A Paul B Review: Kissed by Nemesis (Kissed by an Immortal, #2) by Andi Anderson


Rating: 4 out of 5 stars  ★★★★

Kissed by Nemesis coverJared McHughes must choose between the god he just met and the wayward brother whom Jared thinks can redeem himself. His choice will affect the afterlives of all three men.

Men whom have been slighted by his twin brother are holding Jared McHughes captive. They want his brother to pay for taking their stash of drugs without paying for them. Jared knows that his time is getting short as they are beating him regularly and refusing to give him anything to eat or drink. The only thing that is keeping Jared halfway going is the figure in the corner who appears to be watching things transpire.

Nemesis is the god of vengeance. His duty is to judge humans and send them to their just reward after they have died. Lately though, he has been thinking about the relationship his brother Thanatos, the Grim Reaper, has just started. He too would like to develop such a relationship. He begins to admire what the man he is watching is putting up with. He is also shocked when said man starts to talk to him, begging him to release him from the situation he is currently in.

Nemesis explains to Jared that he is merely there as an observer and cannot interfere with the situation. When Thanatos and his mate Gregory come for Jared after he is shot, Nemesis asks the pair for some time to so that he can see what type of relationship he can build with Jared. Seeing as how Nemesis helped the pair out when they first started out, they agree.

As Jared and Nemesis spend time together, Jared realizes that it will be Nemesis’s duty to judge his brother Carey for the things he has done. He asks the god to give Carey time to straighten himself out and that he is only doing things because of the drugs. This puts Nemesis in a bind. Does he do his job and condemn Carey’s eternal soul or give in to his boyfriend and thus condemn his own? How will each man live with the circumstances of Nemesis’s decision?

I enjoyed this second book in Ms. Anderson’s Kissed by an Immortal series. We meet more of Thanatos and Nemesis’s family in this book, which I thought was missing in the first book. Again, most of the gods featured are second-generation Greek gods who are not usually the focus of many stories, besides maybe Cupid/Eros. I thought the way that Jared was torn between the two men in his life was well written and you could feel his way of thinking begin to change. Nemesis of course makes assumptions for the human, which almost cost them both in the end. I am glad that this series has resumed after a break.

The cover art by Latrisha Waters shows two shirtless men, one pressed against the other. Nemesis’s long hair is on display. It is a decent cover for the book, but nothing extraordinary.

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Book Details

Ebook, 130 pages
Edition: English
Published: September 15, 2015 by Extasy Books
ISBN: 978-1-4874-0440-6
Series: Kissed by an Immortal

Kissed by Death (Kissed by an Immortal #1)
Kissed by Nemesis (Kissed by an Immortal #2)

A Paul B Review: Yummy Indulgences (Men of Charlestown #2) by Andi Anderson


Rating:  4 out 5 stars

Yummy Indulgences coverWhen Allen (AJ) Gardner is talked into sampling cakes for his parent’s anniversary party, little did he know that he would fall for the sweet owner of the bakery.

Allen Gardner has just finished his shift at the meat rendering plant where is the supervisor.  When his sister is unable to keep her appointment at the local bakery. He is to meet Shiloh, the owner of Yummy Indulgences.  After initially mistaking the owner’s sister for Shiloh, Allen is surprised that not only is Shiloh a man but one of the prettiest men he has ever seen.

Shiloh Ballard is the owner and baker at Yummy Indulgences.  Always nervous around good-looking apparently straight men, he starts to fidget around Allen.   After Allen has sampled the variety of cakes that Shiloh has prepared, Shiloh takes a chance and asks Allen if he could cook him dinner one night.  Allen readily accepts.

The date goes well and things begin to get more serious.  The one thing that puts a damper on things is the fact that Allen is not fully out of the closet at work.  Shiloh says that as long as Allen is honest with him, things will work out, as they should be.

As the relationship progresses, Allen begins to seriously consider his options as to his employment and whether or not he can stay in the homophobic work place.  Will he take advantage of an opportunity that suddenly arises that might solve his problem?

This is a reissue of the first book in Andi Anderson’s Men of Charlestown series.  When I first read this book, I feel in love with the sweet, shy Shiloh.  I loved the way that his relationship with Allen seems to bring Shiloh out of his shell somewhat.  And while Allen does not suffer from outright workplace harassment, the author displays the overly heterosexual attitudes that would make a closeted gay man uncomfortable.   This is a good start to her series.  I am glad to see this in publication again.

The cover art by Latrisha Waters depicts our two men kissing in what appears to be a kitchen setting.  I thought this cover missed the mark a bit.  The model who is suppose to be Allen does not appear to be as well built as the author describes him.  Meanwhile, the major feature of Shiloh, his long black hair is missing as the model portraying him has short hair.  I know that covers may not be perfect representations but I would expect at least the major characteristics to be accurately reflected.

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Book details

Ebook, 100 pages
Edition:  English
ISBN:  978-1-4874-0386-7
Published:  July 2015 by Extasy Books
Series:  Men of Charlestown

  • Yummy Indulgences (Men of Charlestown #1)
  • His Christmas Wish (Men of Charlestown #2)
  • Daniel’s Dream (Men of Charlestown #3)
  • Angel’s Redemption (Men of Charlestown #4)

A Paul B Review: Kissed by Death (Kissed by an Immortal #1) by Andi Anderson


Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

Kissed by Death coverHaving fallen for an angel of death when he almost died at fourteen, Gregory awaits to see his angel again. Will he find a way to be with his man?

Fourteen year old Gregory Harris had just hit the winning home run in his baseball game. As he is rounding the bases, he notices that is having trouble breathing. Thinking he is just tired from the game he runs harder. Just before he reaches home plate, he collapses.

Thanatos is an angel of death. His duty as the Grim Reaper is to escort souls to the final reward. When he meets young Gregory, he is bewildered that the young man is not afraid of him. When Thanatos asks Gregory why his isn’t afraid, Gregory replies that he is more sad than afraid. He believes that is parents are not prepared to lose their son yet. Gregory asks the Reaper if he could have some more time with his parents. Thanatos warns Gregory that is life will not be easy. The damage to his heart is too great that there will never be a cure. He will face pain and suffering. Gregory agrees to the terms.

Seven years have passed and Gregory is on his deathbed. He sees the Reaper once again and knows his time is at an end. After saying good-bye to his parents, Gregory has one last favor of the angel of death. As his health never permitted him to have a boyfriend, he asks Thanatos to grant him one last wish. Thanatos agrees, stating that the two days for the wish’s completion, Gregory will be in a coma and then he will die at the end of that time. Gregory wishes that he be able to join Thanatos in the afterlife.

The two of them spend the next two days in a tropical paradise. After attending a party hosted by one of Thanatos’ brothers, they realize that their time is coming to an end. Will they find a way to be able to stay together forever or must they part company when Thanatos delivers Gregory into the afterlife?

While I enjoyed the story the characters really did not connect with me as other stories by author Andi Anderson have. The romance seems a bit forced. I would have preferred maybe having several interactions between their first meeting and Gregory’s eventual death. That might have put more gravitas in the relationship. This is a decent book, just not my favorite from the author.

This is a reprint from an earlier publication. The publisher has changed but the book has remained the same.

The cover art by Latrisha Waters has two young men; one leaning in to kiss the other’s neck it appears. It’s a decent cover but makes no use of one of the main character’s being the Grim Reaper.

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Book details
Ebook, 98 pages
ISBN: 978-14874-02998-3
Published: June 15, 2015 by Extasy Books
Edition: English
Series: Kissed by an Immortal
Kissed by Death (Kissed by an Immortal #1)