A Paul B Review: Yummy Indulgences (Men of Charlestown #2) by Andi Anderson

Rating:  4 out 5 stars

Yummy Indulgences coverWhen Allen (AJ) Gardner is talked into sampling cakes for his parent’s anniversary party, little did he know that he would fall for the sweet owner of the bakery.

Allen Gardner has just finished his shift at the meat rendering plant where is the supervisor.  When his sister is unable to keep her appointment at the local bakery. He is to meet Shiloh, the owner of Yummy Indulgences.  After initially mistaking the owner’s sister for Shiloh, Allen is surprised that not only is Shiloh a man but one of the prettiest men he has ever seen.

Shiloh Ballard is the owner and baker at Yummy Indulgences.  Always nervous around good-looking apparently straight men, he starts to fidget around Allen.   After Allen has sampled the variety of cakes that Shiloh has prepared, Shiloh takes a chance and asks Allen if he could cook him dinner one night.  Allen readily accepts.

The date goes well and things begin to get more serious.  The one thing that puts a damper on things is the fact that Allen is not fully out of the closet at work.  Shiloh says that as long as Allen is honest with him, things will work out, as they should be.

As the relationship progresses, Allen begins to seriously consider his options as to his employment and whether or not he can stay in the homophobic work place.  Will he take advantage of an opportunity that suddenly arises that might solve his problem?

This is a reissue of the first book in Andi Anderson’s Men of Charlestown series.  When I first read this book, I feel in love with the sweet, shy Shiloh.  I loved the way that his relationship with Allen seems to bring Shiloh out of his shell somewhat.  And while Allen does not suffer from outright workplace harassment, the author displays the overly heterosexual attitudes that would make a closeted gay man uncomfortable.   This is a good start to her series.  I am glad to see this in publication again.

The cover art by Latrisha Waters depicts our two men kissing in what appears to be a kitchen setting.  I thought this cover missed the mark a bit.  The model who is suppose to be Allen does not appear to be as well built as the author describes him.  Meanwhile, the major feature of Shiloh, his long black hair is missing as the model portraying him has short hair.  I know that covers may not be perfect representations but I would expect at least the major characteristics to be accurately reflected.

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Book details

Ebook, 100 pages
Edition:  English
ISBN:  978-1-4874-0386-7
Published:  July 2015 by Extasy Books
Series:  Men of Charlestown

  • Yummy Indulgences (Men of Charlestown #1)
  • His Christmas Wish (Men of Charlestown #2)
  • Daniel’s Dream (Men of Charlestown #3)
  • Angel’s Redemption (Men of Charlestown #4)

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