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Author Spotlight: Alessandra Hazard

Alessandra Hazard is a relatively new self-published writer. Her well-written series centers on “Straight Guys” who discover or come to terms with their sexuality as adults and there is most often some trauma and angst along the way. If that’s not something that interests you in books, then this series may not be for you.

The series begins with a novella called Straight Boy in which handsome young straight guy Sage finds himself in prison for a DUI and attracting a lot of attention from the other inmates. Fearing that he may not survive his one-year sentence alive, he accepts an offer of protection from his cellmate, Xavier. The price for that protection is his body. I love prison stories and this was an excellent one, so the author had me roped in right from the start.

She followed that first novella up with four additional novels (so far) all of which spin off with characters in a prior book. I’ve read all of her books in the series to date and not a single one has disappointed me yet! In fact, every single book has been consistently enjoyable—between four and five stars for me. There are very few series that I purchase the next book within a few days of it coming out, but this is one of those.

So what do I enjoy about them? Let’s see. All of them are well-written, well-edited and have excellent pacing. Plus they are smoking, sizzling hot. Building up sexual tension that’s off the charts seems to be this author’s forte! And heck yeah, that’s one of things that draws me to this series so much. It’s absolutely delicious.

Hazard can even make me enjoy things I’m normally not a big fan of. For instance, book two, Just a Bit Obsessed, featured some threesome action. I wasn’t sure how much I’d enjoy the m/f/m element, but it almost immediately morphed m/m/f. And once Pandora’s box was opened for Alexander, things really heated up.

Hazard has given us age, racial, social diversity; she’d give us spoiled brats, sports stars, codependency, grouches, hurt/comfort, snarkiness, enemies-to-lovers, and lots more in this series. But in ever single book she makes me feel the characters connection, makes me feel that they belong together, makes me root for them even when I’m annoyed with them.

The latest in the series, Just a Bit Wrong, even adds in a bit of BDSM twist with some sexy hot spanking action going on. The seeds that were planted in that book for book five have me chomping at the bit for the next installment!

I’m also eager to see where this author might venture once she finishes up this series, because I’ll definitely be check it out. Ms. Hazard has made me a fan.

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