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engineering-love-by-jackie-nachtEngineering Love by Jackie Nacht
Publisher: Rainbow Ninja Press

Release Date:Early Download at Rainbow Ninja Press – 5 October 2016
Third Party Pre Order – 12 October 2016
General Release – 19 October 2016

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Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words is happy to  have Jackie Nacht here today to talk about her latest story Engineering Love and the inspiration behind it.  Welcome, Jackie!



Georgia Peaches and Spaghetti Junction

First, Id’ like to thank Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words for having me here today. Thank you!

Okay so what inspired Engineering Love? Well I guess it was the setting.

Engineering Love was based on a place I used to live. Suwanee, Georgia. It was a way to go back and remember the places I used to love to visit and see with my husband while we lived there for six years.  The Suwanee Trail was some place we often ran and my husband named parts of the trail in the story as I used to torture him on our runs. evil cackle

Spaghetti Junction was a place of horror for me. More than once, when I was going down to SunTrust to work, I got lost or seen things unimaginable in the morning commute. You better believe the stuff that happened in the book to Adrian are things I saw. And more…so much more…LOL

Every road began with Peachtree…No joke. I lived off of Old Peachtree, Peachtree Industrial and Peachtree Parkway. It was a miracle I made it to my destination. LOL Oh and giving direction to my family wipes the tears of laughter from my eyes It was hysterical hearing the silence or curses (depending on which family member I was helping) on the other line as they made their way from Hartsfield-Jackson.

On our anniversaries, we used to enjoy going to Buckhead and eat at Bones. Lenox Mall, Mall of Georgia were our stomping grounds.

My husband and I had two sweet children in Georgia. To this day I call them my little peaches.

So, in a way, it was going down memory lane destination wise. I have a great fondness for Georgia and yeah, I think it make a great setting for two college boys finding love.


Jackie Nacht


When north meets south, sparks fly.

Adrian is a student from a northern college transferring to Georgia Tech. Used to seeing snowmobiles outnumbering the cars on campus, Adrian finds himself living in a state hotter than hell and feeling completely lost in the heart of Atlanta. A chance encounter introduces him to Davis who Adrian knows is trouble, but can’t help falling for.

Davis is the picture of big man on campus and oozes with confidence, at least until he meets Adrian.  Something about Adrian has Davis’s usual charm flying out of the window and everything goes from smooth to hell as Davis tries to make Adrian his own.

Between awkward dates, second-degree burns, study sessions, and snow, the two stumble their way into a relationship neither had planned. Will Davis give up the bachelor life to take a chance at a relationship with Adrian, or will he walk away from something special just to stick to his original plan?


Ten minutes until kickoff and it was like every person in the student body had showed up. Adrian was squished next to Mark and a girl wearing glitter tattoos on her cheeks. She and her friend were taking selfies, and somehow, Adrian got tugged into one.

“What’s your name?” the girl hollered.

He leaned in, yelling, “Adrian.”

“Mara.” She smiled over at him.

“Mara!” a guy called from behind them, then he landed on Adrian’s back.

“Careful, Davis!” Mara yelled.

Bending over from the weight of the guy, Adrian would have face-planted into the person in front of him if it hadn’t been for Mark grabbing his shirt. The fucking game hadn’t started, and he was about to be on the injury list. And Adrian wasn’t even playing in the game!

“Whoa, whoa, whoa.” The guy on his back grabbed him and wrapped an arm around Adrian’s chest.

The person in front of him turned with a scowl on his face before he smirked at the man behind him and raised his hand. “Davis!”

Hands clapped over his head, and the damn bull in the china shop behind him still had his arm around Adrian.

The two chatted above him, and Adrian glanced over at Mark who was rolling his eyes. “That’s Davis.”

Oh yeah, because that explained everything. It’s Davis so it’s natural to start chatting it up with Adrian snuggled right in. Boundaries, people, boundaries. Apparently, tackle-boy Davis seemed to know everyone since people all around shouted his name. Adrian felt Davis’s deep chuckle and wondered why the hell he was still being held by him.

Adrian turned and glanced over his shoulder, then kind of wished he hadn’t. Davis was laughing while talking to the guy Adrian almost fell into before. Davis was hot… like hotter than Atlanta. Black hair and a five o’clock shadow around a strong jaw. Built enough to belong on the football field and damn, and he had light ice-blue eyes. Adrian had an urge to reach out and touch Davis’s face to make sure he was fucking real. The only thing that detracted from the model-perfect looks was a small scar on his bottom lip, which Adrian thought was sexy as hell. The white line bisected plump full lips, which made Adrian want to kiss it. And he shouldn’t be thinking that.

With a small twist of his arm, Adrian was free of Davis. He glanced back at him.

“Don’t trample the newb, Davis,” Luke hollered from down the row.

Davis’s blue eyes glinted in the noonday sun, and a crooked smile appeared on his face. Adrian felt like prey in the presence of a predator, trapped by a sea of fifty-five thousand people.

Goodreads – https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/32324708-engineering-love

Categories: M/M Romance, Gay Fiction, New Adult
Word Count: 20,802

About the Author

Short, sexy and sweet—where a little love goes a long way.

That’s the best way to describe Jackie Nacht’s stories. I was introduced to M/M Romance through my sister, Stephani, and read it for years. Then, I thought it was time to put my own stories on paper. I began writing short and sweet stories that ended with a happily ever after…and sometimes more than one, in the case of my YA Fork in the Road series, which has interactive endings.

Thinking back to my own book addiction, where there were many nights I stayed up way too late so I could read just one more chapter—yeah, right—I decided to write short romances for young adults as well as adults. Hopefully, they will give high school and college students, or working men and women something they can read during their lunch hour, in between classes or just when they want to briefly get away from the daily stresses of everyday life.

Social Media Links:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jackie.nacht
Twitter: https://twitter.com/JackieNacht
Website: www.jackienacht.com
Blog: www.jackienacht.com
Email: jackie.nacht@yahoo.com


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Out of the Heat and into Romance with Rise Out Of The Flames (Phoenix Brothers #1) by Jackie Nacht (Excerpt and Giveaway)


 Rise Out Of The Flames (Phoenix Brothers #1) – Jackie Nacht

Author: Jackie Nacht
Release Date: June 24 2016
Buy Links: 
Length: 15,000 words
Publisher: MLR Press 

Come and get saved by these phoenix firefighters brothers.

Holden, a phoenix shifter, works at Rhodes Fire Department alongside his family. When he encounters his Sun, Rick, he’s half naked on the fire escape and Holden knows he’ll do anything to save Rick from the burning building. Even with the world knowing about paranormal beings, Holden has to figure out a way to tell Rick about himself. Phoenixes exist under the radar; keeping to small groups out of the limelight. Slight problem with maintaining secrets since it seems Rick may have unknowingly exposed himself to the phoenixes new enemy. How will Holden protect Rick with what happens when he goes up in flames? 



Eighteen years ago
ìHurry, Holden.î Holdenís mother undid his seatbelt and carried him out of the car. He plopped down on the cold pavement in his footie pajamas, then Momma went running for the fire station, holding his hand.
Men rushed around them. ìUncle Niall!î Momma screamed.
ìJazzy, you want me to take Holden? Edís bad. Heís gonna need to burn out!î Uncle Niall called out to us.
Momma picked up the pace. ìNo, heís going to find out sooner or later.î
ìHeís five, Jazzy. Nowís not the time!î Uncle Niall protested.
Holden didnít get to hear any more. They turned the corner and went straight into a room Holden hadnít gone into with his little brothers. There was white tile along the walls and high amounts of steam. They turned the corner, and Holden saw several firefighters sitting, tired, in folding chairs as the showers rained down upon them. He searched for his dad, but couldnít find him in the sea of sooty men.
ìJazz,î Holden heard his father rasp out, and his mother maneuvered him through the other firefighters. In the corner, where no water reached, lay Holdenís father. Three guys surrounded him, peeling away his destroyed gear.
His face was burned severely, and Holden clutched his mommaís hand. ìMomma,î he whimpered out.
Momma knelt down in front of him. ìItís going to be okay, Holden. Daddy will be just fine. You need to see just how special you and your brothers are.î
Holden shook his head as his dad gasped. ìDaddy!î Holden screamed as his dadís destroyed body erupted into flames. Ash billowed all around the area. Holden cried out, trying to break free of his momís grip. My dad!
Holden covered his eyes as the ash around them made its way to Momma and him. He bowed his head down, crying, hiding as he waited for the ash to settle.
After a moment, Momma patted him on the head. ìHolden, itís fine now.î She scooped him up, resting him on her hip. Holden tucked his face into her shoulder and cried freely.
ìHolden, honey. You need to look up. Daddyís just fine,î Jazzy soothed.
Holden wiped his face on Mommaís shirt before he turned and gazed down at the floor. Men were covering his dad with a blanket. His dad lay there, naked, burns completely gone from his face and hands. Ash began falling and covering him.
ìDaddy?î Holden broke his hold and ran to kneel next to his father.
Daddy reached up and palmed Holdenís cheek. ìSon, itís time you found out how special your family line is.î
Chapter One
Present Day
There were plenty of things Rick Hills could have brought out with him on the fire escape besides his PC. A pair of pants was at the fucking top of the list, since he stood there in his humping reindeer boxer briefs. And it was summer! Not only was he out of season, but everyone in a ten-block radius would know how scrawny he was under the baggy clothes he usually wore. No shirt, no socks, just obscene reindeers getting laid all over his boxers. Even in this dire situation, embarrassment surrounded him like the black smoke coming out of the building.
A pair of shoes was another item he could use right about now, but no, he was in the middle of an online raid, and thought he didnít want to let his other gamers down. How the hell was he going to take down a boss when his building was going up in smoke? Then there was his work on it. Many irreplaceable photos. All the families counted on him to capture those special moments in their lives. Rick was in a shitty situation. God, did his computer back up automatically after he transferred the photos today? He hoped so, because his cameras were going to burn.
Oh, and one more thing, how in the world was he going to get down when the fire escape was fucking broken? Shit, a phone would have been nice, too.
Neighbors came out to gaze up at the burning building and him. Jesus, of all the ways to go out. He had to do it in front of his nosy neighbor, ninety-year-old Mrs. Florence who loved to pinch his cheeks every time he passed. And no, it wasnít the cheeks on his face.
Rick noticed several onlookers on their phone and prayed that one of them was actually talking to 9-1-1 instead of posting about what was happening on social media. A few snapped a shot, and he could only pray that come morning, his photo wouldnít go viral.
Someone was underneath him, making an attempt to fix the broke-dick ladder. Rick should tell the guy it was no use, that kids had been using it to break into the apartments. The wolf-shifter neighbor, a floor beneath him, had taken it upon himself to make sure no one came in to steal his electronics again, shifting and tearing the ladder to pieces. At the time, Rick was grateful to the guy, since he was also a victim of the robbery, but now, it might just cost him his life.
Fear choked him, and Rick whipped his head around, seeking for an alternative escape. He couldnít go back into his apartment; his place was already billowing with the thick black smoke. Shit. Panic settled in, and he began to tremble on the escape. Nothing. Absolutely nothing. There was no way out of this except to jump, and he was five floors up. The fall would kill him, for sure.
Sirens sounded in the distance, and Rick peered down the street to see emergency lights in the distance. Rick blew out a quivering breath. He might just see the light of day again.
Author Bio:

Short, sexy and sweetó where a little love goes a long way.Thatís the best way to describe Jackie Nachtís stories.
She was introduced to M/M Romance through her sister, Stephani, and read it for years. Then, she thought it was time to put her own stories on paper. Jackie began writing short and sweet stories that ended with a happily ever after.
Thinking back to her own book addiction, where there were many nights Jackie stayed up way too late so she could read just one more chapteró yeah, rightó Jackie decided to write short romances for young adults as well as adults. Hopefully, they will give high school and college students, or working men and women something they can read during their lunch hour, in between classes or just when they want to briefly get away from the daily stresses of everyday life.


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A Paul B Review: Hot on a Chipmunk’s Tail ( (Paranormal Dentistry for the Fanged and Friendly #4) by Jackie Nacht


Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Hot on a Chipmunk's TailJason Fieldstone is a chipmunk shifter.  All of his brothers and sisters (all 20 of them) are known to be a bit skittish, as chipmunks are known to be.  However, Jason has essentially wrapped himself in the cocoon of family and shies away from public interaction too much.  When his new neighbor, Will, seems to take an interest in him, Jason tends to run back inside to the comfort of his family.  Deciding that he has to learn to deal with the world at large and not sequester himself in the family home, Jason decides to move to White Pine, Michigan where a few of his brothers have moved.  He hopes that the move to the shifter friendly town will allow him the opportunity to grow.

Will is a mountain lion shifter who has bought the place next to the Fieldstones’.  He grows concerned when the cute little chipmunk shifter Jason has not been around for weeks.  To make matters worse, he has not seen any of the Fieldstone family since before the holidays.  One day he runs into Jason’s sister Theresa.  Theresa, who is sympathetic to Will’s feelings, tells him that Jason has moved to live with his brothers.  She tells him that if he wants to pursue Jason, he should give him time to get accustomed to his new life.  Determined to pursue some chipmunk tail, Will decides to take Theresa’s advice.

Four months later, Jason is working with his brother in the paranormal dentist office.  He is sent out to pick up lunch for the office in an attempt to build Jason’s confidence in dealing with people.  When he walks into the deli to pick up a sandwich for his boss, Jason notices his crush Will working the meat slicer behind the counter.  Jason must decide if he is going to turn tail and run like he has in the past or gather the courage to talk to the one man who makes him feel like no other.

I really enjoyed this story.  Jason is about as timid as you can get due to his shifter qualities.  His biggest concern about moving up north with his brothers is if any of the larger shifters would eat him in his chipmunk form.  This is part of the reason that Jason is so skittish around Will.  Will must control his predatory instincts while he is trying to romance Jason.  Determined to let Jason set the pace for the romance, Will is seen as moving too slow by Jason.

Two other things I should mention.  They are named Winslow and Sparks.  Describing them as hellions might be putting it mildly.  The two seem to cause havoc, both intentional and not, wherever they go.  They provide the perfect comedic secondary storyline for the book.  Their lives might be in for a change as Will’s friend Teegan has taken an interest in one of them.

The cover art by Winterheart Design is perfect for this book.  In the top half we see Will and Jason with a forest backdrop.  In the lower half we have Will’s mountain lion and Jason’s chipmunk resting peacefully while the chipmunk is stuffing something in his mouth.

Sales Links:  MLR Books | All Romance (ARe) | Amazon | Buy It Here

Book details

EBook, 86 pages
Published:  November 2015 by MLR Press
ISBN:  MLR-1-02014-0475
Language:  English

Series:  Paranormal Dentistry For the Fanged and Friendly

  • Peanut Butter and Jelly for Two (Paranormal Dentistry #1)
  • Stalking the Hygienist (Paranormal Dentistry #2)
  • Chipmunk Drizzled in Honey (Paranormal Dentistry #3)
  • A Paranormal Chipmunk Christmas (Paranormal Dentistry #3.5)
  • Hot on a Chipmunk’s Tail (Paranormal Dentistry #4)
  • A White Pine Chipmunk Invasion (Paranormal Dentistry #5)

Paranormal Shifter Dentists are Back in Jackie Nacht: ‘Hot on a Chipmunk’s Tail’ (excerpt and giveaway)




 Hot On A Chipmunk’s Tail
Paranormal Dentistry For The Fanged and Friendly #5) by Jackie Nacht
Release Date: November 20, 2015

Goodreads Link
Publisher: MLR Press
Cover Artist: Winterheart Designs



This mountain lion is out to chase his skittish chipmunk down.

Jason has always lived under the protection of his twenty brothers and sisters. Even though he cares for his neighbor, Will, when a chance to leave the home he’s lived in forever, Jason takes the chance and runs to White Pine. Unfortunately, some of his brothers are coming along for the ride.

Will can’t believe his shy chipmunk just up and moved. Through the meddling of Jason’s sisters and a best friend who lives in White Pine, Will chases Jason to White Pine. Will they be able find the connection in White Pine where they couldn’t at home?

Pages or Words: 13,000
Categories: Humor, M/M Romance, Paranormal, Romance


Chapter One

This absolutely, positively sucks, Jason thought as he stood in front of Livingston’s tiny rental with his three brothers. The snow was coming down heavy and he tucked his chin into his jacket to keep his face from freezing. If he didn’t have to meet this Livingston person for the first time, he would have shifted and saved himself the pain. Someone had to be civil for this introduction; it sure as hell wasn’t going to be his brothers.

A few minutes later, Jason saw a man running the last few yards before he got to the snow-covered sidewalk near them on the porch. The guy wasn’t paying attention in the least because he almost ran face-first into Nikko. Damn, this guy was going to have to grow a better set of eyes if he was willing to open his home to his brothers.

“Shit, Nikko, sorry about that.” Livingston stared down at his friend, then over at the chipmunks sitting on each of Nikko’s shoulders. Jason cringed, anticipating some antic from his brothers. They were… well, they were… hell, he just hoped White Pine didn’t have a prison or Winslow and Sparks would have a frequent flyer card there.

“Where are you running to so fast?” Nikko chuckled…and why was he acting so damn nervous? Did Nikko not tell his friend who he was saddling him with? Jason’s eyes widened. The hell he didn’t. This was an epic party foul in the making.

“Just… cold. Who are these guys?” Livingston leaned toward one of the chipmunks, reaching for one with his index finger when the little sucker hissed and spread out his tiny arms at him. Jason smacked his forehead. Oh hell… here it comes.

“What the…?” Livingston shouted, jumping back, nearly falling on his ass. “He almost bit my damn finger off!”

The chipmunk started making little squeaking noises before it fell off and shifted in midair. Sparks lay naked on the ground before Livingston, laughing his ass off, holding his stomach.

“Oh shit! It’s cold. Did you see him? Scared the fuck out of him.” Sparks cackled like a deranged man. Jason shook his head. There was no way this was going to work.

Nikko pinched the bridge of his nose. “You’re naked in the snow. Nice first impression, Sparks.”

Sparks didn’t give a damn. Everyone knew that as he continued to chuckle, then stood up before sauntering up the steps. “Damn, I love me some nuts, but mine are moving up into my body. It’s freezing here.”

The other chipmunk, Winslow, squeaked on Nikko’s shoulder, and Jason could tell his damn brother was laughing.

Nikko snorted.

Not you too, Nikko. It’s all fun and games, Nikko, until we live with you in that tiny fucking den of yours. Dallas will kill the lot of us!

“I’m… Jason,” Jason said quietly. There was no need to add to the bizarreness of the situation. Best to be like always, go unnoticed.

However, someone had noticed him once. And he’d run. Fucking ran, terrified, and now his chance at being with that special person was lost. Jason glanced down at his boots as he toed the cold snow. He wasn’t used to seeing so much of the stuff and wondered if he made the right decision. After Christmas, he’d had a chance to move up there with his brothers. Jason had been confused about Will and confessed it all to Nikko. Nikko’s suggestion rang clear in his head, Take a break and see other places. If you miss him, you can move back home. You need to figure it out and make a decision. We all know that Will has feelings for you, but do you have feelings for him?

God, he did, but saying that to Will, the mountain lion shifter, was a whole other story.

How could Jason tell his brother he missed Will before they even got on the plane to Michigan? It was just that Will… was so much. Every time the guy tried to talk to him, Jason clammed up, locked down, and then fucking ran, hauling ass for the family barn.

Fuck, he was confused, and he needed to figure everything out. He could go back. He could see Will again. Hell, he should be paying attention to see if his brothers were going to cause more shit.

Livingston jumped to and ran to open the door, only to stumble as the other chipmunk zipped past him. Jason ran up the steps and held out his arms as if he was going to catch the deer but was five feet behind Livingston. He ended up following Livingston in, trailed by Nikko. Livingston began removing his gloves, then dropped a backpack. Winslow shifted and, Jesus, stood face to face in front of everyone with his naked twin brother. Jason blinked, then blinked again before shuddering. This was disastrous.

Now, it was pretty typical to shift and be naked, but his brothers just stood there, no hiding, no shielding, and letting it all hang out so to speak. Right in front of Livingston! Someone they didn’t know!

Livingston murmured to Nikko, “I know I’m damn shy, but even now I’m trying everything I can not to look south and make sure they aren’t absolutely identical in all things.”

Jason’s jaw dropped. Oh hell… the deer was just as nuts!

“Winslow and Sparks, here are your clothes,” Nikko said as he pulled out two pairs of jeans from the backpack.

The twins dressed before walking, shirtless, into the living room.

No fucking way. His twin brothers walked right into Livingston’s living room and put their feet on his coffee table, grabbed a remote, and then turned on the television. Just like that, they made themselves quite comfortable.

“Nikko, can I talk to you in the kitchen?” Livingston’s eyes widened as he stared at Nikko and Jason.

Livingston grabbed Nikko by the arm and pulled him into the kitchen area, and Jason followed behind, leaning in the entryway door. Nikko had the audacity to look guilty. Nikko never felt guilt. He was an evil chipmunk that shared his plots with Livingston here and with Theresa when he was back home. Sure, Nikko, just let your buddy the deer here know he’s about to be a victim of one of your devilish plans.

Nikko leaned his ass against the island. “I need a favor from you. Well, Philip and I need a favor from you.”

“Does it…” Livingston paused as Winslow walked in and opened the refrigerator. He pulled out the milk carton, drank from it, and put it back in the refrigerator where he’d gotten it. Winslow left with a milk mustache on his face and a shit-eating grin. Winslow even winked at him as he left.

“What the hell was that?” Livingston pointed his finger past Jason. “I just bought that milk, dammit!”

“That’s Winslow, my brother. Ugh… he always does that. Look…” Nikko began. Jesus, Nikko was really struggling here. “Wow, this is harder than I thought.”

“What?” Livingston asked. Was Nikko finally going to come clean? Ha!

“I have this problem…” Nikko covered his mouth with his hand as he mumbled something.

“Buddy, look, I know you’re a hoarder and I still love you.” Livingston went over to hug his friend.

Nikko pushed him away. “I am not a hoarder. I store, dammit.”

Says every damn chipmunk in our hoarding family.

“Oh,” Livingston murmured. “Are you sure, because when we lived together, you had the left side of the cupboard stuffed top to bottom full of every kind of nut and peanut butter you could imagine. Hell, some even seemed to tip on my side, which continually got smaller and smaller the longer we lived together.” Livingston held up his hands in defense as Nikko growled. “Not that I minded.”

Jason mumbled, “He minded. Give the man his space. Walk away, Nikko. Walk away.”

“Jason,” Nikko chided. “He’s a true friend and well… you know I’m moving in with Dallas.” Nikko rubbed the back of his head.

“Yeah,” Livingston frowned.

“I think I found someone to cover my side of the rent. Well… if they can find jobs.” Nikko chuckled nervously.

Anyone would be out of their fucking minds to hire them.

“Wait.” Livingston’s eyes bulged as he pointed to the living room, “Them? As in all of them? No way.”

“No… uh… just the twins.” Nikko shoved his finger through his unruly hair. Unfortunately, Nikko had nothing on him when it came to crazy looking hair; he lived with hair that looked like he stuck his finger in a light socket.

Sparks walked in at that very moment and opened a cupboard. He spotted a jar of peanut butter, unscrewed it, then dipped his finger in. He brought the scoop to his mouth and sucked on it slowly while eyeing Livingston. Was he hitting on the guy? Was that supposed to be sexy? It wasn’t. Not. At. All.

Livingston opened a drawer near him and pulled out a spoon, then handed it to Sparks.

“What? You don’t like peanut butter?” Sparks winked.

“Sparks,” Jason groaned.

“I… eww.” Livingston eyed Sparks like he had lost his mind.

Jason was in some damn nightmare.

“What do you mean eww?” Sparks acted insulted. It would go a long way if he didn’t have a smudge of peanut butter on the corner of his mouth.

“I mean, your hands were just on the ground. Did you run here in shifter form? Did you wash your hands? You contaminated that whole jar.” Livingston waved his hand at the peanut butter.

“Oh that’s the chefy prep guy in you.” Sparks chuckled as he walked by and patted Livingston on the ass like he was some damn teammate instead of a stranger. Jason cringed as he noticed a smudge of peanut butter on Livingston’s jeans.

“Chefy guy? Is he for real?” Livingston asked Nikko.

“They take some getting used to, but you’ll never be bored,” Nikko chuckled.

“I can’t live with those guys,” Livingston hissed. “Why can’t I have him?” Livingston pointed to Jason.

Jason jumped and pointed to his chest. “Me?”

“Yeah, you… you seem… well, quiet.” Livingston waved at him.

Jason glanced over at Nikko as he began to tremble a little. Livingston seemed like a nice enough guy but being removed from all his family would be all kinds of hell for him.

“You can’t have Jason. He’s… well, he needs to be close to his family. Jason’s going to live with Gunner and Phillip.”

I believe the word you are looking for, dear brother, is introverted.

Nikko actually appeared a bit sheepish before continuing. “It won’t be that long, I promise. We just need a bit of time until something in town opens up.”

Livingston’s mouth dropped open. “That could be months. Why don’t they live with you and Dallas?”

“They can’t. You know why. It’s only one bedroom, we have no room. Look, I know you’re looking for a roommate and need the help with the other half of rent. They’re a bit crazy, but I promise you they are nice guys. You’ll fall in love with Winslow and Sparks.” Nikko approached him and hugged him. “Plus I don’t like you living here all alone.”

Livingston sighed. “I do hate living here alone. I’m talking to the walls, and it hasn’t even been that long. You know me. You think this will be good for me?”

“Just try it. If they become too much trouble for you, I’ll talk to Phillip and Gunner. I think in time they’ll settle and you three will get along. They’ve never been outside of Atlanta and well… well, never mind. They’ll be hellish,” Nikko murmured.

“You were trouble, and I liked living with you.” Livingston sighed as he hugged Nikko.

Jason watched. It was clear that Livingston and Nikko were best friends, that his brother had developed a lasting friendship in this town. He hadn’t seen any of his family interact with other shifters, outside their mates at Christmas. Is this what it was going to be like living in White Pine? Jason’s body trembled. God, he wanted a friend, but the idea of approaching new people about made his heart jump out of his chest.

Nikko chuckled, breaking Jason’s thoughts. “Yep, and they’re me times two. You’ll be good for them too. Hey, look what came out of us living together.” Nikko winked at him.

“Okay, I’ll give them a try,” Livingston breathed out.

Livingston pulled back and smiled at Nikko just as the twins came scurrying by in chipmunk form. They ran around all their legs a couple of times. One took off while the other stopped, patted Livingston on the leg with his tiny paw, and zipped back out.

Jason laughed. “Nikko, you better make sure to start looking fast.”

It certainly was going to be interesting. Now Jason just had to figure out where he was going to fit in this town.

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Meet the Author

Short, sexy and sweet—where a little love goes a long way.

That’s the best way to describe Jackie Nacht’s stories. She was introduced to M/M Romance through her sister, Stephani, and read it for years. Then, she thought it was time to put her own stories on paper. Jackie began writing short and sweet stories that ended with a happily ever after.

Thinking back to her own book addiction, where there were many nights Jackie stayed up way too late so she could read just one more chapter—yeah, right—Jackie decided to write short romances for young adults as well as adults. Hopefully, they will give high school and college students, or working men and women something they can read during their lunch hour, in between classes or just when they want to briefly get away from the daily stresses of everyday life.

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A MelanieM Review: Stokes & Ford (Storming Love: Blizzard #6) by Jackie Nacht


Rating: 3.75 stars out of 5

Storming Love-  Stokes and Ford coverFord and Stokes are about to weather two storms; the blizzard coming their way and their growing feelings for one another.

Stokes has been rooming with Ford ever since the first day of college. Although his feelings had started out as friendly, over time, they have grown deeper. He’s fallen for Ford, hard, but how the hell is Stokes going to tell Ford? When college winter break approaches, Stokes decides to take Ford up to his parent’s rental to have a fun weekend with Ford and finally let his best friend know what he feels. However, with a blizzard coming in, they will have to weather the storm outside and in their hearts.

Stokes and Ford is the last story in the Storming Love: Blizzard series and its a perfect match for all the others that came before.  In short, its sweet, short, and romantic.  Jackie Nacht’s two main characters are college roommates and best friends who also happen to harbor deep feelings, albeit hidden ones, for each other.  One of them, Stokes, decides to risk their friendship and pulls Ford away for a sking weekend that he hopes will turn into something more.  Well, the “something more’ in this case, is the snowstorm of the century and the two men get isolated in the cabin for days, giving both of them time to move forward.

Jackie Nacht does a terrific job with making the snowstorm and its effects upon Stokes and Form believable.  From the men dealing with the drifts and heavy snow on the roof, to the meals they must prepare/cook and the  ways they manage to while away the time (non sexually) in a small cabin enclosed in snow.  A little more frustrating is the dithering about when clearly both young men adore each other, from the cuddling on the bed to the constant touching.  But perhaps that’s authentic as well in two people who care so much about the other that the physical touches say what verbally they are afraid to speak.

Either way, the story is short, and journey to love and revelation sweet and satisfying.  I enjoyed my time with Stokes and Ford and can recommend this story and the entire series.

Cover Artist: Kris Jacen does a good job in branding the series and that a perfect cover for a  collection called Storming Love: Blizzard.

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Book Details:

Kindle Edition, 66 pages
Published March 1st 2015 by ManLove Romance Press
edition languageEnglish
seriesStorming Love: Blizzard #6

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