Alessandra Hazard



Rating:  3.5 stars out of 5

Just A Bit RuthlessStockholm syndrome or Love?

When you want someone completely wrong for you…

Luke Whitford has always dreamed of meeting Mr. Right. A hopeless romantic at heart, he dreams of falling in love with a nice man, getting married, and having a bunch of adorable babies. The problem is, Luke has the propensity for being attracted to men who are anything but nice.

Roman Demidov, a homophobic, cynical billionaire who has a grudge against Luke’s father, is certainly not Mr. Right. Cold, manipulative, and ruthless, he’s not a nice man and he doesn’t pretend to be.

Luke is fully aware that Roman is all wrong for him. His attraction to the guy is just some sort of Stockholm syndrome; it must be. If life were a fairy tale, Roman would be the main villain, not the hero. But even villains can fall in love. Or can they?

The story of a boy who dreamed of Prince Charming and ended up falling for the Beast.

Can I start by saying up front that I absolutely love this series. It’s one of the few that when a new book comes out, I absolutely must read it right away. Like the first day if possible. I was especially looking forward to this book after the teaser leading into it at the end of book five. And enjoyed this story. I really did. But I was also disappointed for several reasons.

The set up for from the last book had seemed to promise something dark, and as I began to read I could see so much potential here to be that dark and angsty read I’d been hoping for–but it really didn’t go that way. In fact, it was rather fluffy and sweet. That disappointed me–I’d been looking forward to going a bit dark. Also disappointing was that it seemed to lack that raw, hot sexual tension that the series usually delivers for me.

I believe both are related to the way some key elements are glossed over and just “told” rather than actually being seen on page. For example, when Luke is first kidnapped, he is beaten and mistreated by Roman’s people… but we don’t get to see that. He simply tells us after. Why!? Living through that with him could have made the story so much more raw, visceral, and lent that hint of darkness that I’d been expecting, and thus longed for!

As for the characters, I liked Luke from the other stories, and enjoyed how he finally discovered who he was and became the person he’d suppressed. Roman was interesting and a good match to him. However, I felt like there could have been more development. For instance, Luke tells us he acts very submissive in order to pull Roman from dark moods, but I wanted to see that rather than have him tell me. And we are told repeatedly that Roman is a bad guy, but yet we are never really shown that by his actions (nor is it really explained in a concrete manner).

There are many sections in this story where I felt like I should have felt angst from the guys, but just didn’t.

Roman’s past hurt, the death of someone close to him at the hands of Luke’s father, is a driving force behind the plot since it’s the reason that he kidnapped Luke in the first place. Yet Roman’s angst over the event didn’t come through for me. And the revenge aspect itself is played down, which confused me being it was one of the MC’s motivating force.

Luke’s had suspected his Dad wasn’t all above board, but when he discovers some truths about what his father actually did, it just doesn’t seem to affect him much. That should be a bit of an angsty thing, right? To find out that your father has done some truly awful things? But that felt glossed over as well.

Even regarding the relationship, Roman had very little angst over his attraction to a guy even though it’s said that is not something he’d ever done or felt before and that in his country it is not very accepted.

We are given just a tiny taste of daddy kink from Luke, but it’s not developed beyond that one bite! Considering that Luke said he didn’t love his own father, I’d really liked to have explored that some.

So this story had the potential to be awesome. But I felt like all the stuff that was told but not fleshed out resulted in the relationship lacking the vital intensity of the others of the series.

I wanted more detail, more dark, more angst, more development of plot and character. Just overall more of every thing… except one. I could have done with less POVs. There are five (the two MC, plus three other brief step-ons). Each of these rather threw me, and I actually didn’t feel like they were necessary for the story.

Okay, so all that might make it sound like I didn’t enjoy the story, but as I said at the beginning of the review, I did really. It just had so much potential and I wanted MORE of so many things that it left me disappointed in the end.

There is another interesting set up for the next story, Dominick and his rescued homeless boy Sammy, which as usual I will be snapping up as soon as it comes out.

The cover is sexy as hell. Two thumbs up.

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Book Details: 208 pages

Published June 1, 2016 by Alessandra Hazard

A BJ Review: Just a Bit Confusing (Straight Guys #5) by Alessandra Hazard


Rating:  3.75 stars out of 5

Just a Bit ConfusingBest friends, inseparable since childhood, one in love with the other, the other straight and in love with a woman.

Stories like this don’t have a happy ending; James Grayson knows it. He puts on a smile, he laughs, he jokes, and he pretends he’s fine when Ryan kisses his girlfriend in front of him—until he can’t.

Except nothing is easy and letting go turns out to be much harder than one might think. Some bonds are too strong to be broken, even for a straight man. And sometimes love and desire can have different faces and layers.

A story of two men trying to function without each other and failing.

I’m not a huge contemporary reader, but this has been one of my fav contemporary series ever since the first book came out. I’ve devoured and enjoyed each and every one, some a bit more than others, but none that I’d hesitate for a second to highly recommend. When I began reading this story, I thought for about the first 25% or so that I may have ran into the first book I couldn’t so heartily recommend.

Why didn’t the beginning grab me, I keep asking myself. There seemed to be a lot more ‘telling’ in this than in prior books for one thing. Also there are some strange POV such as a section from a waitress who we never see again in the story. I realize it was to give an outside overview of the characters, but perhaps that could have been done using a character integral to the series like Luke or Zach maybe? Just a thought. A few of the scene jumps at the beginning confused me, and while I adored Tristan and Zach later in this book, when initially introduced, they didn’t seem like the guys I remembered much.

Once the story took off for me, it was as hot as I’ve come to expect from this author. Lots of UST. Revisiting with Zach and Tristan was fun, and I enjoyed how their relationship had progressed and how Tristan grew in this one. The exploration of the relationships between Tristan, James, and Arthur definitely lived up to my hopes for the story. And while I liked both of the main characters, I did tend to think Ryan was just too stupid for words at times. The way he could not let go thinking of James as a baby brother, despite that he was a friend who was just a month younger than him, seemed strange to me and got to be annoying. Which didn’t mean that I wasn’t chomping at the bit for him to finally wise up as, yeah, those two together had chemistry for sure.

By the end, I was completely and totally hooked back on this series. The set up for the next book, Luke’s story, is killer! I can hardly wait to read that one.

This cover is a bit hard to read (image-wise) at a smaller size and thus is not an immediate grabber. But sort of like the story, it grew on me.

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Book Details:  

Kindle Edition, 202 pages
Published December 16th 2015 by Alessandra Hazard
Edition LanguageEnglish

Series Straight Guys with links to BJ’s reviews:

Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words Author Discovery: BJ on Author Alessandra Hazard


authdiscorange copy

Author Spotlight: Alessandra Hazard

Alessandra Hazard is a relatively new self-published writer. Her well-written series centers on “Straight Guys” who discover or come to terms with their sexuality as adults and there is most often some trauma and angst along the way. If that’s not something that interests you in books, then this series may not be for you.

The series begins with a novella called Straight Boy in which handsome young straight guy Sage finds himself in prison for a DUI and attracting a lot of attention from the other inmates. Fearing that he may not survive his one-year sentence alive, he accepts an offer of protection from his cellmate, Xavier. The price for that protection is his body. I love prison stories and this was an excellent one, so the author had me roped in right from the start.

She followed that first novella up with four additional novels (so far) all of which spin off with characters in a prior book. I’ve read all of her books in the series to date and not a single one has disappointed me yet! In fact, every single book has been consistently enjoyable—between four and five stars for me. There are very few series that I purchase the next book within a few days of it coming out, but this is one of those.

So what do I enjoy about them? Let’s see. All of them are well-written, well-edited and have excellent pacing. Plus they are smoking, sizzling hot. Building up sexual tension that’s off the charts seems to be this author’s forte! And heck yeah, that’s one of things that draws me to this series so much. It’s absolutely delicious.

Hazard can even make me enjoy things I’m normally not a big fan of. For instance, book two, Just a Bit Obsessed, featured some threesome action. I wasn’t sure how much I’d enjoy the m/f/m element, but it almost immediately morphed m/m/f. And once Pandora’s box was opened for Alexander, things really heated up.

Hazard has given us age, racial, social diversity; she’d give us spoiled brats, sports stars, codependency, grouches, hurt/comfort, snarkiness, enemies-to-lovers, and lots more in this series. But in ever single book she makes me feel the characters connection, makes me feel that they belong together, makes me root for them even when I’m annoyed with them.

The latest in the series, Just a Bit Wrong, even adds in a bit of BDSM twist with some sexy hot spanking action going on. The seeds that were planted in that book for book five have me chomping at the bit for the next installment!

I’m also eager to see where this author might venture once she finishes up this series, because I’ll definitely be check it out. Ms. Hazard has made me a fan.

Author Media Links:

Goodreads Author Page:

Series Review Links:
Straight Boy (Straight Guys #.05)
Just a Bit Twisted (Straight Guys #1)
Just a Bit Obsessed (Straight Guys #2)
Just a Bit Unhealthy (Straight Guys #3)
Just a Bit Wrong (Straight Guys #4)


Straight Boy coverJust A Bit Wrong Coverjust a bit twisted coverJust a Bit Obsessed Cover


A BJ Review: Just a Bit Wrong (Straight Boys #4) by Alessandra Hazard


Rating:  4.5 stars out of 5

Just A Bit Wrong CoverZach Hardaway is one of the best physiotherapists in Europe. Tristan DuVal is a young soccer star with a groin injury and adopted brother to Gabriel from book three of the series.

Zach and Tristan despise each other from the moment they meet. As far as Zach is concerned, Tristan is a rich, spoiled brat who is too used to getting his own way. As far as Tristan is concerned, Zach is a bossy, presumptuous jerk.

Tristan hates Zach. He does. The problem is, he also wants to shove Zach against the nearest wall and climb him like a tree.

Zach is in an open relationship with a woman, but they are engaged to be married and plan to become monogamous once they tie the knot. He’s straight. Except that he can’t seem to keep his mind or hands off his infuriating new patient.

This well-written series hasn’t disappointed me yet! This is actually book five, if you count Straight Boy (book 0.5) and I have thoroughly enjoyed each and every one of them. The series deals with straight guys who discover and come to terms with their sexuality a bit later, usually with some bits of trauma along the way.

Like Gabriel in the past book, Tristan Duval’s one messed up guy. I must admit that I abhorred him in book three. While Gabriel was a bit co-dependent and obsessive/possessive of Jared, Tristan is the opposite. He never has relationships, just sex. And it’s all tied up with defense mechanisms he created to deal with rejection and loss in his early childhood. He is a brat, but despite that it didn’t take too long for the author to dispel my former dislike once she let’s us inside the façade he’s created, and I was soon rooting for Tristan to find happiness.

Due to their combined hectic, traveling lifestyles, Zach and his longtime friend/lover Donna have been in an open relationship, but having decided it’s time to start a family they’ve made plans to tie the know and the wedding invitations have been sent. He gives in his desire for Tristan just to get it out of his system before the wedding… except that once he starts, he cannot stop coming back for more.

This installment of the series adds in a bit of BDSM twist with some spanking action. Tristan and Gabe together are hot! Yes, folks… like the rest of the series, this book is sexy (hate me/take me) and angsty. Tristan and Zach both fought their feelings and budding relationship tooth and nail, which resulted in some funny and sweet moments.

Enjoyable ending in which Tristan began to open up but has not truly yet changed. I would love to have seen a bit more development between him and Gabe’s relationship, but perhaps in the next book. The seeds that were planted for book five have me chomping at the bit and hoping to see Tristan and Gabe both continue in their growth and maturing. There certainly seems to be the set up for it, and I hope we will get to find out very soon.

Cover was changed from the time I purchased it. Originally a white background showing a guy with bright aqua eyes, now a darker cover in which the eyes color doesn’t show. I preferred the first actually.

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Book Details:

ebook, 203 pages
Published September 15th 2015 (first published September 14th 2015)

A BJ Review: Just a Bit Unhealthy (Straight Guys, #3) by Alessandra Hazard


Rating:  5 stars out of 5

When the line between “need” and “want” gets blurred… 

SONY DSCGabriel DuVal, rising soccer star.

Jared Sheldon, team physician.

To the outside world, they’re just good friends. But the truth is, Gabriel isn’t entirely sure what they are to each other.

Some call their relationship unhealthy. Some call it codependency. Gabriel calls it confusing. He knows Jared wants him – as more than a friend. He doesn’t want Jared. He’s straight, he has a girlfriend, and he loves her. But Jared is… Jared is more. Jared is his. He needs him – his touch and his strength.

But is it enough for Jared?


Gabriel DuVal is a soccer star and Jared Sheldon the team physician who pulled him up from hell after an accident that threatened to end his career. Jared loves Gabriel, has for a long time. He tries to hide it because Gabriel is straight and has a girlfriend. Jared secretly knows exactly how Jared feels for him. Knows he should let him go, but can’t. Codependency? Maybe. When Jared discovers that Gabriel knows and quits the team, Gabriel is devastated. He makes a deal to get him back. A very unhealthy deal.

The latest in the GFY “Straight Boy” series is not a light-hearted, sweet romance… it’s just as the title implies, quite more than a bit unhealthy. Watching Gabriel struggle with wanting Jared, thinking of him as his and yet not thinking he physically wants him the way he knows Jared wants him was a fun ride. Both of these guys are rather shitty to each other at time and to others as well, so I can see why some folks might dislike them both. Despite that, I felt their connection, felt they belonged together, and thus I thoroughly enjoyed this!

This well-written series centers on “Straight Guys” who discover or come to terms with their sexuality a bit later and usually not without some trauma along the way. If that’s not what you are interested in reading, then this series may not be for you.

Cover was a bit different from the others in the series, not a matched set so to speak, but it works well enough for the story.

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Book Details:

Kindle Edition, 193 pages
Published March 26th 2015 by Alessandra Hazard
edition languageEnglish
seriesStraight Guys #3

Publisher’s warning: This is not a light-hearted story; this is a rather twisted gay-for-you story. It contains some steamy MM scenes, explicit language, and two people so wrapped up in each other that the nature of their relationship goes beyond friendship–and beyond normal.

Straight Guys Series:


A BJ Review: Straight Boy (Straight Guys 0.5) by Alessandra Hazard


Rating:  5 stars out of 5

Straight Boy coverYoung, blond and handsome, Sage attracts unwanted attention in prison. When his cellmate offers him protection, Sage accepts the offer, even though he doesn’t trust the guy. Little does he know how much it will change his life.

When he’s released from prison, Sage finds himself needing and wanting things he shouldn’t want. Sage is straight. He really is. He has a girlfriend. What happened in prison stayed in prison–or so Sage tells himself.

Until he meets his former cellmate again. Xavier. The guy he hates and craves.

This short novelette contains explicit language and very steamy M/M sex. For mature audiences only. ~12,500 words

Handsome young Sage finds himself in prison for a DUI and attracting a lot of attention from the other inmates. Fearing whether he’ll survive his one-year sentence alive, he accepts an offer of protection from his cellmate, Xavier. The price for that protection is his body. Although Sage tells himself he’s straight and just doing it to get by, but he finds out things about himself he didn’t know. When he’s released from prison, he finds himself unable to control his body from wanting what he had in prison, or his mind from thinking of Xavier.

But Sage tried to pick his life up again, to focus on his girlfriend, firmly telling himself he’s straight, that nothing’s changed. Until he meets Xavier, the man he hates and craves, again on the outside.

I have a bit of a thing for prison stories, so I enjoyed the hell out of this short. It’s well-written, excellent pacing, and all kinds of hot. The sexual tension buildup is off the charts and smoking. This is one on my re-read shelf for times that I want something short and scorching.

I’d love an expansion of this story that tells more background on Xavier, I really would, because I loved him. A little of it comes out a sequel, but it wasn’t nearly enough. My one tiny niggle with this book is the name Sage. It sounds so feminine to me no matter how I keep telling myself it’s unisex. But that’s minor. I thoroughly enjoyed this.

The cover is erotic and fitting for the book.

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Book Details:

48 pages
Published October 10th 2014 by Alessandra Hazard

A BJ Review: Just a Bit Obsessed (Straight Guys #2) by Alessandra Hazard

  • Rating:  4 stars out of 5

Just a Bit Obsessed CoverAlexander Sheldon is a control freak who believes in monogamy. When his girlfriend invites another guy for a threesome, a guy who pushes all his buttons in a negative way, he’s none too pleased. But something unexpected starts to happen when Alex begins to touch Christian. He begins to want Christian more than his girlfriend.

Mila was excellent as the pushy girlfriend who opened a Pandora’s box that she found it impossible to close. Loved the fun, flirty, confident Christian in the first book and again here. Enjoyed watching Alexander, normally a cool customer, faced with such sexual and emotional frustration because he was so determined that he was straight.

I’m normally not a big fan of threesomes, so I wasn’t sure how much I’d enjoy the m/f/m (which quickly becomes m/m/f) in one of my m/m romances. However, I was pleased to see that the author toned down the m/f action enough that it worked okay for me. I actually found the believability in this scenario was higher than in the previous book of the series. Really brought to fore the inherent dangers that a threesome can bring.

The sexual tension, which seems to be this author’s forte and which is probably what draws me to this series so much, was absolutely delicious. I enjoyed the ending well enough I guess except that I would have liked a complete sex scene with only the two guys. That’s my main quibble.

Cover model is handsome but having it tilted like that is a bit unsettling to my eyes so I’m not a huge fan of the cover.

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Book Details:
162 pages
Published December 5th 2014 by Alessandra Hazard

Straight Guys series:

  • Straight Boy (Straight Guys #0.5)
  • Just a Bit Twisted (Straight Guys, #1)
  • Just a Bit Obsessed (Straight Guys #2)
  • Just a Bit Unhealthy (Straight Guys, #3)
  • Just a Bit Wrong (Straight Guys #4) – not yet released.

A BJ Review: Just a Bit Twisted (Straight Guys #1) by Alessandra Hazard


Rating:  4.5 stars out of 5

just a bit twisted coverProfessor Derek Rutledge is hated and feared by all of his students. Strict, reserved and ruthless, he doesn’t tolerate mistakes and has little patience for his students.

Shawn Wyatt is a twenty-year-old struggling to provide for his younger sisters after the death of their parents. On the verge of losing his scholarship, Shawn becomes desperate enough to go to Professor Rutledge.

Everyone says Rutledge doesn’t have a heart. Everyone says he’s a ruthless bastard. Shawn finds out that everyone is right.

He strikes a deal with Rutledge, but unexpectedly, the deal turns into something so much more.

Something all-consuming and addictive.

Something neither of them wants

Shawn Wyatt’s attending college on a scholarship that he’s about to lose if his grades don’t improve. Losing his scholarship will jeopardize not only his future, but that of the younger sister he’s caring for after his parent’s death. In desperation, he turns to the most feared and hated professor on the campus to plead his case. A strict and uncompromising authoritarian, Professor Derek Rutledge offers no wiggle room to students when it comes to grades and goofing off. That is, until Shawn wiggles right in under his defenses. When Rutledge makes Shawn a deal he cannot refuse, it isn’t long before it turns into something far more complex.

This author excels at creating heat and sexual tension. A steamy hot, well-written and enjoyable read. While I didn’t love like the characters in this story as much as those in the first of the series (Straight Boy #.5), I did feel they were nuanced and interesting.

It took a bit of reading between the lines before I came to grudgingly accept Professor Rutledge and his arrogant surliness. And I say accept because I never did grow to like him exactly. I wanted him to show me the chinks in his closed-off armor, but he never really did. The tiny glimmers of what lay under his surly surface weren’t quite enough. I’d have liked more. Shawn and the twins were great. And a highlight of the story for me was scenes where Xavier and Sage from the first book stepped in. Love those two. I’m also quite intrigued by Shawn’s quirky friend Christian who will take center stage in the next book of the series. 

While I found the relationship development between Derek and Shawn a bit hard to swallow (especially how it began), I was quite willing to overlook that in the whole scheme of the story because… well, it was hot as hell.

It all just somehow fits. Just a bit twisted, and just a whole hella hot.

Cover Artist ? When I first looked at the cover, I found it quite unappealing. But looking back at it AFTER reading the book, I’m totally on board with it, because that scowling cover model rather embodies the surly Professor Rutledge. It fits.

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Book Details:

ebook, 160 pages
Published December 4th 2014 by Alessandra Hazard
edition languageEnglish
seriesStraight Guys #1